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The things you desire cant come to you if you don't clear space✨

Last week I decided to get rid of a bunch of furniture, items and curtains in this room that I just wasn't in love with with no real plans of what would go in next. All I knew was the stuff in there just wasn't me and didn't light me up. It wasn't a room we wanted to hang out in so I thought let's change that 🤗

I told Nick I didn't want window curtains because I've never liked how they looked, love the bright light and clean lines. Soooo we might just be that house you could stare into for a while 🤷

So I just planned on waiting to come across things that just felt magical and perfect and could care less if this room sat empty for months.

Less than 48 hours after deciding I wanted a plant "curtain", thinking I'd wait for my fiddle fig to grow I stumbled across this beauty I'd already been researching for weeks.
And it just happened to be 6.5 feet tall!! So remember that you don't always have to know how something will find it's way to you just trust that by clearing space you're allowing the universe to do it's thing.

So for now it's just a room for plants until the right furniture comes along and to find a planter big enough for 24 inches 🤗

✨ Pay close attention to the energies you're surrounding yourself with ✨

Real talk: I’ve been known to not see or talk to REALLY good friends for 4, 8, 12 weeks (or more 😱) at a time. That sounds awful, right?
But I’ve never looked at relationships as how much time you spend with someone rather how deep and meaningful the time is when you’re actually with someone.

I’m naturally really attracted to humans who have deep ambitions, desires and a gift this world needs more of. This means that tons of my close friends have moved away to pursue their dream. It also means the ones that are close in distance I don’t see as often as I’d like as they’re actively spending their time building their own dream lives too.
So when I *do* see friends it’s usually 6-12 hours spent in deep conversation, barely taking a breath we’re so eager to talk about EVERYTHING that’s happened, the ideas we have, the things we’ve read and where we want to go.
In the past 12 hours I’ve received a few messages like this one from amazing friends that inspire ME and wanted to take a minute to share how grateful I am for the people in my life. 🔥Find and cultivate the energy you want to be surrounded by.
Friends should clap loud for you and you clap even louder for their wins. 🤔 What energy are you bringing to the table? I ask myself this each and every morning.

If someone isn't bringing the energy you need remove them.

In 2019 I want to consciously invest more into amazing humans that I’m lucky enough to know + support.

I’m actively thinking about ways I can fill up the cups of those that are gracious enough to give me any part of their mind space (including here on Instagram). Asking, how can I encourage you to cultivate the life you desire even if it’s drastically different than the one I want?

Do you want to know more about the behind the scenes of building?

P.S. shout out to this amazing human that made my day and filled up my cup today ✨

I live for smiles like these 👆

I love making no plans for weekends so I can ask "what do I feel like today?" And sometimes that leads to road trips and first time experiences for this girl 🤗

The reaction when bae catches you in your happy place working on your personal MBA 👩‍🎓 My happy place is Barnes & Noble...I literally go there to stroll the aisles and absorb the stories of people who inspire me. Today it also reminded me of a different path I could have taken.

At 24 I applied for grad school in the winter of that year but the program I wanted only started in September of the next year. Waiting 9 whole months?? See ya! Patience has never been my strong suit (working on that!). Now I laugh and thank God it was the case I couldn't start right away. It was signing up for classes that would have taken TWO years on top of a full time job and my side hustle at the time.

Instead I've earned my Personal MBA between experience and books. And I'm showing up for class daily 😅

I 100% believe between the two I've learned more than grad school could ever teach. (Not a knock on school, Nick got his master's and it's been amazing for his knowledge). I just knew that I already wanted to start my first business and this would just delay it even if it "would look good on paper". The scary part? There's no syllabus to follow and no professor to care if you show up. The best part is you choose your own syllabus 🤗

Really this is just a PSA to ☝️hit up your local bookstore or library and ✌️the things meant for you come with ease. If the timing isn't right maybe it's the universe working in your favor.

Here's to doing things before you're "supposed to" like putting up your 2019 calendar in mid November. SUCH a rebel 😬

Here's the thing, don't wait to do something if you want to do it.
The most dangerous thing to me is waiting. Waiting on the right timing, feeling, circumstance or day.
I'm having so much fun working with new clients signing up to work with me NOW because they don't want to wait for that calendar to flip. I love dreamscaping with people on what life and business could look like in 3, 6 or 12 months if we start now.

Nothing really changes on January 1 compared to what could change today.

If there's one big lesson I'm taught over and over again in entrepreneurship is that it's really the small, consistent actions every day that no one really sees you doing that add up to that big goal in the future ✨

Came across an old notebook last week while editing down my office. My goal in 2014 was to quit my full time job and finally go all in on my business. I was 24. It was amazing to look back and read my notes on why I wanted the things I did, how much more I know now 😂 (thanks experience!), and how the things you work toward will constantly change. ✨ 2015 > side hustling HARD ✨ 2016 > officially full time (3 months before getting married 🙃) ✨ 2018 > so much personal growth, learning + big decisions like deciding between contractors/employees from growth (grateful!)
🚀 2019+ > keep growing this business, serving more clients + starting another biz (or two!) + some amazing lifestyle changes I want to come to fruition
Whatever your dream, let’s real life it 💫

Took myself on a good old Ferris Bueller’s Day Out. Stopping in churches I’ve never taken the time to observe inside, walking Mag Mile keeping my head up to observe all the rooftops and architecture and ending by staring at paintings as long as I felt like it.
As many times as I’ve been to this city I’ve never explored solo and just followed my curiosities for a day.

Off to a wedding to cap off an amazing day 💫

How my brain works 101:

Nick: “looks like I’m going to a bachelor party in Nashville in August”

Me: “Oh my gosh really?! Jenna lives there! Know what would be fun? Road tripping, stopping at Mark Twain’s house on the way down, exploring Nashville and then hiking this national forest I’ve been dying to see!!”
Nick: “uh....ok I’m in...”😂 Thanks for helping fill up my memory bank ✨✨

Who else doesn’t know what a vegetable is when traveling?!🙋🏼‍♀️ Thanks for the memories Nashville ✨

America’s home town 🇺🇸 when searching “what’s between Des Moines and Nashville?” everyone said nothing.
Um, helloooo Mark Twain’s house!! 🤗

So interesting to see the town that inspired such prolific stories.

And a reminder that adventures and hidden gems are around every corner 💫

When your whole world can fit into the back of the Mini it proves you don’t need much 💫

When you still get all sorts of 😍 when he’s about to put his arm around you 🙈
Had the absolute best time capping off our week on the west coast celebrating two of the best people we know tying the knot! Still trying to get back into routine post vaca 🙃

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