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Jerome Tryon  observations and ideas

Study sketches on Sterling Memorial Library.

Looking back at my notes from Rome. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study in Rome provided by the Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship and I'm excited to continue to work with my notes and develop some more analytical drawings soon.

Some of my final notes while I was in Rome, from a couple of weeks ago.

A sketch while sitting at the base of the statue of Bruno at the Campo de Fiori from a couple of weeks ago. The remains of the Theater of Pompey can still be seen in the current urban fabric here, even if only on plan.

First and last on site sketches at the Tempietto for 2018. I have to head back to the States in a few days. I certainly will miss being here.

Referencing notes for a proportional study drawing on the Pantheon.

Sketching outside this church is rather difficult. There is no place to sit, the traffic is relentless and I basically had to stand in the pedestrian way to get this view. As I stood on the street corner, trying to understand the correlations from the interior to the exterior facade in this sketch, one person who passed excitedly spoke to me in Italian. I don't speak much Italian and when I made that clear, in broken English he asked, "you know Borromini?" Enthusiastically I stated I did and we shared a moment of connection beyond our inability to communicate with words. I'm always pleased and amazed at the way drawings can communicate when words can't.

Notes on the Pantheon, work in progress.

More sketching on the Colosseum. I found a nice vantage point to sketch from on the top image in an effort to better understand the proportions. The bottom is a sketch from inside over which I drew imagery of what it may have looked like a few thousand years ago (derived from reference imagery). The alignments between the two images are marked with line A and B as labeled in the drawing. It is a fascinating process to try and visually reconstruct and connect the monument.

Textures inside the Colosseum. I'm continually blown away by the ruins of Ancient Rome.

Happy to be working through some of the complexities of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. I'm still working out the assumptions and misalignments in these drawings but I'm grateful to get to do it in the space.

I purchased a little sketchbook in Florence over the weekend so that I could put it in my back pocket for easy access in museums and galleries. I really loved the paper. The first sketch is from the top of the Uffizi Gallery.

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