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I am absolutely thrilled to officially announce my upcoming (very first) kids book!!!! This has been a crazy journey and a true labor of love. I started working on it when my daughter was about a year old (she's now almost 3) and I met with publishers a few months before my son was born (he's now almost 1). I'm so happy to be working with @penguinrandomhouse to bring it into the world. It's an uplifting bedtime book about aspiring to do great things tomorrow, reflecting on what you've done today, and forgiving yourself for what you haven't been able to do. I wanted to make something that helped little kids and parents reflect on the day together, and celebrate pushing yourself to be your best, even if you're not always able to. Available everywhere October 2018, buy available for pre-order now!!! To read more about it and see bigger pics of some of the interior spreads, click the link in my profile.

Ladies and gents! I'm a part of a show called "26" during Portland Design Week this April—26 lettering artists and illustrators are contributing a piece to the show and each piece will be silkscreened in 3 colors (and available to buy! For cheap!). I made something alphabet related...sort of: the last line of the alphabet song! Swipe to see my sketch, which is way different than the final because I decided I was being lame and safe and wanted to get weird!

Designed the cover and endpapers for this amazing cookbook last year—even got to recommend @charlesandthorn's lovely Regina font for use on the cover and interior! Thanks for the snap @williamssonoma!

Afternoon sketch, inspired by all your awesome jeweler recs from insta stories! Finalize this one or too cheesy?

Erik and I are doing a surprise Valentine pop up on Valencia today—come get a FREE letterpressed card with your special someone's name on the envelope! We'll be at Ritual this morning and then move over to Little Paper Planes in the afternoon!

It's the rare day that I finish my *actual* work early enough to have a full afternoon of fun mess around lettering. This was a fun one! Happy early Valentine's Day!

Spent an hour sketching a non lettering image this morning—I'm super rusty at life drawing, but it was really fun / peaceful and I need to start doing this more.

"I'm Elsa! NO I'M RAMONA!"

Another #tbt because nostalgia. This is a poster by @theheadsofstate that they made way back when they were most well known for being among the founders of the modern gig poster movement (now you likely know them from the amazing branding, book, illustration and other work they do and have always done). Jason and Dusty (the studio's co-founders) both graduated from Tyler School of Art a few years ahead of me—to say the design students looked up to them would be a massive understatement. After I graduated and most of my classmates moved away, Jason and I became friends and I can credit him as being one of the most influential people in my life. My friendship with him enhanced my appreciation of everything from literature to design and illustration to homemade pasta to the Rolling Stones to a good pour of bourbon. I was a nobody when he asked me to help illustrate some flourishy filaments for this Wilco poster. I mean...collaborate with someone whose work you truly admire on a Wilco poster SURE NBD. I don't think I've ever shown this piece because I played such a small role in its creation. Hopefully they don't get too mad at me for dragging it out of the archives, I think it still holds up :) UPDATE: they posted the actual final piece over on their profile (@theheadsofstate), go check it out!

This is an oldie (hey, it's #tbt!), but when people ask me "what projects have been most important for your career?" this should really be one of the first mentions. These 6 pieces I created as covers for The Boston Globe's "G" magazine ran on six consecutive days. This project happened almost a full year before my daily drop cap project, and was one of an early handful of illustrative lettering pieces I made that started to get the ball rolling on my path to becoming a full-time lettering artist. It was so fun and so challenging and I ended up winning a few awards for it! The ribbony scarf piece inspired tons of folks to hire me for what became The Year of Ribbon Lettering. It was an early clear example of how work begets similar work—to make and showcase work you want to be hired for in the future. Now I do far less very illustrative work, but I've been wanting to get back into it. I think part of it is just feeling nostalgic for my Brooklyn pencil factory illustration posse life, but most of it is driven from feeling like a lot of the career self-doubt from the transition to parenthood has dissipated and I'm "myself" again. This time frame, from 2008-2012, was when I was at my most feverishly productive, and 2017/18 I'm feeling those vibes again!

Finally got to see @wabisabibeauty in person today! Made this logo and some branding elements for the most talented hair stylist I've ever worked with.

YOU GUYS! I have a new skillshare class!!! It just posted today and I'm super duper pumped about it—it's called Logotype Masterclass but I've been casually calling it "Make the Logo Better" as it's all about building confidence and a formal process around critiquing your own work (in this case logo work but it could really be applied to other forms of typographic and creative work). I really hope you love it, you know how I love dumping knowledge on you all! If you follow the link in my bio you get 3 months of @skillshare for $0.99.

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