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Jesse Smith  Ink Master- Season 2&7

A little #treeturtle I knocked out today @tattoothelou :)

2 hours of drawing and 10 hours of tattooing today at @tattoothelou

Day 2 at @tattoothelou with my client @boneuzil! Watch this creature come to life in my stories 👀
#tattoothelou #loosescrewtattoo #travelingartist #carkayous #creation #stlouis

While exploring @carkayous I found this little guy I decided to call a “Cross Eyed Jinchinza”. At first glance u expect this little guy to be cute and goofy but after further examination you realize that he’s actually kind of an asshole. I guess u can’t blame him tho, I’d probably be an asshole too if I was born with a fur pattern that made me look cross eyed all the time :/ #jinchinza #carkayous #tattooistartmagazine #evolvedmagazine

We’re ready for @tattoothelou - doors open at 2pm. Hope to see you this weekend #stlouis
#tattoothelou #travelingartist #loosescrewtattoo

A still shot of the “Quad horned, triple eyed, Jackalope” I discovered during my past visit to @Carkayous . Typically feasts on #butterflybats and serves as a home to many #tryptasaur sub species.

@orangetheory St. Louis with my girl @galialysbeth ! Good shit!!

Had such a great time hanging out with these two this past week! @amy_mymouse @marine_ishigo_tattoo

Forgot to post this Earthworm Jim piece I tattooed on a Plank of Flesh that I got from @apoundofflesh for @tattoosbyhalo ‘s charity art show “Art of the Game”. If ur interested in supporting a good cause hit up @blacklotustat2gallery for info on my piece as well as many more by some super talented artists:)

Spontaneous little “Butterfly Bat Dragon” I tattooed on the Girlfriend of yesterday’s clients:) **Tattooed with an @fkirons Xion using @tatsoul Envy Cartridges and @eternalink in my @hivecaps @loosescrewtattoo and healed with @saniderm and @h2oceanloyalty :) @eddiekolos #tattooistartmag #inkedmag #carkayous #butterflybat #butterflybatdragon #butterflybats

Today I sketched on a “Sea Mouse”. One of many eclectic creatures I witnessed while visiting @carkayous . The first time I saw one it tried to fight me. At first it was kind of cute but it got kind of annoying after shooing it away for almost an hour. **Tattooed with an @fkirons Xion using @tatsoul Envy Cartridges and @eternalink in my @hivecaps @loosescrewtattoo and healed with @saniderm and @h2oceanloyalty :) @eddiekolos #tattooistartmag #inkedmag #carkayous #seamouse

Tattooed a baby Rulk on one of my favoritest people in the world this past weekend:) Thanx Barbara for being awesome! #Rulkin

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