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✨ H A R L O W ✨  📹 YouTube: missjessicaharlow 👄 The Jessica Harlow Podcast on iTunes + Spotify 📖 Rewrite Your Life ✍🏻✨⤵️

just a simple girl ✨💅🏻

it’s a full moon in scorpio & I’m still not sorry. ✨🦂🌙 💋

funny how life works even when it looks like it’s not. 🍒✨

you’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve. 🗝✨💋 the past 3 episodes of the jessica harlow podcast 💕🎙🎧 have been some of my absolute favorites & total mindset game-changers! 💥 .
To Listen & Catch Up ⚡️LINK IN BIO⚡️
also, each episode is linked in my IG stories 💕
The Jessica Harlow Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, & Google Play. 💋

don’t believe everything you see on Instagram ✨ I may have been smiling here but it’s a painful fact that some of the best dresses are the ones you can’t breathe, sit, walk, eat, or exist in at all! 😅 BRAND NEW EPISODE of the podcast is up! 💕🎙👄 We’ve got a boy on, y’all! 👦🏻❄️ the multi-talented @jfrostbrooklyn is the perfect example of why you don’t ever need to do just one thing or let anybody put you in a box. Such a fun interview! 🌟 If you’re someone with many different passions and/or are kinda nervous about trying new things, it’s a must-listen. 🎧 ⚡️link in bio⚡️

living life on the edge 💦 I gave everyone a heart attack bringing my phone into the pool. it’s 2019. We do stuff for selfies. 🤷🏻‍♀️

they call this one “Legs Benedict” 🦵🏻😏🍳 #tbt BRAND NEW EPISODE 💕🎙👄✨ of the podcast is up & ready for you to listen 🎧 this week, I’m sharing 4 key questions / phrases 🗝 that you’re going to want to remember forever because they can change your mood (& even your life) almost instantly. ✨ link in bio ✨ 💋

#moneybymonday ✨ taking non-blurry selfies in a bumpy moving Uber should be an Olympic sport. 😰🤳🏻 also, decided to switch up the lip color for once and went with @maccosmetics lip pencil in subculture. 💋

NYC: where in the middle of spring you can be in a tank top, enjoying an iced coffee in the sun in the morning but be in a full turtleneck and coat by the afternoon. 🙄✨ #welcometonewyork

✨ one of very few things I’ll repeat myself on. ✨

the face of e v i l 😈🐾 ♥️✨

always leave some room for magic ✨ BRAND NEW episode of the podcast went up today talking about ⚡️ the power of perspective ⚡️ and how changing the story you’re telling yourself can change your life ✨ you can listen to The Jessica Harlow Podcast on iTunes & Spotify 😘 link in my IG stories 💖✨

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