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@durbincampaign ‘s only goal is protecting the future of big tobacco. Health doesn’t matter, adult choices and personal freedom don’t matter. Science doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. Harm reduction doesn’t matter. Smokers should just quit or die already. ———————————————————————— #GrimmArmy#RubyCrew#YocLyfe#CloudsBroClouds#VapingSavesLives#Doublehelixdesigns#vaping#Cultureofclouds#GrimmDHD#Squadland#Grimmyoc#Squadland

So this guy, @symphony_duvo. Today is his birthday. Over the last several years, he has went from being a friend, to someone I consider a brother. So Myk, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday from your older, bigger headed brother. I love you man!!!

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Lies, misinformation, special interest groups and lobbies have hamstrung and funded the silencing of an industry and a community who embraced a lifestyle that endorsed products confronting the decades old epidemic of tobacco use and the illness and death it provides. A result of years and years of conditioning and attempts to remove the very nature of the American ideal of freedom, individual liberty and human advancement. The establishment of a nanny state that dictates speech, behavior and limits the opportunity of its citizens while absorbing more and more power and resources HAS ALLOWED THIS. This industry has the potential to eliminate a beltway cash cow and create a new solution to a public health crisis while allowing people the CHOICE to continue enjoying a safer alternative of a vice that gave them pleasure or walk away completely. But the way you prevent this is create hundreds of hurdles for small businesses while cutting off the ability of its proprietors to spread information and tell people of its benefits. And while the powers that be openly fund false information in the name of the children THEY continue to allow them exposure to blatant sexuality, alcohol and drug use with nary a peep. So ask yourself. Is this fair? The SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES THAT YOU HAVE SUSTAINED WITH YOUR CONTENT AND ENGAGEMENT HAS TOLD YOU TO SHUT YOUR MOUTHS OR YOU WILL BE BANNED. Private enterprise or not you have made them and if they are private enterprise then why should they be subject to federal interference. Oh right... they are in bed together. #vape #vapestagram #handcheck #dripclub #vapeporn #vapehooligans #cloudkickersociety #vapelife #cloudchaser #vaping #vapeadvocacy #vapeon #modmen #ecig #vappix #notblowingsmoke #vapepics #instavape #smokefree #grimmarmy #vinylandvapor #deepcutsliquid

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