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Jerry Boling GNCC XC1 Pro  2016 XC1 360Fly/Addict Race Engine/RacerTech Pro Racer

It's race season again time to get back into shape for the 2017 Gncc series. This will be my second year in the pro xc1 class, we learned a lot our first season last year now it's time to put it to work. I would like to thank all my sponsor's including the newest Addict Racing Exhaust!! I started this company with my fellow friend and Engine Builder Jim Osier. We can't wait to supply the industry the best exhaust on the market. All models of exhaust will be hand made and dyno tested, in the USA, I will be taking pre orders on all SXS models. We have 5 major teams We will be sponsoring for the 2017 season.
Kyle Chaney-Torc.
Tim Marshell- Ixcr and Gncc. Chris and Payton Mills- Torc. William Yokley-Gncc. Jerry Boling-Gncc. @chaney_racing_outdoors @firecatsracing @chris_mills1969 @jerryboling321gnccpro @torcoffroad #gncc #championshipengines #addictracingexhaust #loudpipes #championshipyear #torc #shortcoarse #xcountry @tireblocksofficial @rt_pro @proarmor @fredbrayton @hiperbyweld @ssidecals @addictracingengines Everyone please like this page and share it for me. Thanks Jerry

Harlen Foley of gets the sickest photos ever!! Thanks @atvriders I would like to say a special thanks to @rt_pro for supplying with the best chassis parts available for the Polaris 1000s, @addictracingengines for the fastest engine package out there. @double_e_racing for supplying me with the plushest suspension I have ever rode on before, with out these 3 companies I wouldn't be where I am today. Thanks guys looking forward to Ironman to secure my top 10 in points my rookie year. #rookieyear #gncc #xc1pro #addictracingengines #racertech #doubleeracing @pitbulltires would also like to mention the best exhaust on the market @trinity_racing it out performs all the exhaust we have tried and a thank you to @hiperbyweld wheels I have raced all season on one set of wheels with no failures thanks guys!

Last minute adjustments before next round of Gncc. Our Double E racing shocks are on point!! Thankful for the break so we could finally focus on these adjustments. Can't wait to get back behind this monster again at the next Gncc Powerline park @double_e_racing @addictracingengines @hiperbyweld @trinity_racing @369fly @rt_pro @proarmor @tireblocksofficial #gameon

Btw this car did 4.2 sec in a 200ft drag race thanks to @addictracingengines it won all classes including the utility 4x4 quad class with Polaris 1000s and can am 1000s this car is a absolute blast to drive I can't thank Jim Osier enough for everything he did to make this car what it is. If you are looking for a motor builder look no further call Addict race engines he will get you set up for any style racing you are doing or if you just want a beast to drive on the trails that will smoke your buddies turbo. I forgot to tell you that 2 Polaris turbos went home early at the drags 😂😂😂#sorrymynacarwon#topofthepodium #addictracingengines #championshipengines

Prepping the 360Fly/Addict Race Engine/Racer Tech Xc1 Pro Gncc car we made some mid year adjustments that should put us where we need to be. @addictracingengines @rt_pro @360fly @double_e_racing @goldspeedproducts @hiperbyweld @proarmor @trinity_racing #top10 #gncc #gnccracing #topofthepodium #lifeuncropped #360 #cantwait

Addict Racing’s Jerry Boling Scores Another Top 10 in GNCC SxS
Bowling Green, KY (05/04/2016) – Jerry Boling drove through a fast and technical track to finish ninth in the GNCC Pro XC1 SXS race at Camp Coker in Society Hill, SC. The driver of the Addict Racing / Racer Tech / 360 Fly Polaris RZR now sits 10th in points as the season hits the halfway mark.
The finish marks Boling’s second top 10 of the season. He was fifth in the season opener in Florida. He experienced several technical issues in the last race, which he overcame prior to the Camp Coker round. “Considering this is our rookie GNCC season, we’re doing well,” said Boling. “We’re in the hunt for the championship at just the right time of the season and we’re getting better every round.” Boling had to make serious repairs coming into this round. After hitting a stump, he snapped a bolt on the frame, but it could have been worse, hadn’t it been for his Racer Tech suspension components. “Racer Tech makes an amazing product,” said Boling. “The A-Arm only broke a bolt, so we didn’t have any frame damage. We were back up and running quickly. Racer Tech makes the best components for the Polaris RZR.” He relied on the extra horsepower provided by his Addict Racing engine here. The course comprised many sandy sections, as well as wide-open motocross sections. “Man…that Addict Racing engine pulls so hard,” explained Boling. “This was the fastest course I’ve been on in GNCC and I had all of the horsepower I needed today. We still need to work on the clutching, but we’re definitely making progress.” Boling will be back in action with his professional pit set up from Matrix Concepts when GNCC SXS Racing heads to Sunday Creek Raceway for the John Penton May 28-29. Be sure to follow Jerry on Instagram: JerryBoling321gnccpro. #lifeuncropped #gncc #360fly #gnccracing #racertech #addictracingengines #hiperwheels #tireblocks @360fly @addictracingengines @racer_tech @tireblocksofficial @weldwheels @trinity_racing @pitbulltires @proarmor

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