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Jessica Longworth  ~Down 39lbs & 12" at home 🏠 ~Busy, full-time working momma of 2 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ~Wife ❤ ~Online fitness coach

Are you ever in a total rut and struggle to get out?? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ oh girl, I have been struggling! Between learning I have diverticulitis, my Grampa passing, my son being a 3 year old 🤦‍♀️, I mean....I could give you every excuse in the book, but it always ends up being ME in MY OWN WAY. Can you relate? Today is a new day and I am ready to stop making freaking excuses and get over my damn self! Who’s with me?? I run boot camps with some of the best ladies I know!! We are supportive, encouraging, uplifting, and ready to hold you accountable!! Do you need that kind of support? I know I do!! My team and I are running a FB group to share all the details of our boot camps. Do you want to learn more? Comment below and I’ll get you added🔽🔽🔽 #momof2kids #stopmakingexcuses #letsdoittogether #womenupliftingwomen #diverticulitis #getoutofyourownway #3yearolds #happymomma #minerswife #makeyourselfapriority #choosehappiness #pnwmom #empoweredwomentribe

So proud of this girl!! Last night was Lilly's 3rd time performing in a Missoula Children's Theater production and she did great (all the kids did)!! ❤

Can you guess what the play was?

#missoulachildrenstheatre #proudmommamoment #theaterlover #3rdgrade #disneymovie #thecutter #girlmomma #momof2

Taco Tuesday!! What’s for dinner tonight?? Here’s what’s for dinner at our house 🤤


Lead by example!! This little guy gets up with me almost EVERY morning. At times I get annoyed because this is my me time. But when I really get to thinking about it, I should feel grateful that I get to show him how to work hard for what you want. I am showing him that even on the days I really want to sleep, that getting up and getting it done leads to a good day!
My kids are one of my big whys! They make me push hard and keep focused on my goals!

I love this time with my little guy ❤️ #lovemakingmemories #momof2kids #leadbyexample #pnwmoms #mommasboysforever #onwednesdayswewearpink #happyhumpday🐫

Will the real Santa Clause please stand up!? Yesterday I took my kiddos to our Small Town Christmas celebration in our tiny town, and the kids got to meet Santa, Mrs. Clause, Cindy Lou Who, and The Grinch!! It was such a great day and an amazing tradition our town has! What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Btw, Markus totally busted “The Grinch” and told me he knew it wasn’t the real Grinch! He said it was just a guy in a costume....he’s 3 guys! Way too smart for his own good!! 😂


Have you all heard about the new program coming out in January called Transform: 20?! A teammate of mine is just finished the test group. These are her 6 week results from workouts that are just 20 minutes a day. Yes, just 20 minutes! INSANE! She is absolutely loving the program so far! It combines cardio moves with an aerobic step that really helps tone and sculpt your body.

I will be hosting a launch party to give all the details about this program and my exclusive group I am hosting for my clients who do this program with me. We will chat about the workouts, meal plan, packages and pricing as well!

Want to listen in? Comment below and I will get ya added!!

4:15am workout got me like..... Why do I wake up so early?! I set the tone for the entire day first thing in the morning. I wake up, focus on gratitude, goals, read personal development, and push play.
When I don’t follow this routine I tend to be crabby, short tempered, and negative. When I follow my routine I am happier, easier going, and more positive. AND I feel more productive all day long!

Are you ready to focus on setting your intentions each day and becoming healthier and happier?

No excuse November is in full effect and we are offering our lowest price to sign up this month!! Are you ready to take a leap of faith on yourself and get healthy BEFORE the holidays?
Comment “Yes!” below for more information.

#makenoexcuses #pnwmom #momof2 #makeyourselfapriority #loveyourself #letsdothistogether #dayone #hunterswife #sweatitout💦 #anxietysucks #depressionisreal #diverticulitis #ichoosehappiness

Truth’s not always rainbows, butterflies, and smiley faces.

Sometimes it’s anxiety, depression, and emotional self-sabotage.

After finding out I had diverticulitis I felt so defeated. I felt like staying on track wasn’t worth the effort when every time I am making progress I am set back by some health issue that is rare or rare for people my age.
Rather than seeking the positive in the situation, I found myself with no hope, a bad attitude, and allowed myself to get into a nasty bout of depression.

I find that this is my pattern. When something gets in the way, slows my progress, or changes my mindset I take the easy way out.

Not this time! Yes, this has set me back a bit, but I’m NOT giving up. I am starting fresh with a positive attitude, eager to prove to myself that I CAN get past this, and get back on track!

Today is day 1 of the rest of my life. I got this!! ❤️ #diverticulitis #depressionisreal #anxietysucks #selfsabotage #innermeangirl #momof2 #minerswife #hunterswife #pnwmom #ichoosehappiness #notgivingupthistime

My mini me!! This little girl is one of my biggest reasons why💗

I want to show her that if you work hard for your goals you will accomplish them. I want her to be proud of me. I want her to look up to me.

Today while we were working out she says “Mommy, you can stop! You are working really hard!” That was such a proud moment for me. I got to tell her that I don’t give up when it gets hard, I push harder!! #betheexample

Last 90 Day Challenge, who’s doing this with me and @msrachelhollis (I mean, come on!!!)? If you aren’t, you should!

Everyday I will do my “five to thrive” as my baseline. I’m committed to doing these five things for my mental health, physical health, and ultimately to be the best version of me!

5 to Thrive:

1. Get up an hour earlier than I normally do and read personal development.

2. Workout for at least 30 minutes.

3. Drink half of my body weight in ounces of water each day (my goal is 128oz, more than 1/2 my body weight). 4. Give up one food I know I shouldn’t be eating. I’m giving up all breads.

5. Write down ten things I’m grateful for every single day (will do this at the end of the day and share in my stories). I’m so ready to end the year with the best mindset I have ever had and start the new year with amazing habits!! #last90days #girlwashyourface #investinyourselffirst #5tothrive #makingprogresseveryday #personaldevelopmentbooks #100daystobrave #iworkoutathome #momof2kids #womanhunter #pnwmoms #projectmanager

This girl is grateful!

Today I woke up with a snuggly (quite handsome) boy in my bed, my hubby getting ready to go to work, and the stars were still out. It was a beautiful way to start my day!

It's so easy to get in a negative mindset. To be frustrated that my son is sleeping in my bed, or that my husband works weekends. For me, it's also easy to see the positive in the situation. My son loves me and wants to snuggle (I need to cherish that because it won't last). My husband works hard to provide for us.

It wasn't always easy for me to see the positive/good things. Before I started my journey I was super depressed. There was always a dark cloud in my life. My workouts became my therapy. I became happier, had more energy, and wanted to actually get out of the house and do things.

These programs and my fit community have changed my life in the most positive way. Are you ready to make some changes and become healthier, happier, and FEEL good? Comment below "I'm in" for more info!

#loveyourself #momof3 #happymomma #wakeupwiththestars #makeyourselfapriority #depressionisreal #workoutsaretherapy #attitudeofgratitude #minerswife #hunterswife #pnwmom #womanhunter #ichoosepositivity #snugglyboy #hardworkinghusband

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