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ross jernigan  OUTSIDE IN REMIX MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW. bisexual. singer songwriter. empath. 🐍 #hotguystatus

Remember that time @ramseyzk and I went to Barcelona for like three hours? I do. And so does my YouTube. New vlog up! Head to my page and click the link in my bio to see the full thing. 🛫

This weekend has been a really nice change of pace from the last couple. June was a very heavy month. My sister got married. My boyfriend met my whole family. I came out to my grandparents. My birthday came and went. We went on a two week vacation abroad to France and England and Lebanon. I met Ramsey’s entire family. I had a show the second day back in the states. I had tons of work to catch up on. It’s been go go go non stop. So it was really nice to just relax with people we care about this weekend and take it easy. 27 is looking pretty amazing so far. So grateful for all the tiny things. 🎉

swipe to the right to hear my cover of @arianagrande’s #Raindrops, on this, the lords day when our prophet released #GodIsAWoman. Just doing all I can to stan a legend. #Sweetener ☁️

shoutout to @lauren._.bartels for having all my coworkers and I over for swimming and drinks and pizza. this afternoon has been super fun, we need to do this more! 🍕

happy hump day. I’m participating in this question nonsense. check my story. ask away. nothing off limits. i’m an open book. #igotquestions


Okay Chicago. I’m home. And I don’t agree with the whole going back to work and being an adult with bills and responsibilities part, but I’ll do it. Begrudgingly, but I will. #monday

How did two weeks fly by so fast? 🛫


Okay. So this is the biggest photo carousel I’ve ever posted. But I had to. Paris has been amazing and I have too many things to post and I would flood your timeline with a million things. So here, enjoy our day yesterday. It was warm and sunny and filled with a lot of joy. I can’t speak for both of us, but this trip has been so amazing.

Good morning Paris. We are excited to see what you have for us today! Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go? We’ve already gotten a couple recommendations and we love when people give us places to visit! 🥖

... with PARIS! FOR FOUR DAYS. I won’t lie when I say I’ve been looking forward to this leg of our trip more than the others, and my heart is exploding. 🇫🇷

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