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Jenny Singh  Lead gen & marketing for health & wellness businesses | avid reader | dreamer | mindfulness | building dreams from the ground up

Let’s chat how this cup of coffee and the universe collide for a second, k? ✨
To be transparent, I felt a little isolated last year in this whole owning your own business thing. Sometimes when you’re growing something and putting all your focus, effort and time into it you can wonder if there are other people going through it too.
You can wonder are there other people out there who want the non traditional? Who dream but also chase? Who wonder what’s on the other side, around the corner and just wonder...what if?
So at the beginning of the year I set an intention to find (or attract) these women into my life.
And boy did the universe show up. Some were old friends reconnected, some were acquaintances I barely knew before, some were friends already and some, well, are internet friends I’ve never met in person (so 2018). In common? Quite often it’s been over a cup of coffee.

The last few months have felt amazing to have great big conversations about our ambitious goals, dreams and excitement for the future even though we might not know exactly what that looks like all the time.

So this is a long way to say thank you to the universe, to friends who follow the 5 second rule and reach out, to those who spill their wildest dreams to you (and you do the same back) and to cheering them on.

You don’t need to chat every day, week or even month. But when you do it can quite often turn into a 5 hour conversation.

The universe has our back guys, even if we don’t always believe it does, we just need to trust 🙏🏻
Now off to see what else can show up in life ✨

To know risk, to know the feeling of your stomach flipping, to say yes when it’s terrifying, to figuring out how the heck to make things work and you come out the other side victorious, happy and self reliant....and then doing it all again. Being brave is a habit. Take steps, take risks and although it might not get easier.... you’ll get better at it.
If you want something I hope you are brave enough to say it out loud and go after it. Cultivate the life you love (yes YOU love!) and don’t be afraid when it’s not the “normal” path. What’s normal anyways? 😉

P.S. it’s been radio silent over here because I’ve had my head down, taking risks and working to bring big ideas to fruition. Cheers to cultivating that habit 🙏🏻

Would you believe it took almost 10 years for me to see Nick in a tux for the first time? Let’s just say I’m currently researching excuses to get him back into one🤩
Had so much fun at the Bravo event this past weekend seeing so many friends looking amazing ✨

Most days look like this 👆🏻Just a girl, her laptop, notebook full of plans & ideas, and an almost empty coffee shop.
The ability to work when I want, where I want and with who I want is my ultimate definition of freedom.
Is it a blessing? Heck yes it is! But I’ve also taken massive leaps of faith, worked exhaustively and studied more than I ever did in college.

A new friend and I were chatting this past weekend about how 2017 was the year of working insanely hard, learning, lessons and results. 2018 cosmically is the year all of that work comes together to create an entire new level of success and happiness.

The past month I’ve been so excited to wake up every day because I just feel the magic of 2018. ✨ What are you most excited for this year? ✨

P.S. I’m thinking of sharing a lot more about insights and lessons I’ve learned these last two years owning my own business full time (4 total - crazy right?). Would you be interested or no?

This memory crossed my mind this morning as I read about the tradition in a book. It’s been too long since we’ve set foot in Europe. It’s time we find that little love lock of ours again ✨

Went out of our way to visit a place we've already been because although the place may not have changed, you have.

Seeing things differently and noticing things you may have missed the first time around. Forever constantly in search of perspective and places that remind me of how brief and beautiful this experience called life really is ✨

My first reaction anytime an adventure is suggested 🤗

Nick and I plan on living near the forest at some point (most likely the PNW) but until then weekend trips will have to do 💫

Reunited with my favorite human and attempting to beat jet lag in The Windy City 🌬

Today was one of those pinch me days. We spent the whole day with three rescued elephants who are now living their best life despite having come from abuse. We fed them, bathed them and walked through the Thai forest together.
These gentle, beautiful souls left an imprint on me forever ✨

I love how traveling reminds me I'm such a teeny tiny part of this amazing world ✨

Today I was wandering a Buddhist temple alone with no other visitors when a monk introduced himself and asked for a selfie (not the other way around ha!). Then he asked to give me a tour and after chatting for a while I tried to say goodbye and he said "No, no! See you later!" Seeing I was confused he said: "We say see you later because the best journeys have no true beginning or end, neither should the relationships we forge along the way." Apparently this occurrence is very rare and I feel so lucky to have the memory. This trip has been just 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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