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"As children, we didn't even know the word joy, we were joy. Later on, we started to think about what joy meant, to make an object or goal out of it, and therefore we lost it. Hence the search began. However, to be knowingly happy is to be happiness. It knows itself by itself." --- Reminiscing from moments in Bali last summer , where creating stillness in my mind was effortless. I watched the sunset for 20 straight nights in a row while and learned more than I could ever imagine by taking time to observe nature and those around me (especially kids) while being fully present . I would attribute my current path in life to that trip to Bali and being so open to what the Universe had in store for me . There was no searching or identifying myself with any position , it was simply a time where life flowed through me. Or you could say life was the dancer and I was the dance . I miss you Bali . (Photo : Sunset in Canggu Bali - August 2016)

Words couldn't express the joy within me even if I wrote a full book. We had customer after customer come in and tell us they saw our spread in the Nations largest newspaper publication and We had our best day yet in terms of revenue . It's been amazing to hear EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER tell us how good they thought the bowls were. I've not heard one person we've served used say "it was ok, or it was alright" - it's always them being surprised by how much flavor we pack Into every damn bowl. We are just getting started , we are scraping the fucking surface of what we are about to roll out in this country and globally . This journey is such a blessing
Onwards and upwards !

Early on in life I could remember my mother telling me that sometimes "you can miss the forest from the trees" when talking about certain life situations ... that saying caught up with me today when I realized that I've been so up in my mind about perceptions and processes and not stopping for a moment to appreciate the journey and successes that have happened right in front of my eyes. For the past 6 months I've given my life to making @pokepokedubai come to life . My social life has taken a back seat and the business has come before my own personal interests . I've never put so much effort into anything I've done in 31yrs of living around this World . Today was the first day I've been able to sit back and actually observe all that's happened , to see it as a customer almost rather than an owner . I was in tears earlier just seeing how fucking great things actually are , I was able to stop for a few moments and not be such a hard judge on myself and be content with the amazing progress we've made . We've created a masterpiece. Today has been a reminder to just trust the universe's flow and not have to worry about controlling every little aspect . Today has been a reminder that my team is everything and to continue trusting them to grow this as big as we have visions for . Everything is happening just as it should be . I'm thankful for everyone that has shared this journey with me, life has truly blessed me. And as always a reminder to myself - I'M STILL LEARNING

Wednesday (February 15th) at @pokepokedubai we are open to the public for our normal operating hours of 11am-11pm AND we will be giving away 1 FREE "GOOD SIZE" BOWL between 7-8pm ! Pictured here is one of our signature bowls we call the "Farmer" , comprised of chicken, our popular truffle yuzu pozu marinade , spring onion , baby tomatoes, cucumber , avocado , snow peas and topped with some housemate togarashi yuzu mayo . We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow !

I landed in Dubai 5 months ago with a concept in my head and an attitude that I was going to do everything I could to open the first Poke Bowl Restaurant in the UAE. I had people tell me it would never work where our location is at , people told me that our location was to small to make work , and also that locals wouldn't like our concept (wow were they wrong ) ....Just 6 months ago I was on an island in Bali and I made a couple calls to people I wanted as partners before I made the decision to relocate my life to Dubai and go all in on this .Im grateful that my best friend / business partner @tayezz trusted me and joined in on this partnership and moved to Dubai later one with me after a simple phone call and shared interest to bring this amazing concept to the UAE . I'm thankful for our local partner who also believed in us and has been such a blessing in helping us get this project off the ground. I didn't come from a background in the restaurant business so I knew that I needed to seek the guidance of mentors and also hire those who are experienced in this field . . We are blessed that we found Matthew Schaeffer (@chefmatagascar ) to lead this project and create the best Poke Menu we've tested anywhere in the World, and I say that without hesitation or second guessing . We are also surrounded by incredible team members from all different parts of the World that have been switched on and attentive in their operations , we wouldn't be here without them . Today was Day 1 (soft launch ) in our location and the feedback has already been incredible .
Thank you to those who have mentored me / guided me / given advice on this project to help me get this far . I'm thankful for you all, It truly means a lot to me. (@derrick_branford , @cuanchelin , Bilal Hamdan , Nadia Russian)
Onwards and upwards

Intuition / gut instinct is a powerful fucking feeling . 31yrs into this journey of life and I still battle back and forth with my intuition even when it's slapping me in the face trying to tell me something .... note to self : concede to my intuition when my heart is paralleled with good intentions on a life situation

Private tastings for my local partner and their family and friends for our restaurant @pokepokedubai . I'm so grateful to have the best partners in the World and an amazing team to launch our brand here in the UAE. Words can't express how great this all feels after months of endless hours of work to bring this all together . We are about to take Dubai and this World by storm !

