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When wandering helps you loose and find yourself. When love takes the drivers seat. When you stop to look at flowers and cactus in the sands. When beauty is at every turn. When every moment becomes the unwritten poetry of being alive. So very alive. When the sweetness wraps itself around the journey. I am here. I am here. #mojave #journeys #camping #toaster #wandering #deserts #beauty

Yesterday my friend Robin posted a photo of a flower from her garden.
It immediately made me think of Calico’s underwater senior picture.
She found an old wedding dress at a thrift store for under $5, and I proceeded to try to dye it. Not knowing what I was doing, and the sheer magnitude of dying the enormous dress itself, the results were a complete surprise, but wonderful.
I pieced together the photos and they really do appear similar! #photography #underwaterphotography #nature #flowers #beauty #art #connections 💕💜💕💜💕

Well this was a devilishly good time!
Ironically but perfectly located in a converted church, the lovely and welcoming owner of the museum, Marion, gave a guided tour around her lifetime collection of Devil memorabilia.
This is a fascinating and extensive display!
From art to books, smoking gadgets, decor, ceramics, vanity products, puppets and more!
Some may think this is a bit macabre, but honestly it was delightful!
The image of the devil or Krampus, was heavily used in the past. It was playful, often naughty, but hardly ‘evil’. The imagery was on advertising and ladies grooming products.
Lots of very lighthearted applications.
If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend the Devil -ish Museum!
Make an appointment and take some time to see it all! ❤️ 👺 ❤️ 👺 ❤️ #devilish #devilishlittlethingsmuseum #krampus #unique #collections #vancouver

When you have the chance to wear a vintage beaded faded denim outfit, just do it. #vintage #vintageclothing #ilovevintage #denim #retro #fashion #wearit

This. Is where it all happens. This. Is where nothing happened at all. This. Is where you let it all go. This. Is where you come to find what you are looking for. This. Is the turning point. This. Is where you continue to go straight ahead. This. Is the beginning. This. Is the end. This. Is where you hold space for the in between moments. This. Is life. Let yourself be in it. #this

So... the light in the back yard is warm and dreamy right now as the sun fades. It feels motherly. I had a few punches today. That’s ok, because I also heard a lot of love spoken to me today too. I was able to take a long walk and when I returned I just craved laying down on the earth, in the grass. Grounding. I was visited by a cat and a bumblebee. I feel good. Better yet I FEEL! I know I can sit with hard things, and I know laying in the grass is a lovely act, a radical act in busy times. Quote of the day from @glennondoyle “You’re gonna be happy,” said life, “but first I’ll make you strong.” Coming into the light with both. #nature #grounding #hardthings #joy #strength #love #nofilter

🎧 Flunk - Play 🎧 Someone special shared this song with me today. The song is gorgeous and the voice decadently wistful and charming. "Everyone, every sinner and every saint
Everything, every picture and lick of paint
Every day, every sunrise and starry night
So crawl, crawl, yeah, beautiful
Everybody knows that life can be wonderful
It's a soothing delight
And it's moving my life". At the studio today having a few gleeful moments. Crawl, pedal, jump your way through your one and beautiful life. And don’t forget to play. Be silly, even if for a few moments. In your own head or out loud. Be playful. Seek joy in small and large things. Surround yourself with joyous and appreciative people. Let this energy move your life through small and tight spaces you never thought you could get through. Let it move you towards the bigger goals you are after. Let love in. Always. #music #song #joy #play #silly #art #artsaveslives #love

I had such a great day today. I accomplished a lot of simple things that had been building up on the ‘to do’ list. Sewing. Starting a painting for a charity auction, organized my gazillions of clothes. There was nothing really majestic about it, but it was fabulous. I connected with people I love, cheered them on and later took a walk listening to my favorite playlist. Yeah if you saw me dancing as I walked by your house, 🤷🏼‍♀️!

