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Jesse Taylor  •Tattooer at House of Solace• •Coolangatta• •Goldcoast Australia• •• •Ami 💚

Made a good start to Mitchell's leg the other week, cheers mate 🍻 🦉 🌹

Tiger eagle combo outlined on Kahla, looking foward to the shading 🐯 🦅

Got through a little bit more on this massive coverup while I was down at @thegrandillusiontattoo blacks healed! 🐺

Tiger with a beanie to remember the good times snowboarding in Japan 🐯 🏂 🇯🇵

Looking foward to doing some more on Donny's leg 🌞

Wolf hunter girl from last week 🙆🏻🐺 I'm currently down at @thegrandillusiontattoo in Melbourne but I'll be back next week 🤙🏼

Added a bit to the back of Donny's leg the other week, getting close to finishing 🤙🏼bottoms healed

Indian Skull tiger! 💀 🐯 sorry about the lack of posts and email responses, I've been in the middle of moving shops and homes but I'll be back on top of it next week 🤙🏼

Something a bit different on the back of johnos thigh, peoni healed from a couple of years ago 🐉

Big ol cat head from a few weeks ago based of his cat, cheers dude! 😺

Beach chicka from a bit ago 🌴🌊

Close up of the bear salmon slaughter 👀 🐻 🐟

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