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An hour long massage, pasta overlooking the mountains, a hot spring, natural baths, an infinity pool and a steam/sauna combo. Talk about unbelievably blessed. I cannot believe that I’m lucky enough to have all of this. Always remember to thank your lucky stars.

Good morning from Mexico. I won’t say what I’m doing today for the kindness of my friends in New York and Chicago. All I’ll say is it’s 70 degrees and I hope all flights are canceled. Forever lol.

I absolutely HAVE to post about this dinner last night. @hueso_restaurante is literally hands down the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life and the food was to die for. The five of us went to dinner with low energy and left singing and taking silly photos because of how great is was. I know I said this in my story, but if you’re ever in Guadalajara, go. Do it for me. 🔥

This first day in Guadalajara has been amazing. The weather is perfect. The accompany of new friends has been a delight and the culture is absolutely beaming with beautiful things to see. So excited to be here for the weekend! Any recommendations while we are here?

Chocolate for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do. 🍫

I’m doing all I can to be the vest version of myself... #dadjokes

jumpin back in! missed you friends. what’s been your favorite thing to happen this year so far?

No you’re not going blind. This post is white. It’s on purpose. This is one of three posts. Look for the other ones.

Wow. Okay. Hi. “New Year New Me” am I right? No? Just me? Okay well here goes nothing: I am proud of who I am. Of who I have grown to be. Of who I am becoming. But like anyone, I have to put myself first. I have to put my mind and my heart and my body first. And by doing all those things, I’d like to think I can produce better work and really show you guys why I’m here.
But I can’t do that, and be uploading photos and funny quips and play-by-plays of my life everyday. Between IG and Twitter and YouTube and Facebook, it’s a full time job. And I get that social media is important for branding and networking and etc. I’m not running away. I am merely taking a vacation.
To breathe. To grow. To figure out what the next steps look like. It’s time to start being the best version of myself. And for the time being, that means with very minimal social media activity. I don’t know how long it will last. But what I do know? A better me is coming.
Love, Ross #Promise #HotGuyStatus

This isn’t a loading photo. It’s blank. This is a blank post. Why? Well, this isn’t the important one. Find the others.

Happy New Years lovers! I’ve got some news coming tomorrow. So sober up from all your drinking last night, get your rest and cuddle up with your loved ones. This year is gonna be wild! ⌛️

And I promise I will every day after this one too. Be safe tonight friends, and end this year the same way we started it, with love. 🖤

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