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This post is a celebration of my friend Omar Sy. I wrote a little text in French. If you don’t understand french please pretend you do? :) Bismillah. Cette photo date du 1er jour où Omar est venu rencontrer les Rohingya il y a à peu prêt 1 an. J’ai pris cette photo pour immortaliser ce moment qui signifiait tellement à mes yeux. Omar venait d’arriver, il rentrait dans le camp pour la première fois, et presque immédiatement il aperçu une Mamie Rohingya qui était au sol, avec son fils épuisé à ses côté et qui l’avait sûrement porté depuis des kilomètres. Omar dit tout de suite “Il faut l’aider! Est ce qu’un traducteur peut lui demander où est ce qu’elle veut aller?”. Elle demandais à aller à une clinique. La suite vous l’avez deviné avec cette photo. Omar la porta jusqu’a la clinique la plus proche. La femme aurait pu être terrifié, Omar était un inconnu et faisait presque 2 fois sa taille. Pourtant la connection entre eux était complément naturel. Omar la portait comme si il tenait à elle plus qu’à la prunelle de ces yeux. Il a été doux avec elle. Sans cette douceur ce moment n’aurait pas été possible. Ce moment représente Omar à mes yeux. Omar l’Homme et non pas l’acteur. Naïf, Doux et à la fois Sage et Puissant. Je voulais écrire ce poste en son honneur et annoncer pour ceux qui ne serait pas au courant qu’il y a enfin un documentaire qui raconte la vie d’Omar. Il sortira demain soir sur la chaîne numéro 4 dont je ne dis pas le nom ou vous allez penser qu’on m’a acheté :) Si je vous en parle c’est parce que je pense qu’il y a réellement quelque chose de précieux dans ce film. Au delà de ces quelques moment dans le camp, il y a plusieurs chapitres du documentaire où Omar pose complètement ses masques d’artistes et se montre à découvert. Ça demande beaucoup de courage. Bravo à toi d’avoir franchis ce cap. On a trop tendance à attendre que les grands hommes soient partit pour les apprécier alors je ne compte pas attendre tes vieux jours pour te dire que je t’aime mon frère et que je suis fier de toi. Bonne chance pour la suite et sois sûr d’une chose: aucun rôle ne saura arriver à la cheville de l’Homme que tu es réellement.. @omarsyofficial

@Malala it would be impossible to fully represent you without including the silence in between your words, the calm in between your thoughts, and the quietness in between your actions. In those pauses I learned the most about you. You know how to stand still like a mountain and this is my favorite thing about you. J

I want to be real with you. And I have 2 things to tell you. Number 1: The reason I had left social media for 11 months is because it was affecting my mental health. I needed to lose social media in order to stop living for it. I think our entire generation is convinced social media is just as important as the real world. I thought it was for a moment. But I can promise you it’s deeply wrong. I had deleted all those apps and what I discovered is the power of doing things when nobody is watching. The power of smiling/dancing/singing just to yourself because you are genuinely feeling it. The power of being free. Etc. We all have so much powers and when we forget them and we put social media first we can slowly lose them, temporary. I don’t know if I have ever read this on IG before but I strongly encourage all of you to delete those apps sometimes :) and to enjoy loving yourself unconditionally. No more likes at all, no more new followers, no more chemical rush from all those notifications, and still loving yourself to the maximum. Second thing I want to tell you: I am deeply moved by all the affection received this past week since I « reactivated » this account. I always knew our connection was strong and time wouldn’t necessarily affect it, a bit like old friends can keep up with time without seeing each other, but seeing it from my own eyes is different. I can genuinely feel your support and it feels real so I am taking it in and I am feeling gratitude towards all of you. Thank you for being unconditional with me, for not having expectations on me to become this or that. I am really surprised because that’s not how the rest of social media is. Maybe I got really lucky and attracted the right people. I encourage all of you to have more conversations with each other. I bet you all have points in common or else you wouldn’t care about reading this. Make new connections to each other. The comment section should be for that. If some of you feel like it please share 1 idea/thought/dream/vision in the comments and let’s all answer each other with care/compassion. Or else delete those apps it’s great too ;) Love, my friends. 📸 @zachdoleac

One day that we were in the camp for a large project to take care of we noticed a boy that was really struggling to walk. He was alone and had a few tears on his eyes. He was looking really lost and confused. I asked him to show me his feet and I saw a little spike that was really hurting him. At this point it was easy to just think « look, there are millions of problems like this one in the camp, let’s go take care of the big problems, someone will probably help him. » The human brain is like that, it justifies the most unjustifiable sometimes. But my inner voice told me « if you let this kid alone in his challenge and don’t try your very best to help him with his foot then you’ve failed this entire mission. Nothing is more important than him right now». So we took the time, we carried him to a clinic and waited for him to be done so we could carry him back to his home. It was a 30 min walk and we spent it joking singing and trying to make him feel better. His parents were so surprised to see him arriving on our shoulders. His all neighbourood was laughing when they saw the scene. They were touched. I hope we made him feel like the most important kid in the world this day. Because he was. And pushing all our priorities for him was probably the best thing we have done of this entire year. There is nothing more important than helping 1 person. Don’t look for the big numbers the big projects the complex things, it all starts with 1. And if you don’t do it nobody else is going to do it. Thank you to this strong boy for the reminder. I make the wish to never forget this. PS: Fun fact.. his name is Muhammad Yunus, same name as the Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus that have helped many people in the world with social-entrepreneurship. Thank you to my friend @zachdoleac for his help, for immortalizing this memory and for carrying Muhammad 🙏

