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Love For Lacquer | CT Blogger  Beauty • Mom • Fashion • Lifestyle Keeping it 💯 Baby #2 - November 🤰🏻👶🏻🌈 💌 • Read ↙️

#ad The cravings are R E A L! 🍋🍫 I've been looking for a refreshing treat to satisfy my sweet tooth and @sconzachocolates came to my rescue! 🙌🏻 Their Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds are the perfect mix of lemon and chocolate and I cannot put the bag down! 😋
In addition to Sconza being available at #Costco during April + May, you can also grab a bag at and use code jessgives10 for 10% off your order 🍋🍫#SconzaLove #sconzachocolates

#avapartner Can you believe baby #2 is on the way?! 😱 A few of you asked if I was using the @avawomen bracelet I had posted about at the end of January and the answer is YES! 💜 I wore Ava religiously every single night for the entire month of February and really paid attention to my chart and my body. The next month - we got our positive! 🌈
After trying since our chemical pregnancy last July, I couldn’t believe it. Since Ava tracked my temps for me every single day it was so easy to see when my most fertile days and my ovulation day were - timing is everything ladies! 💯 Ava took the guesswork out of all those other crazy apps that I had been using for months. .
Ava is an absolute game changer if you are trying to conceive. Once you get your positive, you can switch Ava over to ‘pregnancy mode’ 🤰🏻I love the week-by-week updates on what to expect at each stage of pregnancy 🌟
I highly recommend trying Ava out for yourself - even if you aren’t trying to conceive, it’s great for just getting in tune with your body and provides fascinating insight
about your cycle and health >> DEAL ALERT 🚨 You can use LOVEJESS at for $20 off! #avawomen #avabracelet

Sunday Funday! ☀️ Blowing bubbles & sipping on a @dunkin coolatta - talk about living your best life 💯 What are you up to today?!

No joke - These last few weeks have been kicking my ass 🤢 Can we get to the pregnancy glow please?! Updates 👇🏻
Naps • All I want to do is sleep 😴 Last weekend I took a 3 hour nap and I’m not sure it even remotely made me feel better 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I’m tired. Oh SO tired 💤 (And the fact that I pretty much cut out caffeine and switched to half-caf isn’t helping)
Nausea • My two BFF’s right now are ginger ale and @preggiepops 💯 This week I cried in the kitchen because I didn’t feel well 😂 #pregnancyhormones
Hungry • I may be nauseous but I’m hungry ALL.THE.TIME 😋 I wouldn’t say I have crazy cravings but right now I’m digging apple juice, pizza & anything cold (especially smoothies!)

Oh it’s true.. Tag Team Partner Arriving November 2019 🤰🏻👶🏻 💜

Hi. Hello. I’m alive. 👋🏻 Soccer starts tonight for Rylan but more importantly - BIG & LIFE-CHANGING things are happening and I am so excited to finally be able to share with you very very soon! 🤭Stay tuned! 😬 What have you been up to?! 🧐
Sweater: @madisonandmallory
Belt: @madisonandmallory
Jeans: @targetstyle (I think)
Shoes: @targetstyle

#ad Caring for your pet doesn't have to be costly! 🐶 Get the protection you need with @petarmor now that the weather is starting to warm up ☀️ 📲 Head to the blog to check out 3 ways you can protect your pet for Spring (link in bio)
DEAL ALERT 🚨 👉🏻 Get $4 cash back through Ibotta when you shop PetArmor Plus at @target >> #PetParentApproved #PetArmor

Doing the most & looking his best while helping to promote @northeastwrestling #Wrestlefest yesterday around town 🤘🏻Thanks to all the local businesses we went to who more than happily agreed to let us hang posters 💯 #northeastwrestling
Tickets: 👈🏻

PSA 🚨 Stop 👏🏻 sleeping 👏🏻 on @wander_beauty! I’ve been going so hard with their nude illusion foundation that I’m almost out 😱 I don’t remember the last time I actually finished up an entire foundation like that - but that’s when you know it’s the real MVP 💯 Great coverage and the most incredible dewy finish - you need it ASAP 🙌🏻
Shop: #liketkit #wanderbeauty #sephora #wakeupandmakeup #multitasker

Cannot wait to drench my skin in all of these @pixibeauty goodies! 🌸 Treat your skin by shopping these products here: #liketkit
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#ad Did you know March is National Women’s History Month? It’s true! Let’s celebrate all the powerful and strong women in our life with some fun pampering & gifts! (Because, why not?!)
Head to the blog now to see a few of my Spring faves and gift ideas that would be perfect for celebrating and recognizing today’s wonder women! 💯 #babbleboxxherstory
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#ad Spring cleaning is in FULL FORCE over here! 🧼 It’s time to do some serious bathroom & shower declutter! 🚿 Recycle and replace those half-empty bottles for the entire family with @suavebeauty 💯
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