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j e n n y  I'm a <<character>> with stories to share Creative mind, positive vibes, fashion & food #BeforeTheHypeFinds 📍Vancouver, BC

VERY HUMAN — just 30 mins prior I was laying on my kitchen floor asking myself, “What is life?”. Am I allowed to be sitting across from this smiling stranger, giving them career advice? My message was to get out there and make mistakes, always be moving forward but was it really a reminder to myself? #ironyatitsfinest

KHOJA STYLE — The dishes at Jambo Grill are influenced by Iran, India, Africa and even Canada. Highlights are anything off the grill such as the lamp lollipops, beef kebobs and the jungle ribs. The smell of their fresh spicy garlic naan is intoxicating - fuck your Chanel N°5. If you’re basic the Butter Chicken is good but the Jambo Paya, stewed goat legs in a spiced curry is bomb diggity bomb dot com. If you’re on my level you’d be sucking the marrow out of the bones. Usually I’d make the journey out to East Van to eat it fresh but it was a Netflix and don’t leave the house kinda day. #eastvan #goodeats

NEW MODERN — Theory defines the new modern. When I look @theory__ I feel the designs move in another parallel of time. It doesn’t age or move with trend. Each piece seeps into reality and stays ageless. To testify I’ve worn this belted bag to a cocktail party in a black slip dress, walking my dog in athletic wear and of course securely around my cut-off jean shorts at a music festival. #beforethehypefinds #intheory

THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE FANNY PACK — A fanny pack (American English) or bum bag (British English) is a small fabric pouch usually secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or waist. The American name derives from the fact that they are often worn with the pouch above the buttocks, for which "fanny" is a slang term in the United States. The modern version made from synthetic materials came into use in the 1980s. Trade publication Adweek declared the fanny pack the hottest product of the year in 1988. #beforethehypefinds #intheory

Baked Eggs Benny — pure artery clogging comfort, inhaled with no regrets. Think breakfast casserole with layers of English muffin, free-range eggs, ham and cheddar, oven baked and topped with (a super rich) hollandaise sauce with shredded redskin potatoes. Sausage is optional but why would you opt-out? 😉

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Plate! — ironically Instagram is the worst for this. Your scrolling, find someone with your dream life in pictures then start comparing your life to theirs. All this is doing is limiting yourself to the maximum potential you could have. To survive college, every summer I use to sell books door to door for 85hrs per week. I was the #1 top first year dealer out of 3000 international sellers. The reason I KILLED IT was because I didn’t compare myself to others and set goals based on what was done historically. I didn’t check weekly stats or even bothered to look at my own. I went out, put my head down and WORKED until I came home exhausted. Knowing I did the best I humanly could.

The Downfall of Civilization — We got a heavy topic today...I'm kidding!!! Hope that made you roll your eyes and seriously considered unfollowing me. Or at least smile? 🙈#donttakelifetooseriously

Time Travel — Why does time seem to go faster as we get older? I co-parent Marlo and every time I get him back there’s more grey hairs around his eyes. It’s even now spreading to his brows!!? WTF. If that doesn’t give you some prospective on how precious time is and motive you to run through life like your ASS GETTING BEAT, I’m not too sure what else can. Turn that anxiety and stress into fuel.

The Horse — after seeing a man walk past wearing beautiful brown leather shoes and no socks, a young Australian couple was inspired. Designing leather goods that magnify what is essential and editing out excess, "buying once, and buying well”. The watch I have is veg tan, it started off as a pinkish nude and will continue to tarnish until it becomes a dark brown. Lastly, the brand is called, "The Horse" how badass is that?! #minimal #lifestyle #beforethehypefinds

The Bare Basics — Has anyone heard of the capsule wardrobe? It's about 20-30 pieces, consisting of 7 basics, 7 mid range and 6 statement pieces. Your basics is like a uniform and every season you add on 2-4 bold statements to change things up. My favorite basic right now are a tight but light weight crew neck long sleeve t-shirts, which are impossible to find!!! Does anyone know where I can restock my supply?! Benefits? Your wardrobe is smaller, you get dress quicker, save money and develop your signature look early on. #minimalist #lifestyle

Thick Thighs — the thought of eating chicken breast makes me cringe. Reheating breast? Get that dry shit out of here! I've lost 39lbs and counting from basically eating chicken thighs (high fat low carb) and if I want to drink a pint of Guinness while inhaling a plate full of fries with mayo - it's happening. Moral of the story here is stop buying those over price boobies when thighs are tastier, easier to cook, and cheaper. The happier you are, the better you'll feel, the better you'll look. Eat well and enjoy! #balance

Use With Love — Someone asked me how durable are these glove like flats are. I've had my blue pair for a few years now and they're still in great shape. Even after being caught in a few surprise rain showers. #beforethehypefinds

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