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That time @eljuanpazurita & I became school teachers in the Philippines 😂🇵🇭👍
• For the little story: it was last summer, we were installing solar lights on this island and we noticed the school's teacher had left for a moment! So we took over the class and we started teaching random words to everyone for at least 30 minutes 😂 best part was when we realized the teacher had been watching all along and was laughing too from behind the window 😄

I have been asked in the comments to share the images of the terrorist attacks in Mogadishu. I will never do this. I will NEVER post violent terror images in here because I understand the cost of those images to the people in Somalia. Because they've told me. They've told me how it feels to have the entire world think everyone in your county is a pirate. And the prejudice that comes from it. There is as much pirates in Somalia than there is terrorists in Paris. 1 or 2 per year? Less than that? But those few individuals destroy the reputation and well being of millions. I wish for the world to know that pirates and terrorists is NOT the real "Somalia". The attack this week was the choice of ONE man. And there were that day of the attack about 12 MILLION other Somali men and women that didn't have anything to do with this. I am confident saying those 12 million people are some of the most open, welcoming, peaceful, friendly, poetic people on planet earth right now 🇸🇴💙 And it is unfair that the best ones of us are often the the most discriminated... We must change that. We will. I know we will. By organizing better. And showing the world the truth. That's what Love Army will do.

‪We have the same smile 😍😄

5 years ago, Malala was shot in the head for publicly campaigning for Pakistani girls to go to school. She survived, kept campaigning, and became a symbol for women's rights across the world. Today, she attended her first lecture at Oxford University. Congratulation Malala ❤️ The world loves you.

Can you see the purity of his heart?

BIG BIG NEWS! Google just made a donation of $500,000 to our movement #LoveArmyMexico 🇲🇽 !!! This means we've raised over 1,3 Million $ for Mexico since the earthquake!! 💪 We are going to use all of this money to rebuild over 100 houses and schools, for 3 different communities 🏡 So proud that Google put all their trust on us to execute the mission 💪 PS: Love Army is and will remain a people powered movement. I want all of us to be very careful which company we let come close to our "missions". Intentions are everything and after meeting with the Google team in Mexico & @jorgebermudezb it became very clear they were doing it for the right reason, and were ready to put their heart and soul into this project. • You can all be proud. Now everyone buckle up your seatbelt because Love Army is just getting started 🔥

Dear young people, if we we are not satisfied with how this world is becoming then it's our time to stand up, it's our time to say enough, and thank you very much old system for your work but you are DONE, you are EXPIRED. It's over. WE ARE TAKING THE KEYS. And we are going to make this world a masterpiece. Because we can. Because we are not cynical and sad and pessimistic and hateful. We don't buy in the division tactics. We are LOVE. Not a passive kind of Love but the most POWERFUL KIND OF LOVE. Love is ACTION. In fact WE ARE LOVE so much that we are not going to fight with the people keeping the old system in place, instead we are going to invite them to our new world, if they are willing to SEAT DOWN AND BE HUMBLE. There is no time to be hateful and divisive. Division is the old world. UNITY WILL BE OUR NEW WORLD. And all our efforts should be in building this new reality #LoveArmy ❤️💪🏾💪🔥

On my last day in Somalia, Ayoub & Amir both learned to say "I love you" and they surprised me as we were saying goodbye. It was so much to take on. One of the purest more previous gift I have ever received. So I started recording and they did it again. If I am screaming "aaaah" in the video it's because it's was much love to accept. I remember feeling the gift of energy they sent me. In the west, "I love you" is something we say so much that it has kinda lost his meaning. I remember when I arrived in the US being so surprised how much Americans say it. Especially now with social media. We use hearts emoji for everything ❤️ most of this is fake love. Or fish love like I was once told. People say they "love" fish. But they eat them. So. Would you really like to get some fish love? I wouldn't. Be mindful what type of love you are all getting and giving. And wishing everyone to find the purest love, like the one of Ayoub and Amir. PS: for the non-Somalis : "Walaal" means brothers. And Somalis renamed me "Abdi-Dheere" because "Abdi" means servant. And "Dheere" just means tall haha.

Hello Instagram! My friend @eljuanpazurita is pushing me to post this photo even tho I am not a big fan of social media anymore. I feel like a stranger here and I don't like what it's becoming. It has became so much about ourselves. The ego. And I don't know what posting this photo of me right now is doing. And why are we doing it? What's the impact of it? It feels like a big illusion. Our entire generation is busy trying to matter online when in reality our power is within. But I want to use this opportunity to say hi to you. If there is one real thing that social media can do. It's bridges. This bridge with all of you for exemple. Or the the bridge we built with the people in Somalia. Those bridges are powerful because once we not separated anymore we can start organizing. Like an army. And we can use this army for good. For Love. Exactly like we did with #LoveArmyForSomalia. And using social media for good doesn't feed the ego. It feeds our souls. So we should keep doing it. Sending my love to all of you and your families. PS: I need to let you know about all the work accomplished in Somalia for the past 2 months. So many good news and reasons everyone that participated can be proud. I also need to let you know why I am back in NYC. It's to help Somalia more. And it's a very ambitious plan. More in next posts ⚡️ 📸 by @ari.weiss

No air conditioning no problem 💨💨❤️

If you think about it.. kids were the more recent people to hang out with God... and so we should respect them, value them, not like smaller adults but more like if they were the best versions of humanity.

Happiness comes from helping other people. And also from having the cutest kid in the world on your shoulders, it can increases your happiness of about 10%. 📸 by @yescene

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