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My fellow brown bear, the one who shares my hair, my skin-tone, my attitude -- is 14-years old today,

Although Kacee and I have many physical similarities -- her heart, competitive spirit and compassion separates us.
Kacee Mae aka, "Chucci" gives me all of the feels as a parent.
On the basketball court she is not afraid of taking the longest of threes, loves generating oohs and aahs from her passes, and will 'break a girl's ankles' as she drives to the hoop.
On the pitch she loves the assist as much as she loves striking a goal from outside the box. Her competitive spirit is something that humbles me.

In the classroom she continues to challenge herself and is equally competitive by taking high school courses in the 8th grade.

After learning her older brother did well on the ACT she openly predicted she would score higher and started researching when should take the exam.
But what separates this girl from the pack is not her athletic drive or academic success -- it is the passion for which she lives her life and the compassion she has for others.

If Kacee feels a person has been wronged, she has found the conviction to try to make a difference.

Twice this past year we have butted heads over what she felt was my lack of fairness to her siblings. She was wrong ... but my god, I was proud.
I loved her a little more each time.

Kacee will be a freshman at Northview in the fall. If you watch BCSN, you'll likely see her play and hear my voice. "She was born on a Friday night and that's how she lives her life." -- is how I have described her on previous birthdays. She is not afraid to be loud or to have fun ... but she is way more than this description.

Kacee is not afraid to be herself.
Happy Birthday, Chucci. You hear the words "I love you" from me every single day ... but know you give me a new reason each time I tell you.

Don't stop. Never quit.

NW Ohio is beautiful -- if you look up from your phone or close the laptop.
Our second season is finally upon us. #welcomespring #nofilter #life #ohio #love

When your daughter taunts you via Snapchat

Kacee and her two aunts. How lucky we are that they're in our everyday lives and in NW Ohio. Twice the love in each visit.

Grandma Sue and Kacee Mae. If they only knew how similar they are. #grandma #granddaughter #love

Kacee celebrating Confirmation with her Great Grandparents, Pete & Joann.

Kacee Mae is getting confirmed in just minutes. On our way to the church. #catholic

Joeli wanted to wear a dress on this soon-to-be beautiful spring day. I think she nailed it.

Spent St. Patrick's Day with @lindsaymwebb . Congratulations on your past 20 years ... here's to the next 20. #FutureMayor

The sky right now. #nofilter

When the proofread version of #socked is returned with an easy-to-follow key. #ShitHitsFanSoon

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