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Day 1 of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival: I spent the day as low to the ground as I could, capturing these remarkable creatures, imagining how hopeless and lost they would feel were they separated from their families. Of all the atrocities the world has seen, the kidnapping of babies and children is among the worst. How lacking in empathy and soulless must you be to prey on the most helpless among us. All children have a greater spirit than any man or woman who would seek to marginalize and isolate them. Except Samara from The Ring. #reunitefamiliesnow #forfuckssake

Stumbled upon this car and was convinced I had found a clue in a #truecrime #documentary
must stop watching #thestaircase and #makingamurderer on a loop.
also, Michael Peterson definitely did that shit. Steven Avery I don’t know.

adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them. #telluride #wedding

there are 2,584,220 #waiters in the #unitedstates
av. hourly wage: $12.15
av. yearly wage: $27,280
av. yearly wage in Hawaii: $45,280
av. yearly wage in Montana: $21,920
one time I waited on Dennis Franz. he was nice. be nice to your waiter.

many creatures have adapted to their #green environments by taking on a green hue as camouflage. #telluride

strength prayers and continued badassery to the 674 #firefighters battling the 7200 acre, 416 #fire in southwestern #colorado

Hot Air Balloon night in #telluride
1. Balloon On
2. Balloon Off
3. Children impressed with Balloon
4. Woman shooting Balloon
5. Man shooting Balloon
6. Balloons

180• pivot
direct reverse
standing in place
#uncompahgrenationalforest #colorado

people of #thepassage coming to @foxtv 2019 based on the #justincronin trilogy starring @mpgosselaar @saniyyasidney @vincent_piazza @carolinechikezie @thejamiemcshane
@briannehowey @echriqui
written by @lizheldens
all 🙌🏾 to @claytonkrueger David Zucker Matt Reeves @adamkassan @paul1109 for making it so.
#upfronts #nyc

The goal of all life is death. We did it! Goodbye, #TheExorcist
#alanruck @bendanielsss #geenadavis

You wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before, and that, my dear, is bravery. Thank you @aliciawitty @robertemmetlunney for strengthening our resolve. Goodbye #TheExorcist

The Passage ordered to series at FOX. Vampires and shit. A new twist. Here’s the brilliant #jamiemcshane talking about Vampires and shit with the formidable #vincentpiazza. Coming soon.

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