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JEREMY KEITH ™  Life is great. Blessed....very Blessed.

Melanin Good
Lighting Good
God still Good too.

Oh, Don't worry....I'M FINE

Strolling w/ no agenda.

Girl...who knew so many people on my timeline were related to you! Anyway, congrats fam 😂😂 @beyonce

We got on that 5 hour bus ride to Jena Louisiana and did what we had to do. I think it was Bun B who bought everyone @frenchyschicken for the ride. We packed that little town, it's one way in and one way out. Our cell phones had no service, big trucks of shirtless locals, holding shotguns and confederate flags drove by screaming racial slurs. It was extremely hot, most businesses wouldn't even give us water. WE WERE THERE THOUGH, a part of history. #happyblackhistorymonth

It was a scene in the Arts District that night. 🎥✨

All I wanted to do was show off my lil punk ass jacket but I got stressed picking just 1 guess what. 😂 & you will deal with it dammit. 🎶

•She's shaded : Vintage eyewear is characterized by frames conveying a 60's, 70's or 80's look. •Their frames consist of originals and replicas from these decades

@shes_shaded @shes_shaded @shes_shaded

Matt, Trey, Quick & the crewww wit me.

ion kno what to doooo wit me.

couldn't fit everyone in the clips, but my people was wit me and the trip was lit 🔥☃️🔥

and The Altitude