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Just Jess  20. DTX✈️JMS. No one should ever strive for normalcy. 🌹🌹🌹 #Millsaps'19

Here is to me and the last moments of my 20th birthday I'm finally bad and 20 lol😊😂

So I was told that because I waited so long to post this there better be a thesis of our relationship under it and we'll here it goes. You are the weirdest, most competitive, crazy person that I have ever met and that makes you sort of great for me. So you happy weirdo?

Because classy isn't the way to describe @e_nachos15 #HappyBirthday #20

Happy founders date to my amazing cousin/big sister!☺☺ #dst1913 #dst

Because we aren't just dating but also best friends #fcf

To be a fairy you have to be goofy af

There is no discussion she is Bae! #BaddieRoo

I want to thank everyone who has said happy birthday and sent me well wishes. Can't wait to see what happens this year. #nasty19

That special time of the year😂 #taurusseason

You know your mom is perfect when she sends you a bag of food after not seeing you for a month and a half #iwillsurvivefinals

When your baby cousin comes just as adorable as you lol congratulations @jisham3 and @jds0986 💗🎀💗

Because you do weird stuff with me #happymcm

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