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Jeremiah  •On a journey to travel to all 196 countries (56 /196 done) •Dubai Based 🇦🇪 •Instagram @pokepokedubai

If I can share the most important lesson I've learned up to this point it is this: don't let the voice or opinions of society / others , drown out what your heart desires. If you want something in life , break out of your normal fucking routine and go after it. Remember that you don't have to be doing what everyone else is doing because 9 times out of 10 if you are doing what they're doing, you will be average . Escape the thinking that you're to old to change careers or to travel or that you need to be settled down and married with kids or this or that etc etc etc.
When I first sold all my possessions in 2010 and left to travel the World, some thought I was nuts , but what they really couldn't comprehend is that I didn't care about a life of routine and conformity , I had enough of that in the US Marines . I vowed years ago that never again would I do shit I hate, that if I wasn't excited in what I was doing each day when I woke up, then I wouldn't do it. Life is to short to do shit you hate.
I traveled far and wide, I have so much gratitude for all the amazing people I've met around this World , some who have become closer than family to me, some who have become my mentors , for the romances I've had and also the heartbreaks .... I'm thankful for it all because it's shaped me in a way I would have never imagined for my life as a young boy growing up in Kansas City in a super conservative family.
Why do I find such love for travel and the nomadic lifestyle ? Because it has changed my life in so many positive ways that I couldn't even begin to put into words here , I would need an entire book. Travel has taught me more than all my young schooling, my 4 years in the Marines , my undergrad and grad school combined. There are lessons and understandings in life that can only be gained through experiencing time abroad.
Remember those things you always wanted to do ? Well one day you will wake up and it will be to late. DO THEM NOW !
(Picture : Summer in Brussels, Belgium, - July 2016)

I've taken a lot of risks in life. At the age of 18, the morning after I graduated high school, I moved out of my parents house and moved to another state to go to college. I had to support myself and find work and a place to live . College wasn't for me so I dropped out and went to the military. I spent 5 years of living hell in the military and then got out and decided to travel the World . I slept on peoples couches and inside gyms while trying to make a name for myself in fitness . I was screwed over by people in more foreign countries than I could count . I invested in businesses in around the World only to also get screwed over by partners and learn some hard lessons. Time and time again I kept taking risks and trying new things. Through all of those tough experiences I once perceived as "the worst day of my life " , I learned the most valuable lessons . One thing I never did though was stop moving forward . I look at where my life is now in comparison to when I left home at 18..... I have no special talents , I am not some trust fund baby , i was not the valedictorian of my class, I wasn't given shit in life and always had to worked for what I have ....but what I do possess is a hunger and persistence in me when I want something . What I do have is a passion for people I meet around this world and how we are all connected . What I do know is that when I don't know something I must be humble enough to reach out and ask specific people for guidance . I'm no different than anyone , I just know that if there is something I want , I'm going to do whatever it Fucking takes to make it happen , and if I fail, I'm gonna keep moving on in life anyways . This recent project @pokepokedubai has taught me a lot about myself and others in the realm of international business . It's taught me that anything is achievable if you can put your head down and focus on why you started in the first place . And as always , "the truth is we are all just figuring it out as we go." (Photo: catching sunsets in Cape Town , South Africa 2013)

For the last month my social life has practically been reduced to conversations with my team and the voices in my head. I haven't had toilet paper in my house in 2 weeks , I'm squeezing out every last drop of toothpaste before it is fully depleted, and at times I'm wearing the previous days clothes . I've become slow or completely inactive at responding to messages or returning calls for many people . Why ? Simple, I'm working such ungodly hours that I've been forced to weigh the opportunity cost of taking that extra trip to buy toilet paper or do a load of laundry versus catching up on sleep so I my brain can function and I don't melt down. Ive had to prioritize who to give Time and attention to not out of favoritism but out of which communication with certain individuals is vital to keeping the business alive . You learn after awhile what you truly really need to get through the day and where you need to make sacrifices to keep your business and sanity in tact. There is nothing glamorous at all about this life , but it is rewarding to see the business grow from the work that's been put in. The truth is I knew jack shit about the restaurant industry but I knew what I liked to eat and how I liked to experience it . I also knew that work ethic , in Dubai in particular , would make your business stand out more than someone who tried to run on just talent. I've learned a lot of hard lessons the last several months but I've gotten smarter moving forward . We are now in the process of bringing on some industry experts from Shake Shack and Chipotle to help grow our brand on an International scale. We recognize that we have created a strong brand and product and we are excited to have seasoned Operators take us to the next level ....Today was the first day in 2 months I didn't feel any stress , it was also the first time in a month I got to watch a sunset . Every day is a step in a direction I never thought I'd be on , but I know it's the universe giving me what I need. Life is amazing

