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⚡️ 2017 so far in plastic ... Here are some moves I set for the "Problem of the Week" series over at @boulderdashclimbing SFV. Feeling lucky to have had some nice holds to play with. Climbed by @meaganmartin89 @joeycatama @anoukklapp @thea_climbs and me. Hope you guys had fun! Grips by @egripsholds @shapedbyfoose @workingclassclimbing and @flathold

🇺🇸 US Youth Nationals is a wrap and once again this monster climber is on the podium. 🙋🏼 Dinah's consistency is remarkable-- she has climbed at nationals 7 times and made finals at all of them. She earned her 4th US team invitation yesterday and is now a back to back silver medalist for sport climbing. There's something special about it this time though... she is finally old enough to compete at the Youth World Championships! She will heading out next month to Innsbruck with her big sister Amelia, the other half of @mgirlsclimb. Dinah will compete for sport climbing, and Amelia for bouldering. I am so stoked to help them prepare for their first Worlds! 🇺🇸 ⚡ We are honored, humbled and fully dedicated to representing Team USA with all our hearts. There's so much reportage to do from this event and only so much you can fit in one post... my squad climbed beautifully and made pink and yellow a proud set of colors to wear this year. More pics and news to come. Thank you all for showing us so much support! 💪

Update! 7 of my climbers qualified for Nationals, 6 took their invites and 5 head in for day 3 aka semi-finals. Extra info tonight - once this round is done :) So proud of them all for the work they put in this season. Check my story for more!!

⚡Feeling lucky to have had the amazing psych machine @meaganmartin89 back out to climb with the crew and sample some of my boulder problems at @boulderdashclimbing. Here's one I set with the greatest holds ever--- the timeless @shapedbyfoose @egripsholds bubble-wraps! Most sandbagged V8 in the gym... Thanks for the visit Meagan! We'll miss you at nationals this year but I'm stoked to watch you smash some world cups. Off to Atlanta wednesday! Here we go again!

⚡Divisionals has come and gone, and what an awesome event it was. @jho_84 and the setters did a killer job up at @missioncliffs and gave us an event that was well worth the drive. 9 of the youth athletes I work with competed and they all climbed into finals which was super rad. After finals, 7 of them had qualified for nationals and 6 were standing on the podium. Here's one of Katie @katie_malinowski earning her ticket to Atlanta. See you guys there!

⚡ Heading up to SF soon for sport divisionals with 9 of the incredible kids I coach. My first year coaching solo is coming to a close soon and I can't believe how it went. So many awesome milestones--- multiple regional and divisional champions... 6 climbers at youth bouldering nationals with 3 finalists. Four of my girls climbed V10 outside and @hank.gaylord did his first V12. @thea_climbs made a stunner FA on a highball V9 in hueco tanks. @joeycatama made finals at open nationals and sent his first 5.14! @katie_malinowski recovered from a nasty injury and ticked another V10 before winter was done. @anoukklapp went to Oliana with Sasha Diguilian and spent time climbing with legends like Paxti and Emily Harrington. What a year! ⚡Here's one of Amelia @mgirlsclimb on her new project in malibu. Amelia made her first national podium for bouldering and I'm psyched to help her prepare for the upcoming Youth World Championships in Innsbruck. Thanks so much for the support to all of our friends in the climbing world and a super special thanks to our amazing guest coaches this year @abba_zabba @sashadigiulian @meaganmartin89 @shapedbyfoose 💪💪💪

⚡ An old fav of Amelia @mgirlsclimb sending "Monkey Direct" out in #redrocks. @organicclimbing @scoscheinc @onsightgear

⚡High gravity days are real. Here you can see me struggling to climb a rock. Good times! @katie_malinowski with the 📷skills ⚡

⚡Jack Lester @jackthecrimper about bite down way too hard for V3 on "Big Greenie" up at Black Mountain. Way to not fall Jack 😹😹😹 #epicing

⚡Dinah @mgirlsclimb getting it done on "Ghetto Crossing" (5.13a) earlier today. Nice work D! Very well executed. 📸 Photo @katie_malinowski #sportroping #malibulife #reversetoproping

⚡So stoked for @anoukklapp right now! She is out climbing in Spain with some of the greatest climbers of all time... Very grateful for @sashadigiulian who extended the invite to this young crusher. So jelly she's out there hanging and climbing with legends like Sasha, @patxiusobiaga_pucseries, @emilyaharrington... and @felipe.camargo who just put down a 9a+. Take good care of Nouki you guys! Here she is on one of the last #trainforspain days we had in SoCal. #venganouki #echocliffs < #oliana

⚡Jumps to start the day 💪💪💪 Style + strength starring @thea_climbs @joeycatama @mgirlsclimb

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