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M o o n ☾r o p ☼☪☆★  Experimental Expressionist ✮ The way I think might be a little out there, but that's where I live ✭ Come with me and be free ✯

I fell so fast and so far; I almost forgot from where I'd come. But I saw the path in your eyes, and suddenly remembered, you were the one who could bring me home.

The trigger was pulled and the arrow shot straight in my direction puncturing me in what felt like one instant moment. It hit me hard like nothing I'd ever experienced before or after and purposefully lodged itself deeply within my chest.

I trust you fully to be yourself whoever that may be.

Good hair day

L I F E 🎨 📚🐛G O A L S

Can you feel the sweet excitement of good things to come?

One day I just decided to reveal myself fully, be completely vulnerable, love everyone and everything, risk the pain of getting hurt, of being misunderstood, of being ridiculed. That day I decided I'd rather experience life than avoid fear. From that day on, I was free.

Never be afraid to follow the sound of your own voice

I knew it was going to hurt 🌸🌱but I also knew it was going to be worth it.

Learn how to dream before your eyes close.

My favorite thing about you is your smile especially when it's directly at me.

She often wondered about them, not out of curiosity or interest, but as an inconspicuous way to keep from wondering about herself.

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