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Angelica  A hommage dedicated to the astonishing auteur, actor and entertainer extraordinaire that is Jerry Lewis. 🎬❤ - Personal posts occasionally occur.


This inspiring, mesmerizing man. ❤

So many times I’ve heard that everything comes so much more easy, almost free, if you have talent, but Jerry definitely showed that it was only hard work that helped you create something to call your own. That talent isn't worth a thing if it's not combined with effort. His mind was so goddamn strong and I don't think the phrase 'I can't do that' in regards to something he wanted to do ever crossed his mind. If there ever was any fear, doubt, or feelings about not being good enough, it never showed on the outside. He had such dedication and strength, it seemed like nothing was strong enough to stop him. As an ex-rider, I can't recall how many times I've been told the old "throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow"-saying during jumping lessons, but Jerry was such a representation of it – whenever faced with challenges, he just seemed to throw his heart towards the finish line and just go for it without fear of the obstacle being too high or not even worrying about what might turn up behind it, and pity the fool who didn’t move out of the way fast enough. He tackled so many interviews in the same fashion, with the anticipation of a thoroughbred at the starting gate, impatiently waiting for the interviewer to finish their questions and for the gates to open up for him. I can easily spend hours listening to interviews with Jerry, because his intelligence and passion blows me away every time.

He was so passionate about everything he did, and it was impossible for me not to feel the same passion about him and about his magnificent work. The fact that there was something powerful enough to end this race of determination, dedication, strength, courage and the strongest of minds is perhaps the biggest shock of them all to me, even if I knew all along that it was inevitable. It still feels terrible, but instead of writing columns upon columns of sad words, I’d like to illuminate Jerry’s greatness and his strengths that I love and admire him so dearly for. ❤


I really don't know how to begin and to make sense of this devastation that has made up these last hours. I don't think I've ever shed this amount of tears in my life.

Jerry is air to me. Jerry is love, he is strength and he is laughter. He means so much more to me that words could ever say and the fact that I've been fortunate enough to live in a time where I've been able to discover this man is one of the greatest blessings of my whole life. He's made my life more colourful and he's made my world a much better place to live in. He's so deeply rooted in the very core of my heart that it feels like it's been ripped out by sheer force alone, leaving this dark, empty hole filled with the most shattering pain and sorrow I've ever experienced.

I'm sending all thoughts to Jerry's family and friends in these painful, difficult times. I'm also sending my thoughts to everyone who loves this amazing human being. So many people have opened up to me about Jerry during these past years and I've heard the most inspiring life stories, where people's love for Jerry helped them them find the strength to pick up broken pieces and mend broken hearts. The love for Jerry is universal, and so is this great loss and tremendous sorrow.

I've been mentioned in the most beautiful tributes and received lovely, caring messages. I'm trying to read them all and catch up, but please know that I am so very humbled and grateful. The fact that some of you think of me while reflecting upon Jerry is touching my heart in the warmest of ways. Thank you from the bottom of this broken, saddened heart.

Sleep well, Jerry. I love you. ❤


Wishing a very happy birthday to the über-talented Robert De Niro, who was born on this day in 1943! 🙆💞 I've been on a De Niro-rampage during portions of this summer, and I really admire his talent, dedication and versability; whether he's playing an elegant, suave production chief like in The Last Tycoon, or absolutely mad, like his portrayal of Max Cady in the remake of Cape Fear. There are many, many films featuring Bobby I look forward to see. Aside from his wonderful acting, I admire his attitude (his edition of mean tweets is pure gold!) and I'm convinced that there's other subjects on which we'd find common ground. 💁 Happy birthday, Bobby! 🍰🎈🎉

📷 Credit: via AMP IndieWire.
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On-stage disagreements between Jerry and the indescribably talented Sammy Davis Jr. ❤ Sammy had such a big ending to the show planned but something (or someone 😆) sort of . . Got in the way. 💁

This clip is from the Follies, which was a short-lived variety show that aired for one season on the NBC network. Jerry participated on an episode that aired in September 1973 where he, among other things, played a butler, serving Sammy and Diahann Carroll. The fact that Jerry introduced Sammy's character as his twin brother for this skit is quite adorable. 😍

📷 Credit: The user JoeWellington at YouTube.
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Jerry in Cookie, 1989. 💕

