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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀JESSICA RUSCOE  Freelance journalist / Illustrator / 35mm / I make things / I also eat an above average amount of soft cheese.

COLGATE tryouts. It's Friday, my dudes. #smileharder

LUNCHTIME de-light // @the_horse - without which, I would probably still be at lunch.

PLAYING 'Incredible' on repeat and walking around my house in slo-mo. #thingsidotoprocrastinate 🤙

SOLO(ish) Euro adventure, two week countdown. If anyone has been to Milos or Spetses, I'd love to know your thoughts/tips!

August. My favourite flowers litter the slopes of train lines, their tiny stems so flimsy in the wind. As soon as they come, they leave. Fragrant and fleeting.

COOL BEANS, the unanimously agreed phrase for ‘good/sweet/great’. Sometimes, however, the beans are not cool. Sometimes they are decidedly spicy. In other words, sometimes life is extremely shit - the beans, as it were, are in no way temperate. Life these past few months, has been very hard. It has been shitty, at times. Really shitty.
So I made this, to remind myself and others that often we don’t know what another person is going through. And also, to shine a little humour into those dark places.
A few weeks ago my brother showed me a talk from the late David Foster Wallace. To paraphrase the author, when it comes to interpreting the actions of others, you have the ability to see things from a ‘how does it effect me’ state of mind, or a more compassionate, understanding place. I often have to actively stop myself from thinking the first, and applying the latter. It’s a process, and it’s confronting at times, but it’s a humbling experience. Often we have to choose to be compassionate as it does not always come naturally. *Also, I excitedly anticipate seeing the faces of those who have never encountered the phrase ‘cool beans’ before, and will think this is utter babble. **If you’ve got a spare 22.44 minutes, listen to This Is Water by David Foster Wallace. You will not be disappointed. ***also HOT ROD 4 LYF ❤️

FEET OFF THE GRASS // The hills of Manarola on Portra400 medium format //

OH captain my captain // I don't care what your mum says, navy and black are great.

A place where cheese for breakfast is acceptable //

MES DEMOISELLES // and CINQUE TERRE on medium format //

CAFFINE for breakfast/lunch/dinner //


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