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Angelica  A homage dedicated to an astonishing auteur, actor and entertainer extraordinaire – Jerry Lewis. 🎬❤ • Personal posts occasionally occur.

”Buddy Love was a composite of all those rude, distasteful, odious, crass, gross imbeciles whom we can spot instantly at any large gathering. We know him only too well. He's the insensitive putz who slams the door in children's faces on Halloween. He's the miser who thinks Christmas is humbug, the walking time bomb who kills Presidents, the 'nice boy next door' who rapes a lady in the street. [---] I made him a glaringly destructive force, despicable to the core, as a balance against the loving professor. Creating the role had me in a sweat, especially when I saw images of Buddy Love creeping out from inside me onto the page. A crying horror!” – Jerry Lewis. 💞

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As we entered 2018, this account reached 3000 followers! 🙆‍♀️ I want to say thank you to all you wonderful people for sticking by me when I rant about big or small or post about the most nonessential things happening in my life – at least it's accompanied by pretty pictures. 😅❤ I have to admit that there's been days, especially the last months, where I've been ready to just deactivate from Instagram since the feelings have been heavy, but how could I possibly do that when my life is made so much better by Jerry and what he did every day? It feels like I'm still constantly discovering so many fantastic sides of him that inspire me. 🙏 To be able to bring people together in their love and admiration for such a extraordinary human being is nothing less than a blessing. Thank you so much for your support, for sharing your love for Jerry and a big part of yourselves with me; I wish that I had at least eight arms and that each day was a couple of hours longer so I could give just as much back to everybody. Love you all! 😍

📷 Credit: Paramount Pictures/John Springer Collection.
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For Cinderfella, 1960. ❤

📷 Credit: Paramount Pictures.
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Peek-a-boo! ❤ Jerry photographed in Las Vegas by Steve Pyke.


Sometimes I need to have a look in drawers, folders and stacks of records to remember what I own! 😅 Here's my Martin & Lewis/Jerry Lewis solo records/EPs/singles. 🙆‍♀️❤ I have a couple of Dean Martin-LP's as well, but @deanmartinmoments collection make them look very, very few. 😂

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📷 Credit: Astrid Stawiarz.
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”So, Jerry began to lose himself in distractions – high-tech gadgets. [---] He invited me to the inner sanctum of his high-tech room and demonstrated his brilliance in technology as he experimented in plugging and unplugging wires and pushing buttons that gave his Al Jolson-like voice deeper resonance. Jerry would sing to me. I didn't know how to react. His voice had a piercing vibrato but it made me want to laugh. I knew he was serious, though. I repressed the laughter, wondering if I was doing him a great disservice. I liked Jerry.” – Shirley MacLaine in My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir (1995).

Jerry performing ”I'll See Your Light” on an episode of Hullabaloo, September 1965. 💞 Credit to YouTube-user Joao Antônio Franz for uploading this video.

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"We had been a team for four nights, and we were sleeping in the same bed so we could save nine bucks. I dreamt out loud and he says to me, 'You're dreaming out loud again! Let me know when you're finished so I can go back to sleep (laughs).' Then I say 'Paul, understand what I am going to tell you right now. In about six months, we're going to have so much money, we're not going to be able to count it.' He said, 'From your lips, my friend.' Just days after we teamed up, I made this prediction because I believed it." – Jerry Lewis. 💞

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”Some day, with a little more self-discipline on the star's part, there'll emerge a picture to prove conclusively what a superb clown and fine actor Jerry Lewis really is. It certainly began that way yesterday in "The Errand Boy," which Mr. Lewis co-wrote (with Bill Richmond) and directed.” – Howard Thompson of The New York Times being unusually polite in his review of The Errand Boy (1961).

📷 Credit: Paramount Pictures Corp.
#JerryLewis #TheErrandBoy #1960s #1961 #OldHollywood #ClassicHollywood #GoldenEra #GoldenAge #Vintage

“The problem with some of the media is that they are used to performers in my particular field and people like myself taking the heat because hey, that's part of the game. I don't play those games. I've done very well, and I've done well for one reason - I've got a lot of talent, and you can't take it away from me.” - Jerry Lewis 💞🌟

📷 Credit: Silver Screen Collection.
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"He [Jerry] makes many people uncomfortable, he doesn't censor himself as a performer, a filmmaker, or a public figure—which is difficult to accept for many people. [---] I think Americans are still coming to terms with Jerry and his astonishing artistry. It's as if they had to invent a new place for it, a new category." – Martin Scorsese. 💞

#JerryLewis #1950s #OldHollywood #ClassicHollywood #GoldenEra #GoldenAge #Vintage

And so it was time to do the last post of the year . .

Being a Jerry Lewis-account and admiring him so very much, his passing has – of course – shaped the way I feel about 2017 to a great extent, even if there’s been many good moments. Call me dumb, naive or a dreamer – I never thought that seasons would continue to change without Jerry or that there would be any laughter left.

Luckily, I have the most wonderful friends in @deanmartinmoments and @dearestgingerrogers/@lovejimmystewart who are there for me, standing by my side in good and bad, enriching my life, for which I’m so very grateful. And there’s so many lovely people here who despite their own sorrow and grief took their time to reach out, to show that they care about someone they’ve never even met, sometimes never even talked to. It made a very deep impression that will stay with me for a very long time. Thank you all – the friends I share my life with every day and friends from this wonderful community – for not letting me isolate myself and get caught in the waves of self-pity; there’s been such an outpouring of love that there’s simply been no time for that. ❤

As a closure, I’d like to thank you all for being with me during this emotional roller-coaster year, and I hope you want to continue to remember and honor Jerry’s memory with me on this account – in my heart, he’s so very alive and strong. I’d like to wish the best for all of you and wish you all a very happy new year. I hope to see you on the 2018 side. 🙏❤

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