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Party 1/2 this weekend 🎂 Happy birthday to my sweet niece Gwen! 🎈#partytime #2yearsold

Reese is celebrating Friday with a “puh-puh!” which means a “sparkly!” to the big kids which means “mocktail!” to me 😄. It’s sparkling water and OJ with a splash of tart cherry juice. I like to add some basil or mint to mine! 🌿
silicone kid cup by @gosiliproducts

If I had a blog, I’d be talking about fall blouses today. But I don’t, sooo.. 🤷🏼‍♀️. I worked in Peyton’s classroom this morning and wore my one and only printed blouse 😆. This one is @amusesociety and I linked a couple more on the app by the same brand. 😃 #liketkit #LTKfamily #LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip

Did you know that identical twins are not hereditary? I never knew of any kind of twins in my family until after the girls were born. My great grandmother on my mom’s side, Cora, had an identical twin named Nora. How cute is that!? Cora and Nora, I would have loved to meet them 😃💛

Doing October things 🍂🎃 .
(Reese’s mad/sad face in the 4th pic 😂 a must zoom!)

Feeling fall(ish) today. 🍁 What are your favorite fall traditions with your family?
#momstyle #sharetheeverymom #fallstyle

It was supposed to rain today ☔️.. so they sported 2 sizes too big rain boots (Peyton and Elliott’s old ones ☺️). And then it didn’t rain.. no surprise here in Southern California 🙄. #bringontherain #twins

be happy in the moment, that’s enough. each moment is all we need, not more. 🌿-mother teresa
#reesekatherine #2yearsold #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle

Spent the last day of September at the beach! And a beautiful day it was! #charliegirl #sunday #newportbeach

I had this long introduction post with fun things “about me” and then I got distracted and the post was lost. Really, my thoughts are more on some other things I want you fellow moms (specifically) to know. Because behind all the happy photos and highlights, there is struggle and real life. What I want you to know.
- I, too, have to wrestle and pin down my screaming 2 year olds to get their clothes on everyday.
- I, too, leave dirty dishes in the sink almost every night.
- I, too, have a whiney, needy and sometimes mean 4 year old.
.- I, too, struggle with social anxiety and would much rather crawl under a blanket.
- I, too, have an extremely strong willed and eager to argue with me 7 year old.
- I, too, have disgusting crumb filled floors and grubby food fingerprints all over my couch.
- I, too, feel overwhelmed most days and struggle with feelings of “am I momming okay?”. .
Just so you know, you’re not alone. The daily struggles are there. Consuming thoughts. Not feeling good enough. It’s a hard season.
But it’s also a very important and rewarding season. And the thing is, we can do it! I hope you know you can do it! Ok, I’m rambling and got a little personal here, but just wanted to relate to some of you who are in the thick of it too! Thanks for reading, guys! ❤️

#throwback to last week in oregon at the top of pilot butte🌲. elliott was thrilled that it was a lava dome but not so thrilled to take this picture with me 😆🤷🏼‍♀️ #bendoregon #optoutside

who’s face reflects your mood today? reese (left) or charlie? 🤩 #twins #mood #twinsisters

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