"What difference does their approval or disapproval truly make to who you are?" The fear of failure is futile to the mind. Just as dangerous is the attention we give to what others think of us . It's easy to get caught up in the own stories we tell ourselves about how we aren't good enough or we can't accomplish XYZ because of XYZ reason ... and we are often even more susceptible to doubting ourselves because of the judgement/ criticism or opinions of others .... but the truth is this, your voice is the only one that matters. Your intuition will be the shining light that guides you. At the end of the day, next week, next month, next year or 20 years from now , you will have to live with yourself and the decisions you made for you. Everyone else's thoughts , feelings , opinions won't mean a damn thing to who you are or the life you lived. Drown out the noise of others , Be true to who you are and never apologize for it
(Photo: Joshua Tree National Park - California - November 2016)

"We all need to go out of our minds at least once a day. By going out of our minds, we quickly come to our senses." -- Ive learned that your environment is key when it comes to getting out of your mind . When we surround ourselves with the fast pace societies and the hustle and bustle of the Business world , then our minds are more susceptible to being filled with excess thought which only leads to insanity over time .... when we position ourselves in environments of calm geographic areas like an island or in a forest , it is easy to allow stillness for the mind . My best efforts , Inspirations and gained motivations have always come after moments of going out of my mind for prolonged / frequent periods of time . How do we go out of our minds ? By making it a conscious priority .... I choose to do it a few ways 1) by setting aside time each day to meditate 2) by frequently scheduling small trips to remote locations or areas rich in nature 3) by reading books that remind me to focus on exactly this topic , getting out of my mind (Photo: Tioman Island, Malaysia )

At @pokepokedubai , giving VALUE to our customers was one of the top priorities from our founders. Unlike most places in Dubai , we aren't going to charge you for additional / premium toppings - It doesn't matter if it's avocado (everyone's favorite ) , our signature wasabi toasted coconut , or our delicious seaweed salad , every choice will always be free of charge in one of our select 3 bowl sizes that we refer to as "good, better or best" . And as always , our bowls are made FRESH right on the spot , right in front of your eyes , all while you pick out the ingredients that suit your taste .

Ive learned a few valuable things since my mid twenties (now 31)... 1) If what you value in life can be burned in a fire , then you're fucked ; attachment to anything is purest form of suffering . 2) People will come and go in your life , some are like matchsticks, others are like forest fires. 3) Stillness creates creativity and clarity .. the more you can consistently quiet your mind , the more magic will happen . 4) what you resist persists , what you fight you strengthen -- sometimes you just have to accept that life is going to give you a situation you weren't prepared for or didn't want - if you can accept it as if you asked for it, you will keep more of your sanity . (Photo: standing on top a hill in Guayaquil, Ecuador )

I was tired of suffering for so many years in my head , was tired of being trapped in what I now refer to as a mental hell.... A childhood filled with divorced parents and being a considered a problem child , years of being in and out of therapists offices while being prescribed more medications that you can imagine , followed by a stint in the US Marines that perpetuated my internal anxieties and led to further psyche issues , years of failure to adapt to my surrounding and cope with societal norms ... you name it and I've been through it in the some of the darkest ways possible ... For years I told the stories about the way my life had been, it's where I used to find my identity , in believing That who I was is because of what I had experienced ....But that suffering and mental hell was just what I needed . Life gave me what I needed , not what I wanted. 30yrs down that path and last year I finally I found the way out, after all the therapy , medications / prescription addictions , after all the failed relationships and jobs , after the years of traveling and trying to escape reality , the suffering came to an end.... how ? I learned how to get out of my own head . Two books that helped change my life were "Untethered Soul" and "Power of Now" , furthermore , meditation was the other tool that taught me how to quiet my mind and understand my thoughts are just that, thought ...... taking on the challenges of this restaurant business the past 6 months has challenged me mentally and left me at many times feeling wrapped up in my head again , however today I was able to get out of it for a few hours and reflect ... and also write this . It feels good to remember where you came from and how everything is always happening as it should be. Life is constantly giving us what we need, not what we want . I have nothing but gratitude for all of it . I'm still learning