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Happy Holidays from my @thegoldensecrets 😇s😍🎁☺️💓
📸 @sarahorbanicphotos

The world doesn’t need more “successful people.” The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind❤️
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Mention the person that made your 2017 better! Tag them and let them know😘
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Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something. Loves something and has lost something. And nobody has their shit together.
*its so easy to get lost in the illusion and whirlwind of the perfect holiday season. The holidays always stir up lots of emotions for me. There’s so much going on that I find myself searching for moments of peace and grasping for my yoga practice. Throw in a lil mercury retrograde and 🎞It’s A Wonderful Life and😭
If you ever feel like this, know that
it’s normal. It’s going to be ok and it will pass. I feel it my responsibility to let you know that life isn’t as perfect as it may seem, for me or anybody. One of the best ways to get through it might be the opposite of what you would think. Find someone that needs more help than you right now and help them through it. The deed will create a shift inside of you and whatever you were feeling will be replaced with✌🏽😃❤️This is the epitome of the Holiday spirit.👼🏽✨ So no matter what, know you are not alone and keep shining and sharing your light for others. We’re all in this together babe @thegoldensecrets 🙏🏽💛

🎼Your stronger than the strongest think they are
We’re battle tested learn to love your scars
Your stronger than the strongest think they are
And though its been dark We’ve remained the stars
So Keep Shining!
Keep Shining!
Keep Shining- @giovannijames
*Use code begolden to save 10% on your own @dharmayogawheel 😍

One way to solve the problem, is to have more women in power💪🏽
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All is Calm, All is Bright @thegoldensecrets 💫

When life catches you off guard, learn to just go with the flow💦☺️ @thegoldensecrets #waitforit

Dear Universe, I am totally open to some awesome coming my way!🙌🏽
Let’s start with some rain to help put these Cali fires out🙏🏽 Claim your day. Close your eyes and say what you want out loud! @thegoldensecrets

Things that are fun to believe in:
1. Ghosts
2. Aliens
3. Santa
4. Each other
5. Yourself
❤️❤️@patiencesilva @julialescova
📸 @dreamstatelive 👙 @nicoleaimeec @yandy

Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.🙏🏽 @thegoldensecrets

Today is my 39th Birthday! And I plan to do this well into my 90’s!
It is also 10 years since my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, a timeframe where 60% are considered completely disabled.
This is also the first year I will not be receiving a birthday call from my Dad, telling me how proud he is of me.
This is the year though that I truly realize how fast life goes and where and who you spend it with is what matters most. Grateful to share these moments with you.❤️
📸 @lkbphotography 🙌🏽

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