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Jesse Weiner  Climber, Coach, Routesetter, Photographer. @intendedbeta @threeclutch Inquiries: jessewphoto@gmail.com


🇺🇸 On my way to Montreal to watch Dinah at Pan-Ams! Traveling internationally for climbing comps is still mind blowing to me and I thank my athletes for their years of hard work. Unfortunately Amelia was injured while at a training camp and won’t be able to compete. On that note, I’m also injured at the moment with a some ligament damage behind my thumb and a torn muscle across my palm. Luckily it wasn’t broken and I don’t need surgery! Just a few more weeks hopefully... I am dying to get back at it. I’m finally doing physical therapy for my hands which is a blessing because they were both in pretty bad shape. So psyched for this weekend 🍁 here’s a #TBT of me falling on some nasty evasive bloc. Know it? 📸@katie_malinowski #armskintape #punting #cannotmoveonthisthing

⚡️The amazing @meaganmartin89 swung by the gym to say hi and run a quick lap on my "Problem of the Week" in tennies. Such entertainment. Forgive my cackle at the end 😅 @egripsholds @shapedbyfoose @newbalance #mightymeagan #ninjawarrior #anw #americaninjawarrior

💪 Anouk fighting the climbers fight...The illimitable struggle between mind and matter. ⚡️ We live and train and suffer for moments like this that bring us life! Can't wait to get back out @anoukklapp! Dad spotter pro = @b3branson

I could use a baby martini right about now. I miss Huecoooooo. ⚡️

⚡️So good to be home and back on California granite. It has been a long marathon of platic'n and this reboot was in order. @katie_malinowski ushered in the new season with a nice send today on "Choss Boss" <V9>. Way to get it started Katie!

🇺🇸 Youth Worlds update number two! Finally heading home to Los Angeles from Innsbruck which means I have plenty of IG time :) The girls and I had an amazing experience and learned so much out there. I can already see a change in their climbing and I'm kind of afraid for what will happen to my routesetting. Major changes for sure. Amelia finished 37th in bouldering and Dinah 31st for sport at their first world event. Pan-Am Champs coming soon in Montreal... time to digest all this new knowledge and adjust accordingly! Stoked! Thanks to all who made the event possible and to a seemingly endless list of supporters at home and abroad. ⚡️🇺🇸

⚡️Some proud moments right here... These are the two tops Amelia of @mgirlsclimb made in qualifiers at the #ifsc Youth World Championships. In her group a bunch of talented climbers were able to make four tops, so she wont be moving on. She finished 37 out of 84. We are having the most eye-opening and amazing time out here in Austria. From this event I'll take home so many moves and ideas on how to better prepare them for next time. It's an honor to be here amongst this crowd of rediculously unbelievable climbers. Congratulation to Amelia for an incredible effort, the likes of which I have never seen before. She left the round bleeding from her face and shoulder; battered from a dihedral climb upon which she employed some savage tactics and just wouldn't give up. Serious grit. I am thankful to so many people for this opportunity... especially to the Marcuson family for having me along. Just behind them I have to thank Tyson, Rosie, and the other Team USA coaches who have taken the girls under their wings and offered such valuable guidance. Little sis Dinah enters the sport climbing competition in two days so stay tunes for her! 🇺🇸

⚡️When you have it this wired... @katie_malinowski making "Matt Hoch Problem" (V9) look waaay too easy. That's just how she rolls. This is one of my favorite problems ever! An awkward off-balance layback leads you to a tricky pinch move where you gain the crux hold... which is basically a left hand thumb catch and a tiny ring finger spike. You take that with a prayer and perch hard, bumping through micro crimps until the final throw! So good! Nice work Katie. 💪 @organicclimbing @scarpana @onsightgear @scoscheinc

⚡️ 2017 so far in plastic ... Here are some moves I set for the "Problem of the Week" series over at @boulderdashclimbing SFV. Feeling lucky to have had some nice holds to play with. Climbed by @meaganmartin89 @joeycatama @anoukklapp @thea_climbs and me. Hope you guys had fun! Grips by @egripsholds @shapedbyfoose @workingclassclimbing and @flathold

🇺🇸 US Youth Nationals is a wrap and once again this monster climber is on the podium. 🙋🏼 Dinah's consistency is remarkable-- she has climbed at nationals 7 times and made finals at all of them. She earned her 4th US team invitation yesterday and is now a back to back silver medalist for sport climbing. There's something special about it this time though... she is finally old enough to compete at the Youth World Championships! She will heading out next month to Innsbruck with her big sister Amelia, the other half of @mgirlsclimb. Dinah will compete for sport climbing, and Amelia for bouldering. I am so stoked to help them prepare for their first Worlds! 🇺🇸 ⚡ We are honored, humbled and fully dedicated to representing Team USA with all our hearts. There's so much reportage to do from this event and only so much you can fit in one post... my squad climbed beautifully and made pink and yellow a proud set of colors to wear this year. More pics and news to come. Thank you all for showing us so much support! 💪

Update! 7 of my climbers qualified for Nationals, 6 took their invites and 5 head in for day 3 aka semi-finals. Extra info tonight - once this round is done :) So proud of them all for the work they put in this season. Check my story for more!!

⚡Divisionals has come and gone, and what an awesome event it was. @jho_84 and the setters did a killer job up at @missioncliffs and gave us an event that was well worth the drive. 9 of the youth athletes I work with competed and they all climbed into finals which was super rad. After finals, 7 of them had qualified for nationals and 6 were standing on the podium. Here's one of Katie @katie_malinowski earning her ticket to Atlanta. See you guys there!

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