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Haiiii friends, I know I haven't been on IG recently but I just wanted to post something quick because my friend texted me 'Happy #NationalPuppyDay !". It's crazy -- I have almost NO professional grade photos of me and L together, so I had to find a super old photo from 2014 (!!). Needless to say, I will contact my photographer for a July lifestyle session 😊

I just wanted to say Happy National Puppy Day to everyone with a dog and to those who have had a special pup sometime in their lifetime. We all know how much joy, tears, laughter, and love they bring to our lives

I say this every year, but if you're ever looking to expand your family, please consider adopting! My little L was found as an emaciated stray, wandering the tough streets of Toronto. I still remember the day I walked into the @toanimalservices shelter, and she was the only dog. I'm sure she had no idea why she was at the shelter or what her future looked like but she must have known her life was about to change. As sad as she looked, she also had this hopefulness in her eyes, and the moment she chose me as her person, I knew I had made the right decision. I'm not going to sugarcoat it; it wasn't always easy with her but I think she's made amazing progress, and I would never give up on her, ever

So please, consider adopting that kitty, dog, hamster, budgie, rat, or gerbil from a rescue organization or shelter. These shelter/rescue animals are the ones with so little in their life but they have so much heart and they give back so much more than you will ever know #adoptdontshop

I'll be back in the near future. But until then, smile and enjoy the little things in life.

Baby H's smile was so contagious, I couldn't help but smile when I took this photo. And yes, I'm smiling now as well 😊 lol

Andddd back to bed I go .. My headache is returning 😱

I've been a little quiet on Instagram as of late because I haven't been feeling well (understatement of the year). It's a long story but I'm just focusing on getting better right now

Since I can't do much, I'm just dreaming of beautiful days and gorgeous flowers from my friends at @sebastian_flowers_italy. They gifted them to me last October when I was in Taormina, Italy 😍

Oh, and I'm totally dreaming about eating ramen, burgers, and ice cream too lol

Thanks to all for the well wishes and kind words; it really brightens my day 🌞 and makes me worry less about my injury 😚

When you have two important people in your life, it's nice to honour them in some way for your wedding

It's a given C's beautiful engagement ring will be present... after all she was on her way to marry her love, T 😊

But this heart ring shown is one she and her bff both have and wear... A statement of their friendship 😊

What really makes me smile is how both pieces are so minimalist, beautiful, and meaningful to Caitlin

Assistant @thejoee 😎

I think Italy is one of the few countries I can visit and still fall in love with... over and over again
Old but amazingggg photo by @thejoee 😎 grazie mille!

Something blue 😍

As someone who owns only black high heels, I actually really loved Sam's bright blue @ninewest pumps 😍😍

😊 When you know, you just know. And from there on out, it's forever

S + C's wedding is still a few months away, but looking back on their engagement photos makes me excited that these two lovebirds will be tying the knot.


Just kidding! This is actually Sam's beautiful engagement ring 😍😍 Look how it just sparkles 🌟🌟

There's nothing more special than having your best girls with you on your wedding day

And just like K was happy to have her girls with her, I was happy to be there to document it 😊

Assistant @thejoee 😎
Dress @ferresposa 😍

I took some time tonight to reflect on the work I did last year. I've been so lucky and grateful to have worked with a lot of awesome people including @cambio_market -- a business rooted in ethical and responsible products with high social impact

I've been following their journey in Asia and it warms my heart to see them meeting their partners and the artisans they work with. Do you see that beautiful @vesti_ph purse in my photo? It was made by an indigenous artisan in the Philippines who was given a dignified job to create it. Keep up the amazing job @cambio_market -- you guys are doing a great

I'm always looking to work with companies that share the same values and vision as I do. If you'd like to work with me, send me an email 😊

I'm heading to bed now and I wish I could wake up to this beautiful view of Amalfi Coast

Italy is one of my favourite destinations and I miss it sooo much. I'm hoping to return in a few years to visit new cities and to say hello to my friends there. I miss you all!

It's hard to forget moments like this... and that is one of the (many!) reasons I choose to do photography. I want my couples to look back on their photos and *feel* the emotions they felt the exact second I hit my shutter. I want them to remember these moments and keep it close to their hearts because these are the stories they will share for the rest of their lives

Assistant @thejoee 😎

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