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M o o n ☾r o p ☼☪☆★  Experimental Expressionist ✮ The way I think might be a little out there, but that's where I live ✭ Come with me and be free ✯

What is life without the pursuit of a dream? #vanillasky #clonesonfilm

4 times, it means something...#vanillasky

Do you remember what you told me once? #vanillasky

It’s only a mask if you treat it that way #vanillasky

Open your eyes #vanillasky

I thought it was you, but it is was only me.


Tree 🌲 Skirt

When your mind stops trying to figure it all out, you can just experience each moment and appreciate all that is now. This is simplicity at its finest. And in that simplicity is where freedom resides.

Vulnerability is so strong because it involves putting yourself out there, and that’s the scariest thing anyone can do. Whoever is brave enough to reveal themselves should never be regarded as weak.


Now I’m in a whole new world with you

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