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Jen U.  Klingon Pop Warrior. Geek. Ginger. Chicagoan. Novice sewer. ✂️ Beer lover. 🍺 Get the new EP at the link below!!


Prepping for our Thanksgiving For Two With Enough Food For Eight feast since I'm heading to Starbase Indy that afternoon. Devon is going to eat well while I am at the con. Also, Pete's Fresh Market has amazing bread for stuffing. I use one of their Italian Loaves and one Roasted Garlic Loaf and I swear my vegan stuffing can make a run against your bird butt stuffing any day.

The final touches to #Klingon Elsa...the kids at Starbase Indy are going to be so confused by me. Marc outdid himself with these silvery blue & white data rods & comm badge.
Normally, Klingons have a spike on the toe of their boots...I stuck with my theme tying in the motif of my bracers. :)

Helping to feed the #KlingonFanEmpire this weekend at Starbase Indy. There aren't many restaurant options by the hotel so a couple of us are making stuff that can be easily frozen, thawed, and tossed in crock pots to feed our club members (and ourselves). ☺️ Looking forward to the weekend!

Recording songs for social justice requires the right shirt. #NeverthelessShePersisted
Shirt by @jordandenenyc ❤️

Recording.....in ENGLISH.

#Klingon Elsa is done. #cosplay #StarTrek #Disney #Frozen
The remaining details are being shipped to me and I'll take a picture when I put it all on for the con in a week..... I'm so excited!

Started adding in more details to #Klingon Elsa.... I'm going to further embellish the corset. Added snowflake "rank pins" and a snowflake "homeworld badge". I'm covered in glitter & it is GLORIOUS. #cosplay #StarTrek #Disney #Frozen

This might look like every other picture of my Klingon Elsa cape/train/mantle but it's actually the last! The final trefoils are now applied & waiting to dry. By this afternoon, I should be able to attach it to the corset! #cosplay #StarTrek #Disney #Frozen

So close to finishing my #klingon Elsa.
Found a chain that's just the right length for the icicle tooth necklace.
I am almost done painting the trefoils onto the snowflake tulle for the cape/train. Waiting for the puffy paint to dry has been frustrating but necessary.
After the train is done everything else is just details, trim, and embellishments to polish it up. I hope I get some good smiles and laughs next week at Starbase Indy!
#cosplay #mashup #StarTrek #Disney #Frozen

Beginning the last big piece of Klingon Elsa #cosplay. Hand painting glittery trefoils amidst the glittery snowflakes. I'm alternating between silver and multicolor puffy paint. This is going to take a few days. I have 3 yards of fabric that I have to do in sections and it takes a minimum of 4 hours to dry. I covered my cutting mat with saran wrap based on some recommendations I saw on some craft sites. Everything after this should be pretty much just be touch-ups and final details!

Good morning, WindyCon. I can haz command chair.

Just drinking a Royal Manticoran Navy "Engine Coolant" with Jareth.... Like you do on a Saturday night at WindyCon.

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