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Something I needed to come across today. Starting a new job is tough when you’ve been at your previous job pretty much your entire life, it’s definitely hard to adjust, especially lately

Happy national boyfriend day to this guy 😚

This is what happens when you wake up early and can’t go back to watch one video and that leads to another and pretty soon you’re in so deep you don’t know when to stop 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

🙌🏻 So much truth to this. #positivity #notimefordrama #positivevibes

Today was the start of a new chapter and it definitely was a change. After being at the job I was at for just about 12 years, I made the tough decision to move on. That job was my life, meaning it was my first “real” job and it was everything I’ve ever known, so taking that next step was a hard thing to do. But I am excited to face the change ahead of me.

Siblings by chance, best friends by choice. #mitch2vich

Wedding fun #mitch2vich

Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness! Love you guys! #mitch2vich

So nervous to start this new chapter, but I know if I believe in myself then I can do it

First time at the gun range. Not too bad for never shooting a gun before. Gramps and dad would be proud. First shot was also the center of the head. #pewpew #gunrange

This kid. Love her so 😘 @jolson521

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