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Jesse Ito  Royal Izakaya 👑🏮🍻🍶 The sushi bar in the back 🍣

Late to posting this, but I’m pumped to be repping the city that I love. #❤️Philly

18 day aged chutoro 🍣

KINKI. Thornyhead from Japan. This fish never fails to be a “wow” bite. What’s your favorite piece from my omakase? 🙃

Amaebi (sweet shrimp) in the omakase bar AND izakaya tonight! 🦐Braised short ribs, fried fish heads, broiled miso black cod, and so many more specials! FULL menu until 1AM every night holla 🙌🍻

Are the scallops that you’re eating tonight moving? 😜 #omakase

Just a couple things you should know. Tag a friend who should see this✌️ 1. Kanpachi is not baby hamachi. It is in the same family as yellowtail, but a completely different fish.
2. White tuna is technically albacore. The super white tuna most people think of is escolar, which is not a tuna at all. Escolar has an oil in it that humans cannot digest and can cause diarrhea.
3. Uni is not sea urchin roe. They are gonads. Delicious gonads.

4. Freshest is not always best. Eating a tuna on the boat that was literally just caught is not better than eating one that has properly rested so that the meat is tender. Fish that is properly aged can yield a very delicious flavor and texture.

5. Eating/shopping at the busiest places does not always ensure good quality fish. Cheap supermarkets/sushi bars may have a high turnover, but a cheap price tag usually means you’re eating crap fish. If your tuna is neon red I wouldn’t eat it.
6. Sushi does not mean raw fish. It means “sour taste” and refers to the vinegar rice. In Japan fish used to be preserved by means of lacto fermentation.

I think one of the biggest contributing factors to success besides grit and work ethic is understanding marketing. And the two key principals to social media/marketing are how well you can communicate a coherent story to your audience, and whether or not the story you are telling actually aligns with reality.

Super chirashi in the izakaya 🏮tonight. King salmon, bluefin chutoro, Japanese Seabream, tamago, and more. Come and get some ❤️

Korean flounder engawa (fin muscle) with umeboshi (pickled plum). Crunchy and rich with a little sweet and sour.

One of the best bites — hotate. Live scallop from Maine. I shuck them every seating and they are still dancing around to Marvin Gaye playing in the background. Worlds apart from frozen scallop.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish 🐟 daily routine. All from Tsukiji market 🇯🇵

Sweet shrimp from Maine! Aka amaebi. This year I’m serving a larger piece with no tails so that it’s ready to go as is. Hopefully I’ll get a couple more shipments before the season is over 🦐. Omakase is pretty much booked solid for the next 30 days. I’ll be opening random solo seats, so keep an eye out or better yet use the “notify” feature on Resy. It will alert you if there are cancellations. Hope to see you!

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