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Jensine Ivy Ball ☯️  Live the life full of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. - e.h. Cody Ball 🌙💍

Went hiking. Sat on the edge of cliffs. Watched cliff divers. Megan almost falls off cliffs and almost takes someone down with her. Looses her phone in the falls. Guys save phone. Day is saved. No one got hurt. I’d say it was a win kind of day. 😅 #bestiesfortheresties #outofcontroladventures #almostbutdidntdie #cliffjumping #iphonex #chantryflats

Love is... when he says it’s date night and to wear my fat pants because we about to grub 🤤 #ocnightmarket #datenight #yougetme #stussysamplesale #cheersbetches

When you get your favorite spot all to yourself ☀️ #secretspot #soakingupthesun

As if having Ryder wasn’t enough we got him a mini for my garden.. but common it looks just like him and he loves it 🐶 #twinning #iliterallycant #cockerspanielsofinstagram

The park by our house finally reopened today and it’s definitely Ryder approved! I can’t wait for all the picnics we are going to have 🌞 #longwalksinthepark #picnicdates

The passed couple months have been rough to say the least.. but I’m so grateful to share my life with such a supportive husband by my side. Thank you thank you for all your love and continuing to keep a smile on my face when times were rough and reminding me why I smile when times are good 🌻💛 #thelittlethings #newbeginnings

Congratulations to the new Mrs. Arugay!!! @jescarrillo 👰🏻💍 #newlyweds #girlgang #reunitedanditfeelssogood

“Be infinite with me, you beautiful thing; let’s let our souls dance endlessly” 🌀 -jessica katoff #mynaturalhabitat #dancinginthesun #sunsetdaze

Over the years I’ve gained quit a bit of weight.. I never really take full body photos because as short as I am, any little weight gain shows heavily in my belly! Today I started the 80 Day Obsession Challenge and i intend to stick to it! I can’t wait to see my results and to change my lifestyle instead of just finishing yet another “diet.” Wish me luck! I’m hoping this is the beginning of a new and healthy me ;) see you guys in 80 days! @autumncalabrese #80dayobsession #day1 #learningtolovemyself

Happy Birthday to my sweet little blue eyed nephew 🌀 #5yearsyoung

Dreaming about all the treats ☀️ #riseandshine #hewokeuplikethis

Same same... but difffereeent 👯‍♀️ #sissytime

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