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Pioneer Square #wip

Alley sketch, West Seattle.

Lunch sketch from yesterday at Union Station.

Pioneer Square Seattle.

Yesterday in Manhattan.

Local clock tower.

Pioneer Square, from memory, from my desk. #wip

Another sketch of the Washington Shoe Building; by memory, in progress.

Drawing places where I spend time every day from memory is always a little disconcerting as I am forced to see how much of their detail I apparently don't pay attention to. This sketch is supposed to be the entry to the Washington Shoe Building, I'll pay more attention next time I go in.

About 800 years ago the slow encroachment of the massive sand dunes at Sossusvlei cut off the water flow to a small group of camel thorn trees. The environment is so dry that when the trees died, they did not rot, but simply dried out and are still standing in in a salt pan, surrounded by some of the largest sand dunes in the world. I got to spend two mornings shooting here before the heat chased us away. The sketch was a very quick one of a live camel thorn tree at the campground where we stayed, an hour's drive away from the photo location. It is hard to describe the beauty of this place, even when we were there; the searing heat and salty dust could not shake the feeling of being in a dream.
@olsonkundig travel fellowship

What once was housing for a diamond mine is now being overtaken by the dunes. Sketch done by memory of the shot I couldn't quite get at Kolmanskop on my @olsonkundig travel fellowship to Namibia. Needless to say this stop was quite surreal.

One of the places that filled me most with nostalgia on my @olsonkundig travel fellowship to Namibia was at Klein-Aus. The lighting and landscape changed from familiar to utterly new as the evening moved into dusk. The sketch was a quick one before dinner and the a hike. The photos show the lighting conditions in chronological order as the sun sank below the horizon. Thin feeling winter lighting, like what I knew growing up, unexpectedly turned into almost electric tones of light blues and purples after the sun went down, seeming much lighter and more palpable than I had ever seen before.

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