I often reflect on the past to understand where I've come from. Last summer I was hopping around 16 countries , living off of real estate investments and taking each day as it would come . Then in a blink of an eye, my life literally flipped upside down. Today I'm isolated in Dubai working on @pokepokedubai and putting in an average of 15hrs a day, minimum 6 days a week . But how did that all happen ? What caused me to relocate from my security and home base in NYC to Dubai to start this project ?What caused the shift in my mind to put me on this path ? Well a few things I'll share with you .. 1) Reading three books called "Untethered Soul" "Power of Now" and "A New Earth" all in that order . These helped me understand my mind and learn how to shut it off. Shutting off my mind is what allowed to make space to create the things I really wanted to achieve in this life . 2) My friend's @milesjosh and @nadavyluv told me about a course called "Landmark: The Forum" that I attended in London. This course helped me understand my connection to myself and others. It also is what helped me breakthrough the "fear of failure" mentality that consumes so many people and prevents them from achieving their dreams . 3) I worked on saying yes to more encounters in life . I simply started to surrender to happenings around me and realized that as that happened , more things seemed connected. All which led me to where I am now. ...... if you would have asked me 1yr ago today if I'd be back living in Dubai or even in the restaurant business , I would have told you that you've lost your mind. But the universe gave me what I needed and I've never been happier in my life . I can't wait to see what the next several years hold . Onwards and upwards (Photo: Montenegro - July 2016)

Here I was at the lowest point of my fucking life . It was August 2016 and I just returned to the US from Bali and traveling around the World for 4 months. I had also just finished structuring a company which is now @pokepokedubai and I was relocating my life from NYC to Dubai... in the midst of all that , the universe decided that I needed to battle 3 cases of E. Coli. I spent 9'days in the hospital and what seemed to the doctors was on the verge of death . I lost 14 pounds and all of my energy . I remember breaking down inside and losing my mind in that hospital bed, I was so broken about the fact that I had this project in mind yet I was halted dead in my tracks. I look at this photo from time to time and remember where this project started off . I remember looking for places to rent in Dubai and still trying to structure things while I was in that hopsital bed barely holding on. I knew from before then, during it and after that I wanted this business to be a success more than I wanted to Fucking breath. It's been tough , it's been stressful and I've felt that the past few months I've been teetering on the edge of insanity .... but I stick by my values and vision of why I started this company . I will keep going to every goal I've put in place becomes a reality. When I speak about our brand and our future , I put it in the likes of Shake Shack or Chipotle, we have a product better than them and the work ethic and resources to scale just as high.... and I won't stop until we are at that level. I'm all in until my fucking eyes bleed or I'm on a hospital bed about to tap out. It's been a tough journey thus far but I'm just getting started . @pokepokedubai will be all over the UAE and an international brand by the end of this year . Onwards and upwards

"Retrospectively, one is grateful for one's suffering. Because eventually suffering will wake you up." - Eckhart Tolle

"As children, we didn't even know the word joy, we were joy. Later on, we started to think about what joy meant, to make an object or goal out of it, and therefore we lost it. Hence the search began. However, to be knowingly happy is to be happiness. It knows itself by itself." --- Reminiscing from moments in Bali last summer , where creating stillness in my mind was effortless. I watched the sunset for 20 straight nights in a row while and learned more than I could ever imagine by taking time to observe nature and those around me (especially kids) while being fully present . I would attribute my current path in life to that trip to Bali and being so open to what the Universe had in store for me . There was no searching or identifying myself with any position , it was simply a time where life flowed through me. Or you could say life was the dancer and I was the dance . I miss you Bali . (Photo : Sunset in Canggu Bali - August 2016)

