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j e n n y  I'm a <<character>> with stories to share Creative mind, food obsessed and adventurer #BeforeTheHypeFinds 📍Vancouver, BC


GEORGIA PELLEGRINI — it's not spoken about openly because it raises a lot of eyebrows. Those that admit to it are considered batshit-crazy. But I'm starting to think the "normal" ones are really the crazy ones. I'm talking about dry aging meats, duh! "Game was hung until it began to rot - a treatment which they called mortification or faisandage." I cook for my roommate and she's going to be slightly mortified I've been letting our chicken rot out for a few days 🙊 //Georgia is one bad-ass chick and her book is amazing! Google her! 🐾

THE STRANGER THINGS — If you consider yourself an adventurous meat eater, embracing the stranger cuts of meats such as Brain Masala @AlWatanTandoori and deep-fried chicken knees 
@CongeeNoodleHouse, Oyama has some things for you to try. The five-generation family-based charcuterie trade, focuses on making food for people who understand that food does not need to be complicated to be delicious. Amongst the chicken sausage and imported cheeses, you can also find blood and tongue sausage and pickled headcheese. My favourites are bison or elk pepperoni washed down between bites of Lee’s donuts. Trust me the sweet-salty combo is pretty damn good, especially with a glazed maple donut. But getting 100 grams of the smoked beef tongue to make a breakfast hash is a must try as well. The whole slices of the tongue is a bit intimating so I would shred it up, your brunch guest won’t even flinch shovelling mouthfuls of smokey meaty, crispy potato goodness into their mouths. #meatsweats

I FIND YOU TO BE QUITE, RIBBITING — There's a giant population of Scrotum frogs at Lake Titicaca. Try saying that a couple of times out loud. // Licking toads will make you hallucinate. The excretion is from the same family as DMT but there's no way of controlling the dose, you could get high or die. It's also illegal in several countries. Facts from Stuff You Should Know podcast episode, How Frogs Works >>>This is a hilarious episode! #exploremore 📸Costa Rica, April 2017. Rainforest tour, "Everything will kill you, don't touch anything."

HONEST FOOD — The term “Food obsessed”, doesn’t begin to describe my life long love affair and battles with it. I started my day with a podcast by Gastropod, The Birds and The Bugs, and was horrified to find out in North America we breed the flavour out of chicken (WTF) amongst other cringe worthy facts. This fall and winter I’m heading up north to test out my will power to eat honest food. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on how well I do out there. 🐣

THE DARK SIDE — the bark of the tree will often appear noticeably darker on its north than its south side. Handy to know if you’re exploring a dense forest and you have no sense of direction anymore because you decided to go off the trail. I've been trying to power through, “The Lost Art of Reading Nature Signs” by Tristan Gooley, but it’s heavy stuff. I can’t handle more than half a dozen pages a night before info overload happens. By the end of it, Mr. Gooley promises to equip his readers with tools to find your way, predict the weather, locate water, track animals and other forgotten skills. 👣 #beautifulbc

Congrats 🍾#newleeweds

DETAILS — each tile to the musty smell


LIFE IS SHORT, GO PLAY OUTSIDE — I came back from this trip relaxed, laser focused and developed a sudden love for Pantera...🤷🏻‍♀️

SECONDS — and it was just as good as the first 🌲 #beautifulbc

TINY ITTY BITTY — "guys you go first" 🤞🏼#adventuretime

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