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Jeremy J. Bolanos  The world is changed by your example. Marketing | Motorsports | Maverick Romans 8:38-39

On this week's ratchet adventures with Jeremy.

I saved 85 cents by not putting cheese on my burger this weekend, but this "cheese" was priceless.

Mask on. 🛣️

A minivlog of my workaholic life. They say you don't need sleep when your reality is better than your dreams. 😴

Gym - 1am
D23 - 2am-12:30pm
Marketing manager - 1:00-5:45pm
OC Fair Workforce Trainer - 6:00-10:30pm
Line Nightclub - 10:45pm-2:45am
D23 - 3:00am.... The cycle continues... Ft. The finessors @naraekiim, @ehsther, and @justinherling and the Bois @droo.nguyen and @speed3n_trinh86

The Bol Brothers.

The Man, The Myth, and The Legend... Thanks for being the best wingmen a guy can ask for although you know how much I get a kick out of being single (: Cheers to more than 11 years of friendship and countless memorable nights! 🥂🍺🍻

Traveling and noticing the little things, like my phone.

I deleted the original text, but look at the comments with no context (:

Double post cause this one's for the real MVP's. It's impossible to fall with so much support. My college experience would have never been the same without you guys. Thank you for sharing your time, laughs, knowledge, alcohol and homework with me. Even though we all have our busy schedules we'll always pick up where we left off. I love all of you peeps 💙 (Yeah I said the L word, just this once)


The ratios are hella off in these pictures.

Pregrad. When the sleepover had everything, but sleep. Thanks to everyone that came out on such a late notice. 1 picture isnt enough to capture last night, so here's 8. (: #pregrad #woo #yay #csuf

When I hit the age requirement of 25 I'm going to run for the House of Representatives. You'd vote for me, yeah? 😅#nextgoal #csuf #nobutyeah

Thanks to all 22 of you that offered to help out! As promised here's a blooper reel for spreading the word. I'm deleting this after 48 hours. Nephews and aunties close your ears.

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