Words couldn't express the joy within me even if I wrote a full book. We had customer after customer come in and tell us they saw our spread in the Nations largest newspaper publication and We had our best day yet in terms of revenue . It's been amazing to hear EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER tell us how good they thought the bowls were. I've not heard one person we've served used say "it was ok, or it was alright" - it's always them being surprised by how much flavor we pack Into every damn bowl. We are just getting started , we are scraping the fucking surface of what we are about to roll out in this country and globally . This journey is such a blessing
Onwards and upwards !

Early on in life I could remember my mother telling me that sometimes "you can miss the forest from the trees" when talking about certain life situations ... that saying caught up with me today when I realized that I've been so up in my mind about perceptions and processes and not stopping for a moment to appreciate the journey and successes that have happened right in front of my eyes. For the past 6 months I've given my life to making @pokepokedubai come to life . My social life has taken a back seat and the business has come before my own personal interests . I've never put so much effort into anything I've done in 31yrs of living around this World . Today was the first day I've been able to sit back and actually observe all that's happened , to see it as a customer almost rather than an owner . I was in tears earlier just seeing how fucking great things actually are , I was able to stop for a few moments and not be such a hard judge on myself and be content with the amazing progress we've made . We've created a masterpiece. Today has been a reminder to just trust the universe's flow and not have to worry about controlling every little aspect . Today has been a reminder that my team is everything and to continue trusting them to grow this as big as we have visions for . Everything is happening just as it should be . I'm thankful for everyone that has shared this journey with me, life has truly blessed me. And as always a reminder to myself - I'M STILL LEARNING

Wednesday (February 15th) at @pokepokedubai we are open to the public for our normal operating hours of 11am-11pm AND we will be giving away 1 FREE "GOOD SIZE" BOWL between 7-8pm ! Pictured here is one of our signature bowls we call the "Farmer" , comprised of chicken, our popular truffle yuzu pozu marinade , spring onion , baby tomatoes, cucumber , avocado , snow peas and topped with some housemate togarashi yuzu mayo . We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow !

I landed in Dubai 5 months ago with a concept in my head and an attitude that I was going to do everything I could to open the first Poke Bowl Restaurant in the UAE. I had people tell me it would never work where our location is at , people told me that our location was to small to make work , and also that locals wouldn't like our concept (wow were they wrong ) ....Just 6 months ago I was on an island in Bali and I made a couple calls to people I wanted as partners before I made the decision to relocate my life to Dubai and go all in on this .Im grateful that my best friend / business partner @tayezz trusted me and joined in on this partnership and moved to Dubai later one with me after a simple phone call and shared interest to bring this amazing concept to the UAE . I'm thankful for our local partner who also believed in us and has been such a blessing in helping us get this project off the ground. I didn't come from a background in the restaurant business so I knew that I needed to seek the guidance of mentors and also hire those who are experienced in this field . . We are blessed that we found Matthew Schaeffer (@chefmatagascar ) to lead this project and create the best Poke Menu we've tested anywhere in the World, and I say that without hesitation or second guessing . We are also surrounded by incredible team members from all different parts of the World that have been switched on and attentive in their operations , we wouldn't be here without them . Today was Day 1 (soft launch ) in our location and the feedback has already been incredible .
Thank you to those who have mentored me / guided me / given advice on this project to help me get this far . I'm thankful for you all, It truly means a lot to me. (@derrick_branford , @cuanchelin , Bilal Hamdan , Nadia Russian)
Onwards and upwards

Intuition / gut instinct is a powerful fucking feeling . 31yrs into this journey of life and I still battle back and forth with my intuition even when it's slapping me in the face trying to tell me something .... note to self : concede to my intuition when my heart is paralleled with good intentions on a life situation

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