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JESSE GOLDEN HHP, RYT  🔸Owner of @thegoldensecrets 🔸Snapchat:goldensecrets 🔸Facebook:@jessegoldenpage 🔸Twitter:@jessegolden


Healing is the art of directing love from your heart and air from your lungs to the most neglected parts of your soul until you feel what you've always been: WHOLE - @poetrybyanthony

😢🐶📮Code red Link above on my bio 👆 to donate to Marc Ching from @animalhopeandwellness.
Via @animalrevenge This year he has rescued over 1200 dogs but is now has to feed and give them the medical support they need. Many come in these horrible trucks for over 48 hours with no water or food. They have been stollen from families are picked off the street to bring to Yulin to eat them for the Summer Solstice Festival.
His goal is to raise $75,000.
#yulin2017 🖑🐶 [ please repost - donate - tag your friends ]🐶🖑 Today he intercepted two new trucks on the eve of Yulin.
Our transport team along with me and Suki, surrounded the vehicles, pushed them off the highway. There were about 400 dogs on the first truck, and 100 on the second. Lives that were trapped in cages, suffocated for almost 48 hours.
We have over 800 dogs at our shelter now, and need local support from vets and those with emergency skills.
Many of these dogs are severely ill, some with broken bones, and some that were dead upon arrival. While we cannot save them all, it is the lives we can that remain important.
So that balance can be restored. And freedom - brought there for the dying. .
#animalhopeandwellness #MarcChing #Yulin2017 #dogstagram #igdogs #dogs #dog #dogslife #ilovedogs #yulin #china #dogmeat #dogmeattrade #dogsofig #doğal #pets #igpets #catsagram #catsofig #vegan #help #sos #donate

Yoga has saved my life more times than I can count @thegoldensecrets
Video by @el_mustachios 🙌🏾🙏🏽❤️ #internationalyogaday

Just finished @soupure 's Summer Slimdown 😃 Such a great way to kick off summer☀️
I didn't need to necessarily slim down but we could all use a lil break to reset, detox, rebuild and restore for proper energy and health.
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Child of the moon but raised by the sun @thegoldensecrets
Happy Summer Solstice🌞

The only products I use on my skin @thegoldensecrets 📸 @lkbphotography

Your body can withstand almost anything it's your mind that you have to convince. @thegoldensecrets

And Happy Father's Day to me☺️ it's a tough job being a Mother but it takes a badass Mom to be a Dad too🙋🏼

On the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember who's daughter I am and I straighten my crown.
Happy Father's Day to my hero❤️

Anytime someone needs healing you can send them healing light.💫
Imagine them in your minds eye, in any space you desire. The more detailed the better. Lay the person down in the space you created and beginning at there feet, scan their body with a golden light. Focus on any areas that you are intuitively drawn to. As the golden light touches each part of there body visualize all negativity, disease, ailments being eliminated until they are at peace and in total health.
This is our power when we may otherwise feel helpless. Send light, send love💛
Photo by @sarahorbanicphotos

I'm taking back all the energies stolen from me☺️ @thegoldensecrets

Difficult times call for a deeper practice🙏🏽 @thegoldensecrets

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