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Jeremy Jordan  Actor. Songster. Nerd. Ashley's husband. Riley's dad. Broadway's baby. Pizza's lover.

May is Mental. Help @idontmind fight the stigma around mental illness and raise money for @mentalhealthamerica at

I love this new black shirt. Some days I open my closet in the morning, and without fail, if I am feeling pissed off or over it or just plain moody, I always pick out a black shirt. I like to literally wear my heart on my sleeve. So it's good to know I have a new black shirt that says something to counteract my "f*@# you" attitude on those particular days.

It's funny... even though I have trouble hiding my feelings, whether I wear them on my shirt or on my face, I very rarely TALK about them. I have to constantly remind myself I have people in my life I can share all my crap with, no matter how seemingly petty or insignificant.

No matter how heavy you feel, there's always someone to lighten the load. You just gotta be brave enough to share your pain. Break the stigma, and take ownership of your brain. You have a beautiful and one-of-a-kind mind.
Oh, and kudos to the incomparable @christophrwood for continuing to inspire me and others every day. #idontmind

July 16th. These two maniacs join forces at Sony Hall. And who KNOWS what will happen?! Will they reveal their deepest secrets? Will they argue over who has to do the dishes?? Will they sing songs about their dog??? Will they KISS???? But you should maybe probably definitely go and see. "Starring Opposite You" starring @ajbway and me. July 16th in New York City. Link in insta bio for tickets. Be there. #jeremyjordan #ashleyspencer #rileybearjordan and let's not forget @brauhala.

The passion, the anecdotes, the duets! @ajbway and I are putting on our first show TOGETHER!! It's called "Starring Opposite You" and it's gonna be awesome! Prepare yourselves. Pre-sale at noon Wednesday for VIP tickets! (CODE IS: SONYHALL) Thanks to RJ Productions & the Broadway at Sony Hall Concert Series. Link for tickets in my bio! #webelt

#oldheadshotday got me digging deep. These were my first headshots in 2002. I had them done for college auditions. WHY DID THEY LET THIS MANIAC IN?! I definitely bought that turtleneck just for the photoshoot, because that's what actors wear, right? Also, gel game is STRONG.

See ya in two weeks! #starfury #blackpool #uk

Thank you guys for all the love with tonight's episode! I will always treasure the week I got to spend with the amazing Laurie Metcalf (and her daughter! Who came dressed in SG cosplay 👍). Now go tell your parents you love them!

This episode has everything you love about Supergirl. Drama, high stakes, absolute silliness, friendship, parental issues, awesome guest stars, bizarre villains, and a solid hour of over-the-top yet still super relatable escapism. We back baby! @supergirlcw #SchottThroughTheHeart #thewaitisover

Video skills on point... Come see me in France this summer, June 9-10! Empire Con's Heroes Assemble. We'll chat, we'll take pictures, I'll tell you stories about my dog that you may not understand because I don't speak French. Regardless, good times will be had by all! #heroesassemble

The space between. ... Very excited to finally share this crazy episode with everyone on Monday. Supergirl's back! #SchottThroughTheHeart @supergirlcw

Something very exciting is happening here on April 21st... Figure out where this arrow leads, and then find a way to get there. I'll be waiting, it's been a long time coming. #mymomwillbethere

So much fun seeing all your crazy edits. You guys really stepped up haha. Here are a few of my favorites. These range from silly to stupid to slightly disturbing. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Thank you for all the amazing comments about Monday's Miscast performance. I miss the stage every day. As a thank you, I give you this photo from the concert with a big empty space next to it. Fill it with whatever you wish, and send it back to me. I'll post my favorites in a day or two! I love you guys!

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