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JESSE GOLDEN HHP, RYT  🔸Founder of @thegoldensecrets 🔸Facebook:@jessegoldenpage 🔸Twitter:@jessegolden 📍LA 👇🏽Enter to win a box of my products!

Right eyebrow: Harvard graduate, vegan, practices yoga & meditation. Left brow: has no job, eats fast food and hasn’t worked out since 98☺️
Thanks to microblading by @perfectframe.mb I got my virgin brows back and they both equally giving me life🙌🏽💓

The universe is constantly conspiring to give you everything you want. But it’s up to you to get over the bullshit that’s telling you that you can’t or don’t deserve it☺️🙏🏽@thegoldensecrets YOU DESERVE IT!💛

Spiritual Awakening
with bae @lkbphotography👽📸

Plug it in and change the world🔌⚡️@thegoldensecrets

Our bodies are constantly signaling to us; telling us what to do, where to go and with who but we have to slow down and tune into the present moment in order to hear these signals clearly.
Allowing us to be guided by our intuitive knowingness, not misled by our past traumas.🙏🏽
*Learn more in my book-The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health(Avail on Amazon)
*Watch full interview on my girl @brookeburke App📲😍

I see your strength, your courage. Your hesitations & fears. I see the way you love others and your struggle to love yourself. I see how hard you work to grow and your dedication to heal. I see your vulnerable humanity and your transcendent divinity.
I see you & I love what I see @thegoldensecrets🔐🌙♉️

I got it from my Momma☺️🙌🏽💃🏼
Happy Mother’s Day to the master sorcerer herself, the Queen bee, my Mom! (Can we just acknowledge my bedroom here☺️)
Thank you for paving the way and setting the bar so high. You are the epitome of a multi faceted woman. You continue to amaze me every day. Love you!❤️
👈🏽Swipe left for some more epic flashbacks⚡️

It is taught that before a yogi can move to the 3rd limb of yoga-asana practice (poses) one must first understand how to act from kindness and compassion without becoming attached to the outcome of those actions.
Once achieved, one must bring that same mindfulness to her/his own body and mind. @thegoldensecrets *Tittibhasana (firefly pose)

Hold space like every moment is supported by a tribe of ancestors, spirit guides, spirit animals, & archangels @thegoldensecrets 🔱

Happy 14th Birthday @kaleogolden 💓🙌🏽💫
It has been my greatest honor to be your Mom. There are so many proud moments but what makes me most proud is your unwavering heart & kind spirit. I can’t count the amount of times people have come up to me and told me how impressed they are with your intelligence, compassion, kindness, awareness, integrity and ability to make people feel loved & comfortable. From friends to complete strangers, like the waitress the other day who pulled me aside and said, is that your son? I said, yes. She said, I just have to tell you, he comes in here a lot after school and he is the kindest, most respectful kid I have ever met. Knowing that you continually treat everyone with this amount of respect & love, even when no one is watching makes me the most proud Mom. I Love you more than anything in the world. You are my light, my life and I hope all your wishes come true.🎂💫💓
📸 @sarahorbanicphotos 👈🏽

Fact: Rheumatoid arthritis causes more than pain; it can lead to disability and even death. Severe rheumatoid arthritis can affect the eyes, heart, blood vessels, skin, lungs, ligaments and other organs. Severe rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to joint destruction and disability. Mortality is twice as high in people who have rheumatoid arthritis compared to those who don't have the condition.

Truth: Rheumatoid Arthritis is a great teacher; it can lead to extreme bouts of motivation and gratitude. It can positively affect both your internal & external practice. It brings awareness and compassion to yourself and others. It anchors you into the present moment and if you choose to thrive despite all of its lessons, it will become your super power. @thegoldensecrets

We go together like tacos & tequila @msmelodyrae ☺️🌮🍹🥑💓
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