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IFBB PRO Jerdani Kraja ♛  🇺🇸U.S. Marine 🇦🇱 Spear Fit Athlete FATE Athlete code: Jerdani Team @purefit_lifestyle Youtube 🍿📽👇🏼


All stocked up to kill it this month and push myself training thanks to @fatesupps if you’re looking to try a new company out with quality products and flavors give them a try! Coupon Jerdani saves you money at check out

“Know your circle. Sometimes it's the ones that are riding with you that really aren't riding for you. Sometimes it's the ones that you'd throw a punch for that wouldn't take one for you, and sometimes it's the ones you'd take a bullet for that's behind the trigger. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. Just because they hang around you, just because they laugh with you, doesn't mean they're for you. Just because they smile in your face, doesn't mean they're talking good about you behind your back. People pretend well. Most will tell you that they got your back, but only few will prove it. Loyalty is RARE, so appreciate the ones who give it to you daily. Not everybody who says "I'm happy for you" wants to see you happy. That's why the better you do with your life, the smaller your circle tends to get because intentions get exposed. So watch who you tell your secrets to, watch who you share your dreams with, because there is no guarantee that the relationship will last forever. Sometimes it's the ones that say I'm praying for you, that are the main ones behind closed doors laughing at your struggle. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. Real situations will always expose fake people, so pay attention. Just to get ahead in life, people will drag your name through the mud, just to clean up their own image. Just to get ahead in life, people will tear your life down, just to build theirs up. It's a cold world. Friendship isn't about how much you talk, but how much you're there for each other in a time of need. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. The smaller my circle got, the clearer my vision became. There's not strength in numbers, there's strength in loyalty. A true friend doesn't throw you a life jacket when you're drowning, because they would JUMP IN to save your life, or drown with you. Surround yourself around people who won't hesitate to go through it with you, when things get real. Surround yourself around people who won't let your back get against the wall because they actually got your back. If your circle doesn't have that type of loyalty, that type of commitment, then you need to do some surgery and cut some people out. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. “ Trent Shelton

This Valentine’s Day is for the boys

Letssss go 🍾

Day 5 back on prep .. gona do this prep a little different .. work in silence and not tell anyone my next moves. Using Max pump pre everyday to get me through rebuilding Rome from @fatesupps and rocking my olive green T from @spearfitusa

Full vlog is up !! Go watch it on YouTube , link is in my bio. Im going to vlog 1-2 times a week hope you all like the full version of the day @jonskywalker and I spent in Orange County! Video credit goes to @spex.aw

FREE GIVEAWAY💥250$ worth of clothes from @fathersons_ 💥the contest will be running from today until this Sunday! I will be choosing not 1, but 3 lucky winners to receive 250$ worth of clothes from father sons. All you have to do is order one item using code Jerdani and Dm me a screen shot of the completed order for a chance to win 250$ worth of clothes. You have from today (Monday until this Friday!) I'll be checking all my dms and watching! Just one item it doesn't matter what it is, tag some friends and follow @fathersons_ for a chance to win 🤘🏽

A ship is always safe at shore.. but that’s not what they were made for: what I mean by this is we all live our lives to be comfortable and we get used to routines. It’s a confused way of going through each day and it’s motions but not actually living. If you’re in a shitty job, a bad area, hell even a relationship that does not benefit your happiness is because you’ve become comfortable with the idea. You have become comfortable with routine and that does not make you happy or benefit you any longer .. go be who you want to be, say what you want to say, live how you want to live.. do it for you not for anyone else.. say fuck it ima do me 👌🏼🔥

I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry

Swipe ⬅️⬅️Here it is up close 🔥 dudes talented @thesickleave thank you to everyone for all the love on it and messages. This Saturday I finish the entire inside.

Couldn’t be happier with my tattoo huge thank you to @thesickleave first session we knocked out 8 hours together and he brought this bad boy to life! Absolutely beautiful detailing and perfect lines and dot work. If you’re looking for any work done then check him out. We finish the half sleeve next week so stay tuned. He free handed this too. Dude is sick

They have arrived!!😍🔥 two beautiful white twins!! Thank you @blsdfeet for always taking care of me. If you’re a sneaker head like me then you need to check them out. Say I sent you and you will get hooked up. Thank you @blsdfeet #yeezy #adidas #sneakers

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