Cookie is, except for Max Rose, the last Jerry-film I saw for the first time. Jerry plays an Atlantic Beach-based property developer associated with mobsters. After Peter Falk's character Dino is given parole after thirteen years in prison he goes to Jerry, asking to be bought out of the business he, Jerry and mobster Carmine were involved in prior to Dino's sentence. When they meet, it soon becomes clear that Carmine sold his, and Dino's, shares to Jerry while Dino was locked away, and the main conflict (except for the conflict between Dino and his daughter Cookie) concerns the money that Carmine owes Dino for the shares he sold out to Jerry. If Jerry can stay out of it all? Of course not. 💁

Vincent Canby, who rewieved the film for The New York Times, described Jerry's appearance in Cookie as "small but effective". When I bought the film I wasn't even sure if Jerry would have any spoken lines in it. I was pleasantly surprised that he appeared in the movie on several occassions, if only in short segments, and that the character actually had a place within the plot, even if it's small. Jerry's not supposed to be some sort of comic relief-character, but it's such a cast against type (in my personal opinion) that it just gets even better. His oversized, white and extremely tacky limousines, big coats and slightly eccentric persona is actually refreshing, especially since the other characters are quite (😇) generic.

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Jerry in ”Par Òu T'es Rentré? On T'a Pas Vu Sortir”, 1984. 💞

In 1984, two movies starring Jerry were released in France – ”Retenez-Moi . . . Où Je Fais Un Malheur” (with the tentative American titles ”To Catch a Cop” and ”The Defective Detective”) and ”Par Òu T'es Rentré? On T'a Pas Vu Sortir” (with the American title ”How Did You Get In? We Didn't See You Leave”). These films were, according to Jerry's wishes and as written in the contracts regarding distribution, never released in the United States. Hence, I haven’t found that many contemporary reviews regarding the films but it seems that ”Retenez-Moi . . . Où Je Fais Un Malheur” was warmly greeted and had some success at the box office, while ”Par Òu T'es Rentré? On T'a Pas Vu Sortir” was a flop, more or less. ”Retenez-Moi . . . Où Je Fais Un Malheur” appears to have done better at the French box office than “The King of Comedy”, which struggled to gain ground after opening the Cannes festival in 1983. It’s almost two and a half years since I saw the films, which can be found on YouTube, but I preferred ”Par Òu T'es Rentré? On T'a Pas Vu Sortir” since I enjoyed Philippe Clair more (should one even say that?🙈) than Michel Blanc as a co-star.

When speaking of these two projects in James L. Neibaur and Ted Okuda's book ”The Jerry Lewis Films: An Analytical Filmography of the Innovative Comic” (1995), Jerry stated that ”I was doing favors again, and these are not good movies. As long as I've got control [over distribution], you'll never see them in this country. I sat with French audiences who had the time of their lives watching these films. But it's strictly French. They cannot touch it out of France. I had no input whatsoever because I trusted the directors. I had just come out of heart surgery and was thrilled to do films that didn't drain me physically. Well, it's evident on the screen. I gave little energy and that's what's on the fucking screen. But the French audiences loved it because Jerry came here to do a French film for the French viewer. So [they] were successful in France. They didn't even make voice corrections; I spoke in English, and they dubbed it in French.”


"Hello! ☺" Jerry in Paris, January 1984. During the visit, Jerry was made Commander of arts and letters, the hightest degree of The Order of Arts and Letters at the Palace Royale. The medal was given by the French Culture Minister Jack Lang, who thanked him "for transforming the art of comedy". Jerry was also inducted into the French Legion of Honor for his charity work two months later by the Decree of President Francois Mitterrand, and was given the Commander degree in 2006. 🎖❤

📷 Credit: Francois Lochon/Gamma-Rapho.
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Dean doing the lift of his life in Pardners, 1956. 💪 I just feel that Dirty Dancing would have been so much more dynamic if the parts of Baby and Johnny were played by Martin and Lewis instead. 😆💞

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Jerry photographed while directing One More Time in July, 1969. 💞

📷 Credit: UPPA/Starstock.
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Yesterday I was at a large electronics-store to buy a new USB-cable for my phone charger, and while showing the lady at the desk the charging port of the phone the cover accidentally flipped open and there was this very short but very random, awkward silence (😅) for a couple of seconds while we both looked down at Jerry on the strongly lit home screen, and then back at each other while I surpressed the instinct to say something about the fact that he probably was the finest-looking man she would see all day. I really shouldn't be around other people. 🙈💞 (It wasn't this picture, however – that yellow colour would make my head ache. 😆)

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Jerry photographed by Phillippe Le Tellier during filming of Boeing, Boeing (1965). 💞

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