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jenny chu  Fitness & Health Enthusiast Austin | TX #chubooty

A lil light leg workout with one equipment - a plate or dumbbell (I used a 10lbs plate to focus on stability) This workout is home friendly and great for practicing isolation & stability!
-Side squat to reverse curtsy
-Reverse lunge to lunge
-Sumo squat
-Step up kickbacks to reverse lunge
#motivationmonday #chubooty
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#fbf to summer concerts. On a another note contemplating about going back to balayage 💇🏻‍♀️

MonDazed 👐🏻 trying to adapt to the new time change 😴
On another note happy with my gains🐷🐷 #thanksthor
p.s. I’m going to share a day of eating in my story tomorrow so make sure to watch it 🍽

TransFORM your squats💥
When I first started squatting I had no idea what my form should FEEL like. I’ve always had an “idea” of what a squat should look like but I never knew what it should FEEL like! Untillll a good friend of mine showed me a wall squat! This is by far the most effective way to learn form when squatting, it will force you to keep your back straight and knees out. Give it a try - use it as a warm up. It might look easy but trust me it takes practice!
• Find a wall (preferably one with a mirror to help guide)
• Stand a couple inches back (half of the measurements of your foot)
• Get into shoulder or sumo stance • Slowly start squatting without leaning forward or lifting your heel
• Only go down as far as you can!

Arms up is a slightly more advanced wall squat as well as the close leg squat! Happy squatting🍑

Practice, practice, practice form! 💥 So important for glute/ham/quad development.
TIPS: Start your workout with no weight and ease into the form - ask yourself does this feel right? Do I need to point my feet out for more depth, does my back feel straight when I squat down etc. Once you feel like you are in correct form do a few reps with no weight. Remember the form, remember the feeling and go for it! Do what you can! #chubooty

Happy ☀️DAY! Busy beee today started off with a sweaty plyo & core workout, then off to sending out meal plans and answering emails - which by the way I can’t wait to see the final photos from this group of girls!! 💕 Now ending my day with meal prepping.
I started a new plan this week that I’ve created for myself and my body is loving it! Down 3 lbs in one week (probably from bloating), sitting at 19% BF, eating about 1650 cals, working out 6x a week (only because I love it), 25 mins of cardio 3x a week, and enjoying 1-2 cheat meals a week to create what we call balance ⚖️ #findbalance

The struggle has been real adjusting to the time zones after my trip to Vietnam! After a week of napping and sleeping in I’m back to kickbacks and squats 😜

No matter the country code, the gym is a necessity for us! Day 4 here in Vietnam and we are enjoying all the delicious food and beautiful scenery. Truly a humbling experience being in this city 🇻🇳 #bodyguard

good morning lovelies✨ another week another reason to be grateful.
To my challenge girls, as you approach this new week keep in mind that it’s the small steps that impact the journey - developing a healthier lifestyle is a process not a stage in life ♥️

Back to more glute workouts & sneaked in pull ups 💪🏻
This workout targets “under butt”
• Sumo cable squats
• Sumo cable pulls
• Slightly elevated reverse curtsies
Key is to stay controlled and present in each workout - don’t rush through it. Make short pauses during your set to active muscle groups for a more effective workout! Practice functional movements✨ #chubooty

so ✌🏻 things that make me happy in this video
1. I am FINALLY getting back to a consistent workout schedule 💪🏻 GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO ADJUST! You are human!
2. I’m finally starting the tattoo removal process on my hideous tattoo on the right side of my back!
It has been a long time coming and I’ve pushed it back numerous of times in the past - but it is time to get rid of it, plus all 5 of my other tattoos letsss be honest 😂 #lessonlearned #chubooty
Don’t forget to save this workout and give it a try! Increase as you go!✨

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