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♍ Sloan πŸŒ™ 

Thankful for my tribe in CO who shared their love, cats, home, and food with me this weekend. It was purrfect.

Bird watching

Stormy skies, painted cries, shore kissing its lips- then waving goodbyes.

As I finish up my last night here I wanted to say thank you island, for giving me a recharging & relaxing experience. How I will miss the warmth of your sand in my toes and salt in my hair. Forever grateful- forever in my heart. ❀️🌊🐬🌾

I met a sea goddess today.

Stormy morning collecting sea shells 🐚

Power in motion, we dance with devotion.

Hi dearest friends, I wanted to share my watercoloring with you. I thought about explaining what it means to me- but I decided, it's your Interpretation.

Finding solitude 🌲

Adventures in Atlantis

A metamorphosis of colors; palette matched of sea and sky. Nothing but my own intention. Spots of darkness, only I.

~legerdemain illumination~

Little island on the sea~
I once knew a place where the earth seemed so small, by the great sea of giants were waves crashed on all. It rest near a light house; tales of sailors, ghost and ships a call. Here in this tiny world of wonder, more infinite than one could reconcile- this is a dimension of life growing in the hole of a stone sun dial.

I was thinking about how it would be to just be a tree:
I would be stretch out deep under thee.
I would move up to the sunlight, and grow high in all weathered skies, or at least I'd will so- developing more branches of all shapes and size.
Maybe the young souls climb me, or I'm nested upon by warm creatures that come and go, or maybe I'll just slowly decay, make my purpose- then evolve and let go. The point is in everything infinity was found. I like to imagine me in all things that keep atom weight of mass abound.


I am thankful for the endless beauty Portland provides

Saturday's walk in the park

Caught in the tides of perpetual thought.

I know a magician who lives in a cottage outside the city. He makes wonderful food and has a kitty.

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