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Guess who has currently summer break???? Guess who started drawing regularly again???? Guess who made a new account??? Okay lol as you can see I made a new account. I wanted to make a new fresh account and to start posting daily again. Hopefully will that work out lol. I don't want to delete this account bc of the epic memories I made with this ❀️ if you like to you can follow this new shit of you don't want to that's also fine :) AND YES I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU ALL COOL PEOPLE & I WILL BUT INSTAGRAM WONT LET ME BC IM APPARENTLY FOLLOWING TOO MANY PEOPLE IN SUCH A SHORT TIME OK INSTAGRAM OK

πŸ‘― Girls Talk Boys πŸ‘―

{5 Seconds of Summer ~ Story Of Another Us} Soo I tried to think of a good 'come back' caption but nothing came to my mind so yeah... Whoever reads this - I wish you a lovely sunday πŸ’žβ˜€οΈ

Yeaaah... I might or not might be very late with this but tell me what do you think about troyes new ep? ☺ I like it and I think my favourites are wild and fools 🌸 I'm so happy for him that he can live his dream now with his music career, crazy how the little boy from making stupid little youtube videos now has such a success.
#qotd If you have listened to the ep yet, what's you favourite song? πŸ’—

....when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no? πŸ’“

{5 Seconds of Summer ~ The Girl Who Cried Wolf} Wanna know what I hate about fall/winter? The lightning is shit 24/7 and I'm totally unhappy with the quality of this picture ugh. But anyway let us talk about how amazing this song is AND 1 HOUR TO GO FOR THE HEY EVERYBODY MUSIC VIDEO WOOO

{Against The Current ~ Paralyzed} I love this song so so much and it has such a powerful meaning. Whenever I'm sad or need some motivation I listen to it and feel better right after it. You should go and check against the current out if you don't already know them, love their music! πŸ’—

#qotd Favourite song by atc?
#aotd Paralyzed or Gravity I can't decide πŸ™ˆ

Tag someone who could like this! πŸ’“

{5 Seconds of Summer ~ Jet Black Heart} Ok idk where to start, this song is 100% perfect and I'm ready to fight everyone who doesn't agree to this, lol jk. Hope you like it ❀

{One Direction ~ Infinity} I guess there's nothing left to say than my love for 1d is infinity as it is for this song ayeee anyway guess who has after tomorrow for 2 weeks no school? Yes me! Finally I'm having time to draw again so expect that I'm hopefully pretty active then :)

Hello my lovely instagram people! 6 weeks without posting- wow long time no see here wow πŸ˜… to sum it up: school makes me busy 24/7, I can hardly keep in touch with friends who aren't going to the same school as me and life has been just wild the last few weeks. But now I'm "back"! I'm motivated so start using this account more and today as I was just doodling a bit, I've realised how much I've missed everything here. Sooo yeah here we go again. Hopefully y'all are fine and thanks who didn't unfollowed and whoever read this text here ☺️ don't forget to smile and stay as beautiful as you all are already xx πŸ’ž

{Mayday Parade ~ You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground} I love love love mayday parade so much βš“οΈ It's really hard to choose but I think this is my favourite song by them bc I love the message and the lyrics are so deep and I simply could listen to this song for years and still going to love it πŸ’“

The 5sos tally! "One for each of us and one to connect us all together" πŸ’“ Have any of you heard their new song 'fly away'? I absolutely love it and can't wait for their second album πŸ‘…πŸ’œ #soundsgoodfeelsgood #5sosfanart #5sos #tally

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