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Jess Findlay  Nature Photographer | Vancouver, BC, Canada • Follow my travels as I explore wild places seeking wildlife.


70 grams of ferocity... A Northern Pygmy-Owl surveys its temperate rainforest domain in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. For the next two weeks, @connorstefanison and I are hosting our annual Winter Birds of Vancouver Photo Workshops. Excited to share some awesome owl experiences with our participants from all over the world!

A unique Black Bear cub with white tipped ears pauses in warm sunset light, while its family explores a rocky beach along British Columbia's rugged coast.

A Yellow-tufted Woodpecker photographed in the crown of a 500 year old kapok tree, 50m above the forest floor, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

A Blue-winged Mountain Tanager photographed in northwest Ecuador. As if the gorgeous birds themselves weren't enough, everything they land on is covered in a thick layer of moss, lichen and various cool epiphytic plants. I love the cloud forest!

Long-eared Owl, Fraser River Delta, British Columbia. Excited to be back in Canada, preparing to host two groups alongside @connorstefanison during our annual Winter Birds of Vancouver Photo Workshops!

A trio of Cobalt-winged Parakeets looks skyward, through the dense canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. Descending towards a clay lick at the base of an escarpment, these already wary birds become hypervigilant. Though the minerals derived from these special sites are critical to the health of parrots, ambush by forest falcons is a very real threat. Watching this delicate process take place is always a highlight of my time in the jungle.

A female Crimson-mantled Woodpecker poised on a branch in the cloud forest of Ecuador.

A male Red-headed Barbet makes his way through the cloud forest of Ecuador. In this impossibly lush landscape, where light scarcely reaches beneath the tangles of growth overhead, the brilliant colours of its many birds glow like beacons against a dark sea of green.

A Short-eared Owl touches down amidst grass tussocks in Ecuador's Antisana Ecological Reserve.
Between the closed canopy of the cloud forest and the perpetual snowline on the tall peaks of the Andes, lies an ecosystem known locally as the páramo. Upon exploration, this unassuming landscape, typified by rolling hills covered in shrubby vegetation and grasses, comes to life. Unique plant communities and a diverse array of wildlife call this piece of the mountains home - from the hardiest of hummingbirds, to Spectacled Bears, to Andean Condors. Having spent many winters photographing these beauties in British Columbia, it was a welcome reminder of home.

A Saffron-crowned Tanager grasps the branch of a cecropia tree in the cloud forest of Ecuador.

After a morning rainfall in the cloud forest of Ecuador, a young Collared Forest Falcon dries its plumage in a patch of sunlight. With each trip, I've been fortunate to discover more and more of the amazing winged creatures that call these forests home.

After the setting sun tucked behind the high peaks of the Andes, a faint glow filtered through the cloud forest canopy, illuminating this Sword-billed Hummingbird. Natural light, no editing.

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