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Jeremy Foster  *MY ONLY PAGE* Crazy about my wife, my kids & Jesus. Pastor of Hope City @yourhopecity in Houston, TX. Visit for more info. 📲

Such an honor to be at @highlandscollege chapel this morning. Love what God is doing through these students! Love you @pastorchrishodges! @markpettus @chrisdurso you guys are beasts! So great hanging with you.

What stone do you need to roll away?

Thanks. “In July 2003, I was leading a team working near Karbala, clearing unexploded devices from their land.

On 2 July, I woke up, called my wife, jumped in the truck with my team and headed to a farmer’s field. I’d been at work for half an hour when the cluster bomb I was holding in my left hand detonated.

I lost my sight and hearing briefly; I thought I was going to die, but I was OK with that, as long as my wife and fellow Marines were safe.
Apparently I died twice; they had to restart me, like a car.
I lost my left hand, left eye and the thumb and index finger from my right hand. I had my right leg amputated above the knee.
In November 2004, I was asked to take part in the Dallas Veterans Day Parade; I sat in the front vehicle with other vets, then watched the parade from a podium. I noticed this man look up from the crowd below. I knew he was a Pearl Harbor veteran because of his hat.
He climbed the podium, walked up to me and gave me a big old hug. There was an unsaid understanding between us.

The picture was in the Dallas Morning News the following day, and then I started hearing from people – initially in Dallas, then from out of state, and then from people around the world. I’ve never wanted attention, but I appreciate this photograph has touched a lot of people. If it’s helped anyone move past hardships, then that’s great. But I’m not special: I’m just a guy who had a job to do, did it to the best of my ability, got hurt, came back, and had a picture taken.”
- Marine Staff Sergeant Mark Graunke

Still in awe of everything God did on premiere weekend of At the Movies... Can’t believe we get to be a part of this!

You just get better every day. 😍😍😍 I love you. You’re my best friend. Proud to be your man.

At the Movies has been a blast at all of our campuses today! Love that there’s something for the whole family. 🍿🥤🎟📽You still got time to hang with us!

I was just getting my head in the game for #AtTheMovies...😂😂😂 BONUS: free 🍿 & 🥤. Invite someone today! 🎟

I couldn’t be a more blessed daddy. I love you @jaydenfoster_ & @jesefoster. You are beautiful inside and out.

What you see is not all that there is!

At The Movies got me like OUU. Shout out @tobenwigwe & @tobecallsmefat for this 🔥🔥 This weekend.

Are you hitting a bullseye on the wrong target? 🎯

Stop writing yourself off when God has already written you in! Your past mistakes don’t define you.

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