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Jesse De La Roca  Digital Artist 🏳️‍🌈 | CSULB ‘22

Normal Sunset ✨

A lovely and peaceful day at the beach yesterday 💖 (it didn’t really feel like there was a whole bunch of family members and kids, even though there was. My reality was taken away for a bit and I like that a lot)

Let it feel real. DISCLAIMER: I AM OKAY, JUST HAD A SUPER BREAK DOWN OKAY. ❤️ my bad guys.

I’m better lost ✨

I cut the waves

The light is coming 🔥

I’m happy. And that’s so rare atm haha

I’m psych I learned that looking at a photo of a loved one activates neurological pathways that are similar to the pathways when you’re actually happy. So just by seeing a picture of someone you love can make you happy or get you through crap. ❤️ I know it’s not the best but I’ll get better at drawing. @kaylabailarina

Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 #gay #pride #pridemonth

Upset I did not take pictures with the coolest seniors I’ve met along the two years at PHS. But thank you for crossing paths and reciprocating the love I have for you few, even though we’ve talked only a few times. You guys were some of my favorite people ❤️ (not going to tag or mention them because I feel like it’s not worth it cause they’re not in pictures lol)

Emotional Relief 🔫
I didn’t want to post this because it was graphic and I guess it promotes guns and suicide but I love this piece. I always used this pose whenever I was angry or upset when I was depressed. But I know there are better ways to solve personal and internal conflict.

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