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Jesi Mandagaran  LA β€’ NM | Actress | Wifey | Fitness Trainer | Horrible Cook | Excellent Salsa Taster |@mandagaranfitness @fireandicecrossfit @crossfit818

Looooooved this one.
#hollywoodcastingandfilm Thanks for having me.

Patriotic Vibes kind of thing. πŸ”±
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ .......... and well because once in a while.


They say the first 2 years are the hardest. So make sure when you see my husband give him a high five for surviving another year being married to my Ludacris ass!

Year 2.......... βœ”οΈ
You Still Win My Love Eugene.

Said goodbye to our Little Titan yesterday. You had me wrapped around your little paws. See you soon My Furry Little Friend.
Rest In Peace my Girl.
06-05-17 ----
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A little Reenactment of Lady and the Tramp.
Starring Pudge AKA Priss La Dame

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My face when I weigh the Pro's & Con's of potentially eating a whole box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch by myself.
Does anyone else ever have this problem??? Furthermore... Update: This happens to be my Current #headshot πŸ™‹ (up top) Ready for my close up.

Excited to announce the Feature Film: Making a Killing is close to being ready!
Based on a True story.
Starring Michael Jai White. Mike Starr. Sally Kirkland. And the wonderful Christopher Lloyd.
I'm totally grateful to even be a pea on this movie. Amazing cast and amazing crew.
Be sure to checkout the website for the movie in Bio. I'll hold there for a few days.
Stay tuned for the date of the premiere!
Thanks πŸ™
@dhfilms @midthundercasting @angeliquemidthunder
Director- Devin Hume and rest of the Production and my NM rep, O' Agency- Lynette O'Connor.

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My Favorite Day has arrived. [Happy Birthday my Extraterrestrial.] -I lack nothing. And I love you like crazy.

Chapter 26 Jack takes her hand, "Check this out. Look up these line of trees here toward the stars. What do you see?" Jessica looks up, "The moon?" "What else?" Jessica doesn't understand what he's trying to show her. Jack whispers in her ear, "See, don't grow up. It's a trap." Jessica smiles, "Peter Pan?" Jack grazes her ear with her lips, "See that's the thing, you have to remember how to imagine so that you can see." Jessica's neck hair stand up. "See what?" Jack smiles, "Magic."
Wedding photographer: Sammie Sarracino @sammisosa05

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All the way from Noooorth Hollywooooood! Thinkin' of my homies back home as I practice Cleans with you all today in spirit.
@jesmandagaran yes I do exist lol! And sometimes I do the CF thing too. WhaaaBamm!
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Today's my Grandpa's Birthday. This man encouraged me to play sports despite that I was a girl. He took me to allllllllllll my practices and never missed a game. Not one. He passed away when I was in 5th grade. From then on I wore the jersey #13 despite the bad luck rep it had. I wore it in his honor. And dedicated every game to him. It's been a family tradition ever since. This crazy old man shaped a big part of who I am.
Still miss you.
This photo I think I was πŸ€”... Idk, maybe 2nd grade. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ And I'm pretty sure I cut those bangs myself lol! In the next photo I'm thinking I was 6? Mom help me out here! @digz_4_gold And can I just point out that I discovered my grandpa rocked some Nikes?! What a bad ass he was! Maybe that's where I got my Nike obsession.... #march13 ✝️❀️

My SuperPower... I.Am.Woman
What's yours?

Decided to remix my professional website and give it a better look at my #lifestyle
Just a weird girl doing all the things I [ L O V E ]

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