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I’m set up here at Denver Ave and Kilpatrick with my Art Lounge, as part of Portland’s Park(ing) day!
Come visit and draw and add to the community canvas! A huge thank you to Artist & Craftsman Supply of North Portland for their generous art supply donations!
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On the Playa.
Amid the tech and electric was an orange hand built wagon with 8’ wheels, powered by foot and friends.
Built by @markdgrayson
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From this view today, to the dusty playa tomorrow. I am so lucky to make so many wonderful experiences in this life. I am surrounded by those who fully support my life right now, in all its messy but glorious beauty! Thank you to everyone who helped make Burning Man a reality.
See you on the other side! 🧡💫 #burningman #playa #desert #dustymemories #nature #art #artforartssake #artsaveslives

Remarkable show with @suitcasejunket and @lydiaramsey! ❤️ Abundant with great talent, unique voices, and original songs. #suitcasejunket #lydiaramsey #livemusic #artsaveslives #portland #mississippistudios

When you move towards something, sometimes it appears that you are turning away from something else. Embracing it all is what I adore no matter which way I am facing. #seekingjoy #peace #love #prairie

When it’s summer’s end and the sunflowers call a last time, and you answer. And you both show up in full bloom. #sunflowers #summer #bloom #kansas #clearwaterkansas #beauty

My heart is home and happy. @bluemusephotography #kansas #art #artsaveslives

Biting the Bullet
Second Amendment

Camisole de Force Series
By Jennifer Randall

Canvas, Acrylic, Bullet Tips and Shells, Brass, American Flags
Bite the Bullet Camisole de Force is sewn and lined with American Flags. The firing bullets are hand constructed and attached to the jacket, and shells are hand collected from a gun range. $1200 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Does our ideology and literal interpretation constrain our decisions for change in the realm of gun control? Are we so controlled by fear that we stockpile guns and ammo?

Being so hyper focused on an archaic translation of the second amendment, we as a society are not open to an idea of a well regulated militia not meaning the same thing as a heavily armed citizen.
Who is entitled to regulate this ‘militia’? How is self regulation working?
With so many affected by gun violence, it seems reasonable and responsible to come up with a solution. * More than 38,000 people died from gunshot wounds in 2016.
* More than 80,000 people survive a gunshot every year.
* An American woman is fatally shot by her partner every 16 hours.
* Only 13 states have closed the loophole that allows abusive dating partners to possess guns.
* Many mass shootings stem from domestic violence.
* States with the highest gun-ownership rates have the highest suicide rates.
* The United States has more child gun deaths than any other high-income nation.
More than 187,000 students in the United States have lived through school shootings since Columbine. #portlandartists #portlandartscene #portlandartshow #portlandarts #whitneybennial #artsaveslives #art #camisoledeforce #jenniferrandall #straightjacket #america

My Camisole de Force show is ready for this weekend at the @nwmarine Open Art Studios. 3-9pm >>>>>>In my new work, Camisole de Force, an Exploratory Project, I will be connecting and creatively building on the physicality of the straight jacket. These jackets will each be addressing and accumulating a historical, personal or social theme that ties in with emotional or intellectual binding. 
Within each piece, I will draw from my own personal experiences, and will tap into history and cultural climate. 
The term is also used metaphorically, as in the phrase "intellectual straitjacket" to criticize very tight boundaries on what ideas are allowed, as imposed by an ideological system of thought.
The history of binding and control can be unraveled culture by culture as well as through ideologies. The binding and control of women can be found throughout time, and I want to research, explore these dynamics and create a project based series of artworks based on the accumulative findings along with my personal response to those findings. 
With current research and planning for the Camisole De Force project, I have begun to unravel the psychological and emotional similarities to the garment itself, being bound by personal, cultural or gender norms.
Each straight jacket I create will represent a time personally, historically, and/or culturally of being bound. 
Themes and ideas will build on each other as the project unfolds. 
I research the historical, cultural and physical aspects of the straight jacket and their creation, as well as the artistic approach to the design. What have you felt bound by? What constrains have controlled your life?
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When literally your day has been filled with blood, sweat and tears. Preparing for Saturday’s Artist Open Studios at @nwmarine Art Works. #art #artsaveslives #camisoledeforce #jenniferrandall #portland #portlandoregon #portlandartists #portlandart #artstudio #

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