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Jessa Hinton  Not your average Mom I ❤️ whiskey, deals & inspiring women 📍Prob on a ✈️ or at Target 🙋🏽‍♀️ @jessahinton

Honestly guys... I haven’t been able to put this book down.
I consider myself a spiritual person and pretty open minded. Been into crystals, aromatherapy and tarot cards since I was 13 but just dabbled. Never really submerged. Recently I’ve learned that ONE thing I am ever so certain of is to trust your gut feeling. Whether you think it’s intuition, someone watching over you or you just feel like something is off... listen to it.
I never understood what that felt like. I’d get pissed when someone would say “what does your gut tell you?” Ummmmm that I’m fucking hungry? I don’t know what you’re talking about !!! And it’s because I wasn’t open to listening to myself. My mind, my body, heart, soul , gut. You name it! I was closed off. So much noise around me and staying busy kept me from realllllly trying to figure out why I felt “off” / wasn’t truly happy.
Why I felt lonely even though I had tons of people around me.
It was because it was the wrong kind of people. The wrong kind of distractions.
I love this book and also “the soul searchers handbook” but I also read a tonnnnn of business type books and poetry. Reading is my zen. Being around GOOD hearted people is my zen. Finding deals at thrift stores is my zen. Whatever it is, do it! Whatever makes you feel good and ALIVE while being at peace is what you need to be doing. Such an eye opener to read a book and have so many AHA! Moments.
Just thought I’d share and if you have any, please let me know!!! I’d love to read it! **** but please don’t put The Alchemist. I’ve tried THREE times and I cannot get into it for the life of me. I mean, it’s good but I didn’t have any amazing feelings towards it. Although I seem to be the only one 🤔
Fun fact* I never knew that the tarot cards I own are by @rebeccathoughts ✨ Coincidence or....? 🤷🏽‍♀️😏💕

And then I said “Keep being an asshole. Can’t wait for your boss to see my Yelp review”.
No I didn’t really say that but I was thinking it.
This post is about customer service. Or lack there of.
When Ky and I checked into the hotel in Palm Springs I could feel her negative energy while making eye contact as I walked towards the desk. I received a dirty look followed by looking down and “working” on the computer. I waited at the desk patiently until she was done. There was no “I’m sorry I’ll be right with you”. Or ... “ma’am let me finish this email and then I’ll be happy to help you”. Nothing. We just waited.
Her sharp tone lasted during the entire check in process while I continued with a smile and being sweet. I would not show rudeness in front of Kyler even though she was being a dick. I don’t know if she had a bad day or the Coachella guests were a shit show. What I am not ok with is when someone is clearly going out of their way to be nice to you, even while you’re mean and they are a PAYING customer... please at least return the gesture and be a little kinder. Because you have no idea what kind of day that I am having either.
Food for thought for the woman at the Indian Wells Resort.

“Kyler, sweetheart, back the fuck up so you can get the whole outfit”.
I have zero shame in Kyler taking my pics when we go out. I am very fortunate to be able to travel and take him with me. It costs money to get a Photog and a sitter so if I need an outfit or product shot, he is happy to do it so he can come along. And by happy I mean he grunts and takes blurry pics but I’ll get at least one I can use. 😂

Me calling my girls for a Homie Hookup 😂
How fucking nice would it be to support each other and save each other a little money?! I remember living in Vegas and everyone knew everyone / would always help each other because that what you do. LA is NOT fucking like that. Let me tell ya.
So we’re gonna start our own little community of women who are about the homie hookup life!
Put your name below and what you do/ where you work! 💝

Just a little update for everyone ❤️ I have been in / out of doc appts and tests. I was first told I have 2 cysts and we would monitor them. Then I was told that I would have to have surgery. Then everything seemed ok so I wouldn’t have to. On / off pain meds, antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. A few days ago I was told I may have pcos and then went back to find out one of the cysts had in fact ruptured and caused an infection. I have been feeling off/ not like myself and woke up every morning sad. Confused. Un well. I should have trusted my gut and ordered more tests and demanded that My doctors do everything that was necessary to rule everything out. Health is no joke. If you feel off in any way, it’s better to be a pain in the ass with the doctors than to have to go through bullshit because you are just another number to them. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and is doing amazing ❤️

And just like that, you turn 11 and are too cool to kiss your mom goodbye. That’s fine. I’ve always liked a challenge. Happy birthday to the child that makes my life a living hell sometimes and also the reason I wake up every morning loving it. Weird how being a parent does that to you.
After I tell him how old he’s getting and how sad it makes me, his kind response is “Yea I’m gonna be in Junior High in a few months” 😑
Fuck. My. Life.

Walking away from problems and packing for Vegas like.... No but seriously, Mama needs a break. Can’t ya tell? 😂 Once in a while it’s ok to say FUCK IT and take time for yourself. This is my time. Much needed ME time.

Ladies .... if you’re going to Vegas, PLEASE connect in the comments below so everyone knows each other 💕 Friday February 8th (that’s when we will have the private Botox/filler party) and then dinner after! You guys do NOT have to get anything done if you don’t want to! You guys can come to ask questions or just to hang out! BUT the 50% off will only be honored TOMORROW- FEBRUARY 2nd so you HAVE to get it within that time frame. Also, If you guys have Vegas hookups/friends/ homes to share etc.... put below !!! So excited to get our faces LIT the fuck up together 👯‍♀️ 💉🥂

One of best friends (and the lady who blesses my face with her hands and needles) is having a Valentine’s day sale for friends and family BUT said I can post and give it to you guys too!! Just say your my homie. This is NOT a paid post or collaboration. I support every woman in my life, including you bitches 😘, and I trust her with my face! Steph, Tonya, Julie, Mona and everyone else at @agelessaestheticslv knows their shit and I’ve become extremely close with them. My ass drives up to Vegas just for them. I’m not trying to look like a bored OC housewife. Just wanna look like me but at my most youthful / sexiest self. Don’t we all ?! Ask me anything about my face and I will be an open book. But You guys already know that 😘 Swipe for the homie hookup !

Females Supporting Females.
Women who are comfortable in speaking their minds and being themselves. They don’t need to spend their entire paycheck on a pair of shoes to make them happy. They buy what they want and like to save as well. They live for themselves and no one else. We are females who are not defined by anyone else’s rules or perceptions. That’s why I created this account. That’s the community I want for @jessa.finds 💕 I am a mother no longer in her 20s, who likes to bargain shop and look like a million bucks. Or homeless when I don’t have the energy. I believe in Botox and cutting out toxic energy. I curse and enjoy whiskey. And wine. And Tequila. I am unapologetic in being who I am and I support the other women who follow this account. We aren’t perfect but this world is a shit show and we are just doing our best. With a cocktail and Dollar tree shopping bag in hand, of course.
Support each other, please 🙏🏻 .
I have met AMAZING women through IG and I wish the same for you! 🌟

Start off by introducing yourself, where you live and one thing you are unapologetic for! Let’s create a bomb ass network of unstoppable, bad ass women! Tag any girls if your life that need support and a place to be Themselves !!! I’ll add them since I’d like to keep this page private and 🍆 free

I feel this way too much. Throw your hand in the air if I’m not alone 🙋🏽‍♀️ (minus the smiling face)

Looking for a WIDE mirror that is also tall. For outfit selfies of course. And for under $200 🧐 This rose gold bad boy is at @walmart for $100 (reallyyyyy stepping up their game) BUT I don’t think it’s not wide enough. Whatcha got?

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