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If you don't think every day is a good day then try missing one of them.

I heard this recently and it made me laugh to myself because i know what it's like to beat yourself up over wanting to do things better. I feel we get caught up in our own problems that if we actually analyzed it we'd realize some people love to have that problem. Like you want to upgrade your car, get a bigger home.
Sometimes we complain that food tastes too bland or a style clothing just doesn't look good enough.
It is said never forget where you came from. I feel blessed to know my upbringing wasn't great so when i look back i have something to compare my life too. I embrace a problem because it isn't a problem. It's a stepping stone. It's life's test asking you "do you deserve it"? You make the choice as to whether it is.

Not everyday is going to be an amazing day, but everyday that you're living is good.
#blessed #lovelife

Being happy and alone is better than being with someone unhappy and wishing you were alone. ❤️ if you're single this valentines day don't be sad... Celebrate that you haven't settled! There are plenty of people miserable as hell in their relationship. Having someone else doesn't fill you up, you were born full.

Do you think they just play "Just the Pit"? Haha... I kill me... Too funny.

"I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing." ... And the rest is probably spent eating, or exercising to offset that eating.

Your passions are your path... It doesn't mean they need to be your career, but they need to be shared and expressed in some way. Through your art, through your words, through how you love.
To me it's more unrealistic to not do what we love... Because that rejects ourselves. That denies the soul's calling. That's where pain is born... What we suppress needs to be expressed, or else it will show up in addictions and dis(ease). Where we let the world see us, we see us. That's freedom. That's peace. That's fucking living.

To me this describes how important it is for our actions to match what we say we desire. So often we say we want a great and thriving relationship, yet we're smashing down shots of tequila and banging random ass. It's harmless right? What you "truly" seek is seeking you.

This lesson hit hard in my life: when i was younger I remember saying i wanted a relationship... Yet almost every week i would hook up with the same girl... And we weren't "in" a relationship.
About two months into what i thought was a harmless and perceivably ideal situation...en route to finding the relationship I desired... A friend of mine said to me, "I have a girlfriend who isn't looking for a relationship but wants to hook up with a good guy... And i thought of you." Woah, Wait. "But i want a relationship", I replied... And she said, coulda fooled me. Your actions don't communicate that." And in that moment my reality hit me... I was who i was being. My life was represented by my choices... As were my true intentions. My spoken intentions didn't mean shit.
It's like saying i want to be sober while holding a beer. It doesn't work.
We attract who we are. I know that can seem confronting but let me put it this way... If we really want a deep and thriving relationship, we have to become the person that already has that relationship. We have to say no to the opportunities and people that aren't getting us to where we want to be. Our commitment to that goal is the work, it's what's required to get the type of life and love we crave. Our lives can change in a moment... And we have to be mindful of the moments we're giving away to people and things that don't serve our greatest goal and intention.

"If you're going through hell don't stop.....keep going!" I recently heard this on an audiobook and thought about it. It brought me to think about life in general.
People go through tough times. I guess it could feel like hell on earth. When every option to get out of the situation feels like a dead end, we give up.
The problem with giving up is it doesn't solve the situation. So we remain in the same situation for a longer period of time. People say "I've tried everything, there is no point in trying"
So they either feel sorry for themselves or expect someone to sprinkle fairy dust on the situation. It's like some people spend more money on the lottery tickets than think about saving the money. They think a single $ is nothing. They hope for miracles and in fact sit down and wait for it. The world doesn't wait for you to make your mind up. When you fall behind people will overtake you like on a busy highway.
Muscle growth only happens through pushing through the pain barrier so if you're feeling real hot it will only get cooler on the other side. Don't stay in a hell situation. KEEP MOVING! 👊🏼

I respect people who spit truth. I don't have space for anything other than honest communication.
In my experience, if truthful words aren't being spoken, i can tell through someone's actions what they're afraid to say. Don't decide for me what i can and can't handle. Don't assume I don't have the tools to process what's up for you. Do realize though, if you can't keep it real, then we won't be able to create anything real. This goes for work, friendship and love.

Make no time for excuses

"You weren't born to just pay bills and die." You were born to love and connect. To make mistakes, to learn and to grow. You were born to have best friends and dogs. To eat chocolate and watch rom coms.
You have a purpose on this planet, and the only person who knows what it is, is you. So you're the only one who'll ever know whether you've lived it or not.
Live it, please. Not for you, but for the people who desperately need the gifts you bring.

Stop living your life with the knowledge that you were meant for so much more! You have one goddamn life. One. Trust the call of your heart. Because if you were living your life to the maximum and loving all out... The whisper in your ear would be, "Isn't life fucking great?!?" Live the kind of life and make the kinds of choices where your soul can't help but celebrate.
You. Are. Magnificent. Give the universe the gift of you at 100% not this shitty 40% effort you're currently giving.
It's time to fly.

A E S T H E T I C S 💯

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