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Jen  Jesus ✝️ | LOTR ⚔️ | Food 🍔 📖 @thebookhooligan 📸: @jenlaurenphotography 🏷: @graceandbrace 💻: @thefreylife YouTube/Blog/Etsy ⬇️

It. Is. FINISHED. Holy moly @ichbintanya I can’t believe it’s over!! 3.5 years of non-stop intense work all for God. I’m so so proud of all you’ve accomplished and I’m thankful I was able to help support you along the way. And, more importantly, I’m thankful you did all you could to support me through everything I’ve had to deal with during these last few years even though you were crazy busy. I’m going to be blubbering like a nutcase when you get hooded in the spring 😭.
I’m so happy I finally get my friend back! No more watching tv and movies by myself! No more bringing you food to your desk! FREEDOOMMMM! You’re incredible and I’m honored to have access to your very full and very tired brain. You did it. I love you.

When salt is life...Kind of literally 😂🙌🏼 #stillnotenough

Reading makes me happy. @thebookhooligan

Saturday was a great day with new and old friends 🙌🏼

It has been so so busy this week. Photo sessions almost every day (yay but also exhausting), thanksgiving prep, adding items to my chronic illness brand (@graceandbrace), cooking all day long today (but I got to FaceTime my mom while doing so which was fun), and trying to keep my body functioning through it all. I’m happy to say I have survived the week, which is a testament to God alone. I didn’t survive unscathed though 😖. Somethings out of place in my neck, muscles are completely cramping up, and all I want to do is get in bed for the next century and rest...and eat more thanksgiving food. I think I’ll do just that 😋 Overall, I’m so thankful for so much right now, even though there’s plenty that is trying to keep me down. I love that God can carry us through so much and give us the strength to get through anything with a smile and grateful heart. Tomorrow will be a thankful post. Tonight my brain and I need sleeep 😴

This is all I ever want.

Stan Lee will be very missed. I’m thankful we have a little piece of him 😭💔

The best medicine in the world 😍

Recently I’ve been having those days that are filled with self doubt, insecurities, fear for the future, you know, the whole destructive 9 yards. But what I have been trying to focus on is that no matter how many times I’ve felt like this in life, looking back, everything has always worked out perfectly. God sees the bigger picture, and he’s in control when everything seems out of control around me. And while it’s hard to fully grasp that when I feel like I’m a flailing turtle stuck on its back, I know deep down it’s true. I can only do my best each day and trust that God has the rest. Today, my best probably resting the entire day with heating pads and Christmas movies. Hopefully with some work thrown in there. And maybe all the pumpkin spice in the world. Because if there’s anything that is for sure, it’s that pumpkin spice fixes almost everything.

*Somebody*, I won’t name names, keeps taking my heating pad thinking it’s for her. At least she’s cute and her eyebrows are phenomenal.

Thank you so much @kimwritesbooks for not just a personalized book but extra Keeper goodies as well! I loved Keeper and CAN’T WAIT for Seeker to come out 🙌🏼📚 You deserve every bit of success you’ve achieved, Kim! .
More pics on @thebookhooligan 🤗

Puppy love (and some puppy stranger danger 😂) + Cheesecake Factory + Friends episodes = a great relaxed day with @morglindsey. I’m so glad you came and I’m so thankful to know you! Thanks for putting up with my crazy dog 😂 I love you!! ❤️

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