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Jerycka  MU'20

Back to when we had some warm days. Happy International Women's Day! πŸ’›

Saw your face and got inspired ✨

Okay, so me, @hxnnah_prxtt and @_haylee_pratt had an exciting night. We were looking at the fish in Walmart and stumbled upon some fish that were eating another ALIVE fish and we couldn't just leave him like that. So, we bought him. We got a discount and spilt the price which kinda makes it better that we bought a half dead fish. We did some research on his kind and have him set up for the night and see if he survives. Even if he doesn't make it through the night at least he can die in peace instead of being eaten. We have taken really good care of him so far and will do in the future if he survives. Welcome to the family Phillip Jared Hayes-Pratt. (You can't see him in the pics but he's super cute)

Day in the life of an overly caffeinated introvert. (Pc: @hxnnah_prxtt )

Eyes can't shine unless there's something burning bright behind. (I sacrificed my dignity for this picture)

She's got a book for every situation. {pc: @_haylee_pratt }


The voices in my head told me a really funny joke. {pc: @hxnnah_prxtt}

That time when I was shocked that I didn't get a heart crown. Still bitter about it but these ladies deserve it. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‘

Snow day essentials 🌨

"We have a choice to live or exist"-HS

Understand I'm talking to the walls. I've been praying ever since New York. 🎡

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