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Jess Conte 2.0  main account: @jess 💛✨ also a @gabrielconte fan account

the other day I texted Gabriel a pic of me with this blonde wig on but he just didn’t get it. I was like nooo really look at it and he was like “oh! you’re wearing my hat? you cleaned the house? a USA sweatshirt?” 😅 I had to be like ...BLONDE HAIR lol

you guys ready? // @conteam

iiiiiii know im not the only one @sezbauer

subtweet to my dog

life is _________. comment below 🤗

you know the only fight we’ve ever had was when we were maybe 8 years old and jess didn’t wanna help me bring in the groceries so i told on her hahahahaha #bfflab

the dreamiest boy 😻😻🤪

always with an iced tea ☕️🍵🥤 also this time next week I’ll be with my sister!!!!! so excited to see you @sezbauer 🤗

i will never get sick of this song 😇🎶🎶🎶🎶

where do kangaroos like to eat? at ihop 🤪🥞

this street was made for us 😋🤪💓☕️

iiiiiiii can’t get you off my mind 🎶 (this is a snippet from a vlog I filmed :) posting in a few days!) @gabrielconte

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