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not your typical blonde gal  body positive weirdo, who likes reeses, raves n nakedness🌈 MODEL🌈 brand ambassador- @gogetglitter

I bet I love you better than your first love

I eat loads when bens back in Vegas. And it goes on my bum. CAN I GET A HELL YEH


Hey sheff I missed you, I feel like I’m 19 again ☺️🤣outfit- @filthy_g @gypsywithinclothing @kappa_official @commedesgarcons

I found the shit version on Spotify thank me later x I look like Micheal Jackson because these pants are too big for me so have to pull them up to my ears xxxxxx

Feelin so poorly n I don’t have my hun to look after me :( but he’s filming @edc_lasvegas this weekend and I’m so proud of him, so I’ll let u off for not been in England ;) ❤️ your doing AMAZING! But come home quick before I die of loneliness 🏡

Mental health awareness week should be made much more of a bigger deal. And shouldn’t be just a one week of the year thing, everyone should be aware of it all the time. For those have you that have followed me for a long time you will have seen my crazy ass journey over the last 5 years, and how far I have come. I know I’ve stopped writing my blog, and it’s not that I don’t want to write anymore, I want to do something a-bit different next time I talk about my mental health. I did a poll a while ago asking if you’d come and watch me talk, and I got the best response ever. I’ve made a promise to myself that I WILL do it before the end of this year. Anyway, I remember being diagnosed with all of my issues, and I’m not going to bore you with the list because most of you know😂 and I was so scared, when I’d go back to the doctors or my councillor and they’d say, “jess your also showing signs of this now” and diagnosing me with different things it terrified me. The worst one was psychotic episodes. I know I joke about being a psycho all the time, but honestly having an episode was honestly one of the scariest things ever. And if you’ve ever experienced them or anything like it you’ll know what I’m on about. Anyway- so from being on so many meds, I’m now only on one type of anti depressant at 40mg which is really low for me and I’m so happy. You don’t realise how proud I am of myself. The difference is, I handle things a lot differently now. Arguments, I handle so much better than I used to. Food, I cope so much better now. Criticism, I can find the GOOD thing about it. Everything. Honestly if you would have said to me this time two years ago, I’d be working with brands such as @inthestyle and @gogetglitter I would have laughed in your face. I had no confidence and I thought everyone thought I was weird (which you probably all do, coz I am... but a good weird 🤪) this is from the bottom of my heart, any company that I’ve worked with recently, you’ve helped my confidence and are making my dreams come true. @baxandthistle @checagouclothing @outtaluckapparel @thatssewmaisie @kaleide_swim (just a few of the amazing companies and people I’ve worked with recently) ...

How can he get any better seriously, I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THESE. Stop turning me into a soppy hun now. @benhalephoto

@sarahhashcroft new @inthestyle shoe range has DROPPED. HOW UNREAL ARE MY BOOTIES WITH THE SNAKE PRINT BOTTOM ❤️😩 (how outfit from @inthestyle too) #sarahashcroftxinthestyle #inthestyle #mondaymotivation

Me when I get my own way

Me stood in the middle of my street being fuckin top boy

Loves you 💖💖

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