Disappointment sucks. “If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.” – Henry David Thoreau

I applied to a Masters Program recently.
I didn't tell too many people, because... I don't know, so I didn't have to explain myself? Or why at 54 I would decide to pursue such a thing? Is it worth it? Would it help my 'career'? Is it the right forum to support and explore my latest project 'Camisole de Force'?
I don't know the answers, but I thought I would 'try'. I leaned onto friends and colleagues for recommendation letters. (I cried when I read them.)
They all said what a glorious thing this would be for me and the university I applied to.
The environment was attractive both artistically and geographically. And I had family there, a whole support network in place that would be welcoming. And the deadline, I stumbled across and I had to work fast, but I did it!
I pictured it happening and threw out all the good vibes and manifesting I could. In my head I was planning for it to be so.
Well, it didn't. And it sucks.
I am not here to get a pity party from anyone, but I want to share that NOT everything works out as we hope and plan for.
And in the moments and days and weeks that follow this news I was trying to find sense in it, and some form of inspiration. Like a 'Oh Yeah??? I'll show you and I will get back to work to churn out amazing art and you'll see!!!' But I couldn't.
I feel defeat and a loss of direction. I was so sure it was part of my journey. I. Was. So. Sure.
I was hard on myself for not bouncing back.
So I just took about 3 days to NOT do anything art or career related AND not feel bad about it.
Sometimes we just need to mourn events in our life.
And be open enough to find the compensation. #thoreau #disappointment #opportunity #growth #support #love #bestill #open

Every summer of my childhood, my family left Los Angeles, and spent a week at a magical place called Rankin Ranch. Thanks to my Dad's initiative, we may have been one of the first families to stay at this new concept of visiting a working ranch. I was probably about 4-5 years old, which puts our visits starting around 1966-7?
Stays on the ranch included fresh air, the smell of the field grasses, feeding an orphaned fawn, petting lots of cats, Bill Rankin leading hayrides and picnics and telling stories, and the clippy cloppy sounds of horse hooves on the trail rides.
Lots of horses.
Horses. Horses. Horses.
As I got older I would help out the cowboys, the ranch hands, with brushing the horses as they got ready in the mornings. I would be at the barn as much as possible, knowing I only had a short amount of time there, and somehow I had to gather as much horse hair and dirt into each day.
One summer an old Cowboy named Darrell showed up. He worked there for years. This rough and leathered cowboy Darrell and a 10 yr old me bonded. He taught me all about horses and nature and life on a ranch. I would listen to all his crusty tales. We were friends for years. Pen pals even.
Those Cowboys, Walker Basin, and Horses fed a part of this city kid's soul. The wild and free part. The part of me that when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would answer that I wanted to live on a ranch.
The summers shaped what I know, what nurtures me to my core, what I miss.

Walker Basin

My thoughts move me
Through the hot dry fields
Of childhood summers.

Open pastures in
The Walker Basin.
Dry Grasses. Gold Hills.
The smell of leather and cowboys.

And there was the sun. Oh, there was so much sun.
Those parched gnarled hands,
Cinching up a saddle,
Whose stirrups I could not reach.

I would put my small boot
Into those worn hands
And up and over I went.
My little body sitting on top of the world.

It was my heaven.
My summers sitting up so high.
Those misfit, misshapen cowboys of July
Leading children on horses and hayrides.
Shaping fifty year old memories.

Jennifer Randall
July 15th, 2017 #rankinranch #summers #childhood #memories #horses #nature

Back in the studio today. I didn’t force myself to have a direction or expect a result. I wanted to organize and let whatever happen, just happen. No expectations. This worked out well as I had time to daydream, bring to light some good ideas that will be beneficial in the future, and start designing a Day of the Dead inspired costume. Grounding and centering myself back into ‘making creative stuffs’ after being away. #art #artsaveslives #studiotime #grounding #solitude #gratitude

Reflections on friendship. My dear friend Neisha and I are out about town. Neisha and I have been friends for over 25 years. We have stayed in touch through all our transitions in life. We share hard stories and listen to each other with compassion. We have been there at the drop of a hat, on the turn of dime, through the ends of chapters to the beginnings of new loves, supporting and encouraging one another. #friendship #friends #history #journeys

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