When I was 10 years old, I really couldn’t understand why adults were treating me inferior to them. They had been kids too. How come they couldn’t remember? One day that I felt really undervalued, I promised myself to remember this moment for the rest of my life. I remember the place I made this promise, I remember exactly how my brain and my heart felt at the time. I remember all of it. And I have hold this memory very preciously for the past 18 years. Children are not incomplete adults. They have a purity, an innocence, that gives them incredible powers. And one generation one day has to stop the cycle of discrimination. One generation one day needs to remember forever how they felt as children and how the rest of the word treated them. Don’t treat children like you were treated as a kid. Heal your past trauma so you don’t give them to your children. Until we do this, we will keep creating new generations of big broken children that make wars and genocides and destroy our planet. No adult was born greedy. No adults was born hating on others. The past générations teach us that. It’s, like a package of “shit” you receive in your childhood. I think it’s time we stop passing this package of shit to the next generation. Excuse my language I don’t usually speak like that but I don’t see another word more appropriate.
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She is my boss. 📸 by @zachdoleac

One brilliant girl I met told me a good talk isn’t someone trying to be inspiring but it’s someone being INSPIRED. I love this. Maybe in the past I have tried to be inspiring. I never want to do this again. So, here is an attempt at telling you about something that inspires me. This man inspires me. He is a grandpa refugee living in the largest refugee camp in the world. We can’t communicate together but everytime we meet he smiles at me with all his heart, he hugs me like a son, and he screams “NANAAAAAA” which means grandpa in Rohinga. Imagine! This man has survives a genocide. He lives in the toughest condition in a camp that is basically a jail, yet he chose to give to me, a complete stranger, Love! From day 1 that’s what he chose to give me. And everytime I see him he gives me more unconditional love than I could ever deserve in my whole life. And every time I leave the camp he tells people that he miss seeing me. On that last video (swipe right on the post) he says “lambayé lambayé?” that’s the nickname the rohinga have given me. It literally mean “the tall guy is here” hahaha. This man gave me true love when he didn’t have to. And this inspires me. I love you NANAAAAAÉ. You are a badass. And you are my Grandpa for life ♥️

Hello Instagram. It’s been exactly 11 months. Longer than it takes to create a baby. I spent most of those months in Bangladesh with the Rohingya refugees of Myanmar. I haven’t even had a chance to tell you about this mission but last November together with many of you we raised over 2 million $ for the refugees. I have been making sure every dollar was properly spent. In my next post I will be showing you what was accomplished. It’s good to be able to breath for a moment and send you this message. I miss communicating with all of you tremendously. I want to restore the relationship that I feel like I have had with you. And I want to make it more real than ever. Just raw energy shared through words and photos and videos. No space for BS. Both you and me don’t have time for anything else. I chose this photo because there is at least 3 people in my arms haha so that’s a little bit how it would look If I would have to hug all of you. Until we can do that on instagram it will just be words and pixels. But real powerful love energy behind it. Right now feels a little bit like calling an old friend after 11 months not speaking. Weirdly it feels natural. I hope all of you are doing good. I hope you’ve kept chasing for more realness in your life, for more freedom, for more expansion of yourself. I sure did. It may sound like the same me you knew but a lot has changed. I have had to let go of a lot of past trauma to finally touch freedom. I am getting there. I wish it for everyone. Maybe one day I will speak about it. In the meantime this is just a hi, just a bonjour, a Salam, and lots of respect and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for all of you that have decided to follow me one day. Let’s do something meaningful with this interesting virtual bridge between all of us. I won’t be entertaining you. I won’t be distracting you from your life. I am here for the real stuff. The real deal. For those that are on board I will see you soon. J

That time @eljuanpazurita & I became school teachers in the Philippines 😂🇵🇭👍
• For the little story: it was last summer, we were installing solar lights on this island and we noticed the school's teacher had left for a moment! So we took over the class and we started teaching random words to everyone for at least 30 minutes 😂 best part was when we realized the teacher had been watching all along and was laughing too from behind the window 😄

I have been asked in the comments to share the images of the terrorist attacks in Mogadishu. I will never do this. I will NEVER post violent terror images in here because I understand the cost of those images to the people in Somalia. Because they've told me. They've told me how it feels to have the entire world think everyone in your county is a pirate. And the prejudice that comes from it. There is as much pirates in Somalia than there is terrorists in Paris. 1 or 2 per year? Less than that? But those few individuals destroy the reputation and well being of millions. I wish for the world to know that pirates and terrorists is NOT the real "Somalia". The attack this week was the choice of ONE man. And there were that day of the attack about 12 MILLION other Somali men and women that didn't have anything to do with this. I am confident saying those 12 million people are some of the most open, welcoming, peaceful, friendly, poetic people on planet earth right now 🇸🇴💙 And it is unfair that the best ones of us are often the the most discriminated... We must change that. We will. I know we will. By organizing better. And showing the world the truth. That's what Love Army will do.

‪We have the same smile 😍😄

5 years ago, Malala was shot in the head for publicly campaigning for Pakistani girls to go to school. She survived, kept campaigning, and became a symbol for women's rights across the world. Today, she attended her first lecture at Oxford University. Congratulation Malala ❤️ The world loves you.

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