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Jessa Seewald  Because the sinless Savior died, my sinful soul is counted free, for God the Just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me. ❤•Eph 2:8 & 9•

Henry’s first haircut! 😭💙💇🏼‍♂️ Ha! So hard to keep a toddler sitting still for 15 min, but with daddy’s help, plenty of snacks, and a cartoon with brother, we managed to pull it off. 👊🏼 —swipe left to see the outcome— 😊💙👦🏼#19monthsold

Backyard fun with cousin Israel! 💙

Have you ever heard a 19 month old whistle? Neither have I. Ha! But it does look like that’s what he’s doing in this pic. 😆 Lovely evening for playing in the backyard... until the mosquitos came out to eat us. 😂 That last pic is Henry EVERY SINGLE TIME backyard playtime comes to an end. 😩 If they had it their way, these boys would never come inside. 👦🏻👦🏼💙🌳🍃⛅️
P.S. I bought a natural insect repellant (bc I don’t care for the other stuff, esp on kids 😳), but it didn’t work and those mosquitos kept on biting! Anyone have a fav brand or easy recipe for a natural repellent that actually works? 🤔

Give them a spoon and put them in the dirt. Hours of fun! 👦🏻💙👦🏼 Growing up, we had an area in our back yard that we called the “dirt pile”. So many great memories. Digging little holes and canals with all sorts of random utensils, sticks, spoons, etc. (and yes, I was the kid who would bring out dad’s tools... not to be discovered for days 😆). Matchbox car mudding, racing, and demolition derbies. Digging for “fossils”, discovering worms, building our own “ant houses”. Tonka trucks for excavating and hauling loads of dirt. And a burial site for “treasures”.

Pant-less toddlers in their cardboard box “forts”— and when dad gets in on the fun, it’s that much more fun! 👦🏼💙👦🏻 Play hard, then pull out all the snacks. 😋 (and next up, diaper changes)😆 @ben_seewald, you’re simply the best! I love doing life with you. 💞

Oh, the simple joys of childhood. 👦🏻💙👦🏼 Enjoying rainy days in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard. 🌧

If this isn’t Monday, I don’t know what is. 😂

Seems like this moment from 2 years ago was just yesterday— and now y’all have your own baby! Time flies. ❤️ P.S. Our kids say to tell you they were happy be of service in giving you a foretaste of the parenting experience. 😂
Haha! Y’all are great, and are such wonderful parents. 💞Love you both, @jingervuolo & @jeremy_vuolo!

Spurgeon’s rendition of Peter Rabbit. 😄

He loves to dish out the compliments. 😄 Last night he came up with a new one— “super hero”, but his favorite sweet thing to say to everyone is still— “Happy birthday!” 😂 💙👦🏻

BIG NEWS!!!! So proud of these girls! They’ve had such a fun time working together on this project, and tonight they’re ready to share their new album with you all! #HappyHeart

The boys’ new favorite game— Spurgeon brings me one and says “Mommy, let’s race!” 👦🏻💙👦🏼

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