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#motivationmonday. My good buddy Charlie Rogers just brought this scene to my attention. An airing of Liev Schreiber’s Ray Donovan from two weeks ago.
We shot this scene last summer. A very raw, sweaty, bloody high octane underground fight club. This job being the second Liev Schreiber project for me was a mere coincidence. The 1st was the movie Chuck 2016. This time it was bigger and more physically exhausting. But not nearly as much as for the fighters. They worked hard, some of those punches got real. Lots of yelling and movement for all of us for over eight hours on a hot humid New York City day. I lost my voice at the end of this job but this exciting scene was worth it. I even got to push actor Eddie Marsan back into the ring.
To stay within the minute maximum on Instagram I conveniently cut up this scene a bit and created some slow-mo close up replays of yours truly. I’m the guy wearing the red cap. Enjoy! P.S. Many thanks to my amazing agent Mandy Esposito for this booking! #raydonovan #fightclub #newyork #lievschreiber

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#tbt #MustSee #MovieRecommendation #Chuck #2016. Last week as I was connecting with my dearest, best life long friend “MBeeHanson” for her birthday, the subject of a movie job from a few years back popped up. In 2015, I had the opportunity to work briefly in the movie “CHUCK” staring Liev Schreiber.
Even though this was a 12 hour day, my role fits well into the category of world’s smallest part, but who cares, ... I was in a scene with Liev Schreiber after all. I was beyond humbled, honored, EXCITED as I was playing a local gym bud directed to shake his hand over and over again on cue. And may I add, what a friendly, talented, professional famous movie star / actor he is.

So this is my big scene with him. ( and for God sakes don’t BLINK!! ) As he walks into the Old School Boxing gym, I recite my big line ... “hey champ.” Ironically Liev is given my real name to reply to my character. In a typical mumbled fighter’s raspy low voice... Liev replies, “hey Jer how are ya.” Ta-Dah!!!! Ok. Hold your applause please until after you see the entire movie where it’s deserved.

Chuck is a true story inspired by the life of heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner, ( convincingly played by Liev Schreiber ). Wepner had a once in the lifetime nationally televised match with Muhammad Ali in 1974, which inspired Sylvester Stallone to write the 1976 movie ROCKY. Yes, important true pop culture history you may not have known about, but should.

My motivation for this post is not so much that I had some involvement, but more to the fact I really like this film ... and you will too. I enthusiastically recommend it. It grabbed me, moved me, unexpectedly from start to finish.
Convincing performances throughout this dramatic story are laced with famously awesome 1970’s era pop music. Naomi Watts is outstanding, playing a true local Bayonne NJ bar beauty - accent and all. That alone worth seeing. And the icing on the cake that day? The real Chuck Wepner was on the set with his wife. #Don’tChuckThisMovie #WatchChuckTheMovie #LievSchreiber #DontMissOurHandShake #TheArtOfTheHandShake @lievschreiber @naomiwatts #ChuckWepner @mbeth.hanson Special thanks to my agent Mandy Esposito for this booking.

Out on the town post Thanksgiving dinner with long time friend Rachel at the cozy and charming French bistro Pascalou. Almost felt like we were in Paris for the evening. #uppereastsidenyc #pascalou #nyc

After dinner, after desert, it was time for a good ol fashion game of Shanghai Rummy. I won the first game. Time to stop while I’m ahead. #happythanksgiving 🥂🦃🍂❤️

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As I was commuting through the city on my skates I just happened to catch the rehearsal of the opening act of the Macy’s Parade. #macysthanksgivingdayparade #34thstreet #newyorkcity #thanksgivingnyc

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A fun Saturday evening catching up with some of the talented friends who helped create the recent Fitger’s Coffees video. Many thanks to everyone involved. @21eight72 @wilmany @lucy.rahn @robbosmr @joshtranby @ndotrogers @emilyridam @meredith_275 #whitehorsetavern #westvillagenyc #fitgerscoffees #espressoyourselfvideo #NewYorkMinnesotaConnection

On the upper east side on my skates during the first snow fall! Bring it on!! #firstsnowfallnyc #newyorkcity #snow #canariams #goskate #mpc# #mpcwheels #iskateeveryday #rainshinesleetsnow

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