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Another great day at the beach. We found snails, crabs, and discovered that dunking a toddler to rinse off is very similar to dunking a cat.

I forgot to post any vacation photos yet so here’s what we look like right now.

New yellow plane

Counting toes

It has been quite a weekend so far and we're only one day in. My floors were briefly so clean!

Baby's first kimchi. Not a home run.

Frank and Finn made it sure I had a lovely Mother's Day today including breakfast in bed, a trip to Harvard, and a nice long nap. Only thing that could have made it better is if we'd gotten to spend it with my awesome mom, but at least we skyped! I'm so lucky to have had an amazing woman teach me about being a fun, supportive and loving mom (also a kickass working mom). Can't wait until we're back together in a month!

I like to call this work of art "Fine don't ever sleep again see if I care just please be quiet so I can sleep I'm begging you"

Had a blast at the Big Apple Circus this morning! And we actually made it through almost the entire thing with a 2 year old!

No we're really enjoying the Terrific Twos, why do you ask?

From newborn yawns to No.

Today is this silly boy's 2nd birthday!! I still can't believe we got such a good one. He's brought so much joy and laughter to our lives, and a few tears and headaches thrown in for good measure. I looked forward to being a mom for so long and he has exceeded every dream I had. Words can't express how much we love our little munchkin and how excited we are for all the adventures the next year will bring!

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