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it's a new year and we have to start somewhere... i'm hoping the #world is full of #love in #2017

Playoff baseball is in full swing and the baseball action is pretty good, but these boys right here, the Red Hawks are the most fun to watch. Tournament this weekend for my boys... this is where I spend a lot of time these days folks... I manage these great little guys and this was their first year of travel ball as 7U, now 8U and so much fun.

Go SO Red Hawks!!! Halloweekend tournament this weekend!!! #baseball #travelball #redhawks #soredhawks #ilovemyboys #playhard #giveityourall #leaveitallonthefield


change is the only constant

float like a butterfly

sting like a bee

you be you

and I'll be me...


there's always more to things when we allow ourselves to really dive in and examine what is right in front of us.

but it's #only a word some say...

Sometimes when we decide to lift our heads high... our whole life lifts up.

Things are #lookingup

i know it has been awhile... life is good, but i wanted to say #hi.

sometimes we need to allow ourselves the time to just get lost in the folds of life... so after you take time to stop and smell the #rose... allow yourself to just get lost in it's #simple #beauty

we imagine ourselves to be different, unique and on our own path, but maybe our path is set for us all and every choice we make leads us to exactly where we were supposed to be...

ever have that feeling like you woke up in a different place?


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